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  1. Up All Night a look back

    I still think Even if She Falls was the best contender for a single. That's the closest to TOYPAJ that Blink has sounded since TOYPAJ.
  2. Up All Night a look back

    Tom's AvA influence didn't ruin the album. I thought it had a good impact on songs like Ghost on the Dance Floor, This Is Home, etc. His inability to work with them throughout the recording process and leaving Mark and Travis to do the bulk of the recording was the main issue.
  3. Video Games Thread

    I played the first few hours on my iPad and it functioned pretty well. Definitely not as good on mobile as consoles, but you still get a similar experience.
  4. 13 Reasons Why - series 2

    Just finished season 2 - looks like there will be a season 3 based on that cliff hanger. I found season 2 to be just as good as season 1, it just didn't have the shock value of the suicide.
  5. Video Games Thread

    You can get it for iOS for like $5 if it's on sale.
  6. Up All Night a look back

    I think it's a pretty good song. All it needs is more lines in the chorus (more than just "And all these demons, they keep me up all night"). The verses and lyrics are good enough and the guitar is what you'd expect from Tom. I remember people here losing their shit over the synthesizers in the intro and how unnecessary they are, and how Tom's AvA influence was going to ruin the album.
  7. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Wanting them to take their time on music and put out quality over quantity is odd?
  8. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I finally got around to watching this. I could not for the life of me find a stream/download that had subtitles explaining the Apes' sign language. Man, I missed out so much when watching this movie. I tried like 7 different steams as well as downloading a torrent, but nothing. It was amazing though. Beautiful cinematography and you really wanted the Apes to succeed. I thought the major downside was the humans weren't fleshed out much and you didn't care for them much. I'll rewatch it again when I can find subtitles because I feel like I missed 20% of the movie.
  9. Famous and wealthy people are much more likely to have affairs. Couple this with Tom's overall attitude and personality, along with his crazy fan girls, as well as all of the photographs with sexual underlinings (Tom holding a girl by her waist and her holding his face while making intense eye contact)....it's not an unreasonable assumption to make. As opposed to "I'm related to Tom!!" - with no evidence or support to back it up. Pretty easy to distinguish the two scenarios.
  10. Yeah but Mark hasn't lost his marbles yet.
  11. I first noticed it when he used the bridge of Tiny Voices for the intro to Give Me One Good Reason. Was there earlier cases of him recycling his guitar riff? Not to hate on Tom, the fact that he made it that far into the discography without recycling riffs is respectable.
  12. Books

    Finished The Wise Man's Fear - overall a great book but a huge departure from the overarching storyline of the KingKiller Chronicle. It was really well written but it gets side tracked a lot and was frustrating to read in the latter half. Still one of the best fantasy series I've ever read though. Just started The Stand by Stephen King. It's my first Stephen King novel (I have IT and the Dark Tower sitting on my book shelf as well). It's alright so far...huge change from the last book I read in terms of how blunt and straight forward his writing style is. I'm enjoying it so far though.
  13. Most divorces end in each party getting 50% of the assets. What you're thinking of is the golddigger that marries an older man and he dies and she takes all the money. Either way, she's making a pretty penny.
  14. Music Club Wk4 - Arkells - Michigan Left

    Imagine Dragons? Arkells have become a pretty similar band in the hybrid pop/rock genre where half of it is heavily produced electronic, the other half rock. I remember hearing the Whistleblower on NHL 2013. I like a lot of Arkells songs but not a huge fan of where their direction has been going lately.
  15. The source is not that hard to figure out. Many of us knew something was different about them when they were posting.