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  1. Every blink music video should be another WMAA remake from now on
  2. blink should just make their official lineup Mark, Matt, Travis, John, Tom, and Scott. And become a boy band.
  3. blink and AVA should trade Feldmann and Rubin and then both bands make an album and see what it sounds like.
  4. Whoa, it would be super interesting to see how GOTDF would have done in comparison.
  5. Yeah, pretty much this. I almost cried of happiness when I first heard Up All Night. But Bored to Death is easily the better song.
  6. Well they're all pretty different than Breath of the Wild but the majority of them are still amazing games.
  7. Parks & Rec's cancellation left an irreparable hole in my heart. Seriously my favorite show ever.
  8. I loved Matt's latest solo record. Matt Skiba's Sekret Machines To The Stars or whatever.
  9. I love New Found Glory but I feel the opposite. Everything they've released in the past decade sounds the same. I wish they would take another risk like they did with Coming Home. Still, they're probably my favorite band to see live.
  10. I wish blink would make a funny music video again (She's Out Of Her Mind doesn't count)
  11. I Get Wet isn't anywhere to be found on this list. I feel like you aren't the real Kyle...
  12. I definitely prefer Matt's voice to Dan's, by quite a lot. But I don't hate Dan songs. There are some really great ones. With that said I'm not a huge Alkaline Trio fan so I don't have a lot to base this on. I've been listening to them a lot more than I used to ever since Matt joined blink. Weirdly my current favorite Alkaline album is Damnesia. I'm a sucker for acoustic. I would absolutely love for blink-182 to release an acoustic album someday.
  13. Yeah, After Midnight is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and I used to love it a lot more than I do now, but the bridge drags it down for me. If it had a more interesting bridge it could be one of my favorite blink songs. It was basically exactly what I wanted from blink-182 at the time, minus the bridge. I loved the vocal trade-off, I loved the overall sound of the song. The live version didn't make the bridge sound so boring, so when I first heard the live version I was ecstatic. I honestly can't remember how I felt about the difference between the live and album versions of GOTDF. Mostly because I didn't hear the album version of GOTDF until I got back from Peru two years later. What's weird is the first few songs we heard from Neighborhoods were all drastically different from each other. Going from Up All Night, to Hearts All Gone, to After Midnight, they were all different styles of music, and that was exciting. I liked Up All Night when I first heard it (I still like it), but when Hearts All Gone came out I was like "wow, now this is what I wanted new blink-182 to sound like!" And then when I heard After Midnight I was like "no wait, this is also what I wanted new blink-182 to sound like!" Similarly, Bored to Death was pretty much exactly what I wanted from this new era of blink. Still pop-punk but a little darker, and with the most "blink-sounding" bridge since Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Hoping for some new songs that have a similar feeling to them (without sounding exactly the same) on the deluxe album. Bored to Death and Cynical are the high standard for what this iteration of blink-182 can do in my opinion. Two nearly perfect songs in my eyes. I'm gonna listen to California now.
  14. Agreed. Possibly 12.5/10 even. Great song!