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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I liked neighborhoods, California / Cali deluxe, dogs eating dogs ep, and I'm interested in what tom is doing with TTS Academy. Fight me
  2. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    My username was Tguitarplyr182 before and I didn't even post much here when I was here so I wasn't important. But I've been a member since like 06. It was better before. Even when neighborhoods came out
  3. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Yeah i meant to say invest, at this point it's both sort of. But as far as him being obsessed, at least he's doing something with it and has real people involved. And no it wasn't a troll post. I've never been a troll here before, and I've really just been watching for the past few years and haven't even visited the site in a long time. This event just reminded me to come back and check out what people thought. And this place has changed
  4. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I am a weirdo. Thank you. I'm done with my rant. How's everyone's day goin.
  5. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Uh so who is forcing anyone to donate? If clearly stated there are risks. No one has to give any money
  6. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Damn. I'm disappointed. I was actually logging back in and hoping there would be something positive about this new venture. I thought the idea of the collaboration of scientists to advance technology and to educate people on things that could be possible in the future was cool. I agree that Tom has been crazy about alot of things. But I thought this was really cool. I didn't have $200 to invest but I was coming here hoping there would be like a pool where people who couldn't do $200 could put in money and we would all buy shares together so we could all have a small piece. But this place hates Tom so much you guys don't even give him a chance on anything anymore. There's like 4 topics on the first page talking shit about him. Granted blink isn't doing much now, and you may not like what happened but at some point isn't bashing them -and Tom just going to get old?
  7. California Reviews Thread

    http://www.spin.com/2016/06/review-blink-182-california/?utm_source=spinfacebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=spinfacebook Spin trashes the new blink AND plus 44. Fuck them
  8. California or Neighborhood? Which one is better?

    i absolutely love neighborhoods. it was just a different era of Blink. i dont necessarily think it was their best album musically (self titled obviously takes the cake for that) But it was an awesome album. there are definite great songs. and it represented mark and tom well in the directions that they both went musically. but it all came together as Blink. There is also alot of emotion for blink fans attached to that album that were true blink fans when they broke up. because it was the first new music we were getting after years of nothing and a sudden plane crash that almost took our favorite drummer. i love that album. (i love the Dogs EP too) But that being said. California takes this one for me. It is a crazy good album,. and as much as i miss the old Tom. Skiba is a good fit. these songs are great. most of them could be singles on their own. and i think they are gonna blow up like Fall Out Boy did. as they should
  9. To those who like AVA

    This. I love the vibes and the space the music creates. Tom does do some weird stuff but I think it's honest to him. I love songs like anxiety. When I heard that for the first time it was in the theater after the love film. Which I also enjoyed
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I was looking for like a zip file if anyone had it lol
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Can somebody who has the enema of the state demos and the mutt with Scott send them to me in a PM please?
  12. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    It gave me the option to choose it so I did. Back in the day I used to be able to pull the original uploaded files from sites like pure volume so I didn't know what the quality would be. Also I did it on my phone. I was just trying to get best possible audio option up from what I could do since no one else was
  13. (POLL)Favorite Cheshire Cat Song

    Always liked strings
  14. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    I've been here since 2006. I know the fucking rules. If they choose to take it down then fuck it Idc. But people downloaded it, and I'm sure some appreciated the link to a decent quality audio version. and you don't need to be a little bitch about it
  15. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    Well excuse me. No one else uploaded audio and I was just trying to get best possible quality you fucking twat