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  1. Well songwriting is pretty important...that's like saying "What can an NFL player do that I can't, outside of playing football really well?" Skiba has also added parts to songs (I Miss You, Down, etc.) for playing them live. He's also apparently attractive and has a connection to the punk scene already (helps for marketing).
  2. Thanks Cheerios! That solved it
  3. Nocturnal Animals - 8.5. Thought it was really well done and told a simple story but in a clever way. Arrival - 8. Moar Amy Adams, so hot right now. Thought it was well done and very gripping, but the decision the protagonist makes is stupid.
  4. Pretty spot on. I almost always skip The Bars and Charlie's Army... they aren't bad songs, they just aren't my style I guess. Livin' Ain't Easy also stands out like a sore thumb, it's such a bizarre track and I really cannot get into it. I feel like the Menzingers always throw a total curve ball, slower paced, experimental song at the end of each album based on this one and On the Impossible Past.
  5. The song in my sig is probably my favourite, but they have plenty of great songs. Have you listened to Lookers, The Obituaries, Thick as Thieves, After the Party, Sun Hotel, Gates, Nice Things, Sculptors and Vandals, or Good Things? Those are all awesome tracks.
  6. Pretty sure Taylor Swift has written her own music too.
  7. Anyone playing with the new update? I'm nearing 150 Pokemon but that's not that impressive with all the new ones. I saw you can evolve Poliwhirl into two different Pokemon now...I don't know what to do lol
  8. The OA - awesome show. The pacing and mystery really reminds me of LOST. But this one seems like it will explain things much better and tie up the loose ends. A Series of Unfortunate Events - great show but Count Olaf isn't nearly as dark or scary as he was in the books.
  9. I have all my music on an SD card. I want to transfer this music to my MacBook. If I transfer it, it will go into a folder. When I want to add it to iTunes, it essentially will create duplicates of all the music. My HDD is a piece of crap and isn't big enough to have a copy of the music. I also can't transfer the music directly from the SD card into iTunes (it just shows the SD card as blank when I click 'Add to Library'). What can I do to transfer my music from my SD card to iTunes, without creating duplicates of the music files?
  10. It's almost like he's trying to market himself to get hired to produce more albums for different bands. What a terrible thing to do.
  11. On The Impossible Past is their best album IMO. Give it a few plays and you'll see why. One of the best punk/pop-punk albums I've ever heard.
  12. Scott would suck a fart out of your ass like a bong hit and eat a mile of your shit just to see where it came from
  13. Haha that's awesome. I've listened to the album about 10 times already, love it so far but there are a few weaker tracks for sure. Tellin' Lies reminds me of a Say Anything song from the ...Is a Real Boy era. And at times, The Bars sounds like Deryk from Sum 41.
  14. Album is good but the Menzingers shit kick it. Can't listen to it with After the Party just coming out.
  15. I listened to it a lot driving today, absolutely love it. Greg takes a much bigger role on vocals, but I like them both equally so that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think I finally pinpointed why I love the Menzingers so much. It's because all of their songs sound like genuine, true stories of their lives that they have eloquently translated into songs. They all sound like real stories that have happened to them, and they're not just writing songs to make music but rather to reflect on their lives. It feels like a pretty unique strength for a band nowadays.