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  1. Outside of the opening scene, that episode was pretty mediocre. Daenarys' scenes were pretty filler. Might have been more impactful if we didn't already see Stannis in the same spots in earlier seasons. Enjoyed Sam and the Hound's scenes. Thought the discovery of Dragonglass on Dragonstone was kind of obvious... The White Walker scene felt like it was there just to ensure that they got a scene in the episode, and it was pretty pointless outside of showing the Giants. I really hope they include the giant ice spiders soon. This episode definitely felt like more of a build-up.
  2. That excuse is legitimate for this one album. He only has one shot on the next album to prove that he is not a one tricky pony when it comes to only producing over-polished pop-punk.
  3. I'm actually really excited to hear that album (is he doing an entire acoustic WDNTW album?). Sounds like he's put a lot of effort into it. Just not overly keen on all the extra effects and production he's put into it, but we'll see. I'm hoping this whole experience has been humbling for Tom and he can get back on track and put more effort into his music. I hope he has the sense that he needs to re-establish himself, because that motivation could result in some pretty good music.
  4. The Nolan Batman trilogy, Spiderman 2 (Dr. Octopus), Watchmen, some of the X-Men movies.
  5. I think all they needed was a real producer and better promotion/marketing. Even if She Falls could have been a pretty decent single.
  6. A Cure for Wellness 6/10 Felt like there was a lot of potential. Beautifully shot and the production was great. Plot became pretty stupid, lots of unanswered questions. It's a movie where you think you'll have to digest a lot and read through theories to really grasp it, but then you do and it still doesn't seem very deep or thought provoking. Could have been a lot better. Power Rangers 7/10 Good for what it is. Was filmed where I went to law school, in a small town in the interior of BC. Thought it was a decent action flick.
  7. It's a good song and deserves the plays, but I'm sure a lot of them come from it being the opening track to the album and people hear it by default when checking out California.
  8. You misinterpreted my theory, then. Neighborhoods did not have very strong sales. Enema + TMTATS + TOYPAJ + Self-Titled did (and Dude Ranch to a lesser extent). The tracks off those albums would have dominated Spotify if it existed at the time they were released.
  9. Wouldn't be that way if Spotify existed during the launch of previous albums...
  10. So excited for the SNES Classic. My favourite console of all time. I wish they included more games (DKC 2 and 3, Earthworm Jim, TMNT: Turtles in Time, etc.), but this still awesome. It's going to be a bitch finding one though.
  11. Based on the vote distribution of all of the polls, looks like Parking Lot will be the worst Blink song of all time.
  12. It's certainly not the best adult themed cartoon out there (that goes to Rick and Morty, IMO). But it's up there with others like Archer.
  13. I think the only way Tom comes back to Blink is if they fade into irrelevancy again (let's say in 5+ years), people stop caring about Blink, and they are desperate for a boost/publicity stunt.
  14. Jesus Christ, that is price gouging. People here are going to say "the band can charge whatever they want" or "if people are willing to pay for that, then who cares." In reality, you're dicking over a bunch of your fanbase (all those 13-19 year old kids that can't afford it) and nickel and diming your loyal, older fans.
  15. There were a lot of worthy candidates. Went with Kings of the Weekend because it's just a meh song all around. Other good options would've been Los Angeles and Rabbit Hole.