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  1. I always claim WDNTW as my favorite but I think I-Empire is probably the actual best. So, with that in mind, here's my ranking: 1. I-Empire Call to Arms Star of Bethlehem / True Love Heaven 2. We Don't Need To Whisper Start the Machine Valkyrie Missile Do It For Me Now 3. The Dream Walker Anomaly Kiss With a Spell The Wolfpack 4. Love pt 2 Behold a Pale Horse Anxiety Saturday Love 5. Love Hallucinations The Flight of Apollo Letters to God pt 2 Not gonna rank the EPs. I love the song Diary from Stomping the Phantom Break Pedal. I like 2/4 songs on each of the other EPs (Into the Night: Home, Parasomnia. Chasing Shadows: Overload, Chasing Shadows). Start the Machine is likely my favorite Angels & Airwaves song of all time.
  2. Why the hell does blink's Instagram story have a live photo that says "Home is such a lonely place"? Why are they fucking with us?
  3. Gonna be honest I'm gonna miss having the movies altered with every single release. I liked trying to find the differences every time. I'm all for more special editions!
  4. Like I said, I haven't played much yet, but the little bit that I have played feels just like Banjo. I'll come back and share more thoughts after I get a few more hours of play in.
  5. Right, my previous post was worded poorly. I am well aware of this. On a sort of related note, I've played about an hour of Yooka-Laylee and it literally feels exactly like a modern Banjo-Kazooie which I LOVE.
  6. I cannot handle listening to Lostprophets anymore, at all. Makes me feel sick as well. But other bands writing music that sounds similar does not bother me.
  7. Probably. I bought the first two on the Wii U eShop so actually it probably wouldn't be a problem at all putting them on an SNES Classic.
  8. I'd rather listen to ADTR over LP anytime. Also can't get why people like Modern Baseball so much. I've tried to like them because so many people I know like them, but I just can't get into them at all. I've even seen them live. Not good.
  9. Honestly I'm still upset that we didn't get Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros.
  10. I'd also be really interested in how Donkey Kong Country would work out. Nintendo released a remake of Diddy Kong Racing on the DS, but replaced Banjo and Conker with two other Donkey Kong characters. They've gotta have some weird shared-rights deal going on. I don't know what would happen.
  11. Haha yeah I can see the similarities. I wouldn't want blink to sound like this in every song but I usually always like it when blink-182 tries something different.
  12. Possibly! If they are supposed to be the same wound I find it weird that a lightsaber would leave a paper-thin scar like that. Also we don't know how much time passes in this movie (days, months, years maybe?) but this movie starts like 0.3 seconds after TFA so if the movie doesn't span much time he has healed weirdly fast! Honestly I really think that they just wanted to make him look even more like Anakin.
  13. Los Angeles is a top California song. Easily one of my favorites on the record. And not like "it's bad but I like it more than the other bad songs." I genuinely really like Los Angeles a lot.
  14. Oh gosh please do not tour with Linkin Park.
  15. Is it reasonable for me to be super annoyed about Kylo's scar change or am I just way too much of a nitpicky fanboy?