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  1. Of course it matters. Gold diggers are attracted to people with money; Tom didn't have money when they met. She finally ended up separating from him because he's crazy (and who knows what else happened behind closed doors) - like you said, people change, she probably tried to make it work and then realized it wasn't possible anymore. So they separated. I don't really see any issue with anything that she did based on what we know, which is probably like 10% of their relationship but hey you can keep your bullshit train going if you want. Your reasoning and position on this is nothing short of egregious.
  2. I've mentioned this numerous times, but Oliver is just a contrarian. He enjoys the attention when he stirs up arguments and argues for the unpopular opinion. Usually contrarians are brash and irrational in their views to generate more replies because they like people's attention on them. It's kind of sad when these are the types of arguments that arise out of the attention seeking behaviour.
  3. Still waiting for @Donald Trump's Bulge to respond to this.
  4. Kvothe

    What TV show are you watching?

    I've started watching Bojack again as well based on all the great press its getting for the new season. I'm on like episode 4 of season 3 - looking forward to the underwater episode.
  5. Because she fell in love with Tom before his success? She didn't know he was going to become this rich and famous. I think intent is the biggest aspect of gold digging - knowing that the person is wealthy before dating them, and not being attracted to their looks or personality but just the money. That's not the case with Jen as they started dating in high school.
  6. Right, and based on all the facts that you have posted on here, your conclusions are based on big inferences. Do I really need to breakdown how being in a hot tub with other guys does not automatically mean you are ethan? Like come on. All the examples involve insignificant facts to draw a big conclusion on, when said facts don't prove that the conclusion, on a balance of probabilities, is true.
  7. This doesn't have anything to do with the law. What part about being ethan or cheating on your wife is based on legal analysis? What in the actual fuck are you talking about? Your ad hominem attacks are going farther and farther off topic.
  8. It's a bit bizarre that you took this position based on your giant inferences in the past with Feldy being ethan with his clients, Tom cheating on Jen, etc. You don't see how Ghent's post is very similar to yours in terms of making a leap to a conclusion without the facts being there?
  9. Kvothe

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I've seen a lot of bad feedback from others that have seen it - it's getting panned by pretty much everyone. It now has the worst opening weekend of a movie in 4,000+ theaters pushing "The Mummy" from that slot. The Mummy had a $31.6M opening weekend in 4,035 theaters last year The Predator debuted in 4,037 theaters = $24M opening weekend estimate Predators debuted in 2010 in 2,669 theaters = $24.76M opening weekend
  10. Kvothe

    Video Games Thread

    I'm so hungover and am going to have a couch day today, will be crushing my SNES. It's time to get around to finally beating Super Metroid, Earthbound, and Chrono Trigger amongst many others.
  11. I don't recall his mannerisms or him talking like this in the past, though. Having this intense focus on discussing things and rambling on is also a giveaway from using cocaine. Really it's just the entirety though - the sniffling, the twitching, the erratic behaviour, etc. I'm like 90% sure he's been dabbling with it over the last few years at the very least.
  12. The sniffing is the biggest give away - on its own, it's not enough to indicate cocaine use because people get colds/runny noses and whatnot. When you couple it with how he speaks, erratically, changing subjects, eyes darting around...I know Tom has always been ADD, but this is something else. Also, no one has a cold/runny nose that often...there was a period when he would sniffle on pretty much every video he was filmed in.
  13. Kvothe

    Better Call Saul

    Yeah, this season has been exceptionally slow so far. I didn't really have an issue with the pacing of the last episode, At this point, I only care about a few things with the series: How Saul becomes so famous/successful in the Breaking Bad era (I know he's crooked and has no morales, but he still must do some big cases or market himself really well to become that big); What happens with Kim, Nacho, and Howard going forward; What happens to Jimmy in the flash forward scenes.
  14. It’s been noticeable on a few occasions, most recently the Joe Rogan podcast he did.
  15. Kvothe

    'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' - Quentin Tarantino

    I've been meaning to check this book out, thanks for reminding me about it.