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  1. I'm surprised at how many people think Good Old Days would make a good single. It's a pretty decent song, but simplicity is usually what crushes the charts. On my first listen, Don't Mean Anything stood out as the single material.
  2. It is, and I agree with you there. Their new stuff, outside of a few isolated tracks, is not innovative for the band. If you took San Diego, Bored to Death, Last Train Home, and kept going in that same vein, it would be a pretty decent and logical step forward for the band. But with every subsequent release, it becomes more and more clear that the band peaked (both in quality and innovation) with Self-Titled. It's not even a Tom Delonge argument anymore, as I think Mark's lyrics went downhill after then too (outside of +44 of course). Cumulation of events i guess, Jerry Finn dying, Tom becoming more delusional with a worse outlook on what made good music, and Mark's writer's block. Skiba wasn't a bad choice, but he's definitely no saviour for the band either.
  3. Not for Nashville. And a few years back, I think 2011, Laviolette was coaching Philly and Boucher was with Tampa, Laviolette wouldn't let his defenceman pass the puck up if Tampa trapped the neutral zone. So nothing happened for a few minutes. It might be a hilarious match up with some good post game drama.
  4. I put on Misery as I was leaving work in my car, windows down. Probably had around 4-5 different people laugh or give judgmental looks. First time that has happened, thanks Feldmann
  5. I feel like this deluxe album is to California what DED was to Neighbourhoods. A better step forward, with room to improve.
  6. Yeah I'd rather have 10 good songs than nothing at all. I like the direction of a lot of these new songs, I hope they carry that into the next album.
  7. Or is it sort of an organic process where both impact each other? I'm sure different genres change the approach. always a question I wondered. I know this is probably better fit for the singer/lyrics forum, but I'd figure it would get more views here.
  8. For the first time in my life I am no longer excited for new Blink songs. Sad state of their new music. Still love the band though.
  9. Get Out - 7.5/10 Good thriller movie. I felt like the first half of the movie was better than the second half. The ending leaves you wanting more. Overall a really creepy and unsettling movie though.
  10. Seems like a dumb reason, especially since he kept playing music afterwards. They were just starting to really breakout when he left the band, doesn't seem like it was by choice that he left.
  11. Been on a huge Menzingers binge since After the Party came out. Today it was
  12. Seems like a kinda similar issue to Goldeneye, which was remade on the Wii. Except it was Rare and EA instead.
  13. Good list. It would be interesting for the Donkey Kong games. I mean, Nintendo obviously owns the Donkey Kong franchise and just licensed it to Rare to develop at the time, so I'm not sure how it would play out. I'd include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time and Earthworm Jim, taking out some of the latter titles you mentioned (I never played Pilotwings or Ogre Battle, so I wouldn't care for them. I'm sure Tetris would be easy to justify removing since it's available on so many other devices already too).
  14. As for the Trump part, there's always hope for Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, and NoFX's next albums...
  15. Their issue is that they became complacent with their sound. They literally maintained the exact same sound since Appeal to Reason. Hard to blame them as that is when they really found consistent mainstream appeal, but it created for some boring and generic albums. Kicking Chris out of the band was also really dumb. Zach isn't very unique and is far worse than Chris.