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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Didn't watch the game but it looked like a nail biter. Oh well, our women's team had a good run and silver is no slouch. Seeing Sweden and America's mens team go out early makes me even more perplexed as to why they didn't include Pettersson and Gaudette. No brainers, at least as the extra forwards. Teams really dropped the ball on using eligible quality prospects.
  2. I got hooked on this album in highschool, along with Pennybridge Pioneers by Millencolin. Wouldn't say it's the most underrated pop-punk album though. It definitely doesn't have much staying power.
  3. 2018 Winter Olympics

  4. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Lol Jan gets triggered so easily. Can't even articulate herself properly when she gets her panties in a knot
  5. The NHL thread

    Money is bad, but the term is not. I'm happy with 3 years, but 4 million...ooof. I suppose it's better than 3.5 mill for 6 years or something.
  6. Tom really missed the boat on his timing of when to get into the UFO industry. https://www.inverse.com/article/33878-ufos-flying-saucers-roswell-incident-aliens-are-real-debunk
  7. I'm blue, da ba dee da ba daa. Speedo's in need of a guy. 

    1. Speedo


      I just like to be held, there's nothing wrong with that.

  8. What's the next big movie genre?

    I think it's mainly a TV thing now. Westworld and Godless were both fantastic.
  9. What's the next big movie genre?

    Yep, all we know is that Denis Villeneuve is directing it. So it's probably going to be awesome.
  10. What's the next big movie genre?

    Yeah, that new Netflix one with Martin Freeman looks pretty promising. And Black Mirror is obviously huge now.
  11. What's the next big movie genre?

    Not sure if it's considered a genre, but sci-fi/post-apocalyptic films are definitely on the rise. With Logan and Blade Runner last year, and now Annihilation and Dune coming soon, and Ready Player One to a lesser extent.
  12. The NHL thread

    I didn't watch it because my team sucks dick now, but that was surprising to see. I think Boston or Tampa Bay wins the Cup this year, they're both so freaking good.
  13. The NHL thread

    It's annoying for sure, but it's Markstrom's first year as a starter - these issues might just be growing pains. And to be fair, even if he didn't let in those weak shots, we'd still be losing most of these games anyways. It's just another rebuild season as far as I'm concerned.
  14. The NHL thread

    I think if Demko impresses in training camp, he has a shot at being the backup next year. And given how Markstrom is playing, Demko could very well be our starter by the end of next season.
  15. The NHL thread

    Horvat injury fucked our season. But a good team shouldn't rely on two players (Horvat and Boeser). We don't have enough quality top 6 forwards. Our defence core is made up of mostly top 4s and bottom 6s, not enough legit first pairing dmen (we need Dahlin for that). Goaltending I'm not too concerned about long-term. Demko looks to be a great goalie, and DiPietro isn't a bad fall back plan either. Markstrom will stay the course of bombing the next few seasons based on a shitty roster, but I think he's an adequate starter on a bad team.