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  1. Been on a huge Menzingers binge since After the Party came out. Today it was
  2. Seems like a kinda similar issue to Goldeneye, which was remade on the Wii. Except it was Rare and EA instead.
  3. Good list. It would be interesting for the Donkey Kong games. I mean, Nintendo obviously owns the Donkey Kong franchise and just licensed it to Rare to develop at the time, so I'm not sure how it would play out. I'd include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and Earthworm Jim, taking out some of the latter titles you mentioned (I never played Pilotwings or Ogre Battle, so I wouldn't care for them. I'm sure Tetris would be easy to justify removing since it's available on so many other devices already too).
  4. As for the Trump part, there's always hope for Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, and NoFX's next albums...
  5. Their issue is that they became complacent with their sound. They literally maintained the exact same sound since Appeal to Reason. Hard to blame them as that is when they really found consistent mainstream appeal, but it created for some boring and generic albums. Kicking Chris out of the band was also really dumb. Zach isn't very unique and is far worse than Chris.
  6. Getting in is the hardest part for sure. But if you maintain an 80% average in undergrad and get around a 160 on the LSAT, you'll definitely have some options available. I think the market for law schools in the US is just oversaturated right now.
  7. Liberal arts degree was my golden ticket to law school. I think it might be different in the States, but in Canada, if you get a law degree and don't totally fuck your grades up, you're pretty much guaranteed a job and most pay pretty well (upwards of 60k a year for small firms). I think the employment rate is like 95% for law grads.
  8. Open up the recording mic on your phone. Put it next to your toilet when you take a massive shit - I'm talking like explosive diarrhoea. Ta da, you have both Can't Get You More Pregnant AND Parking Lot in one recording!
  9. I haven't watched a music video that captured a song so well Honestly, it's incredibly rare for me to feel any strong emotions when watching music videos now. This one gave me shivers. It really nails the tone of the song and the lyrics so incredibly well, I'm pretty blown away by it.
  10. I think you're missing the point here. yes, technically and literally, it's Blink given the fact that they kept the name and are releasing new material under it. Doesnt mean it represents what the band used to be or sounds anything like what they used to sound like. It would be like if you went to go see Sublime with Rome and you said it didn't sound like Sublime. Because it's not, it's just they use the name.
  11. So excited for the playoffs to start. Even though my team isn't in it, it's still the most exciting and highest level of hockey there is. I'll be rooting for San Jose for many reasons, but mainly because we get a 1st round pick if they win the Cup because of the Hansen trade. I'm also really excited for the off season. The expansion draft should be entertaining to watch, and I'm sure plenty of trades go down before it so teams can put themselves in a position to protect the right players.
  12. Makes sense, Blink's fanbase is mostly middle/upper class white people. Usually entitled little teenage shits
  13. Titled 'Woah woahhhh' off the new album 'Nananana'. lazy April fools joke is lazy
  14. That's probably one of my least favourite episodes, too. There are so many good ones.
  15. Nathan For You - probably the funniest show I've ever seen. Nathan gives struggling businesses new strategies that are outside of the box. Rick and Morty - funniest and best written cartoon I've ever seen. The OA - full of mystery and suspense. Most similar show to LOST that I've seen. Shameless - funny but realistic take on a poor family trying to hold it together.