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  1. Whoa, interesting. I actually wondered about the Queen after seeing Covenant, because David made the eggs on his own without the help of a Queen. I had heard that Blomkamps's movie would overwrite the third and fourth movies, but if Scott doesn't consider anything but the original and his two prequels to be canon, that could mean these next prequels could change up a lot of other established lore too. And yeah, I don't know if there was much truth to it, but I definitely remember seeing from multiple sources that there was going to be another movie in between Prometheus and Covenant. If that ends up happening it could be a good chance to delve deeper into the engineers story line. Big big mystery of Prometheus was who the engineers were, and why they (supposedly) created humans and eventually turned against them. My biggest complaint about Covenant was that we learned nothing new about the engineers, aside from the fact that David wiped out an entire planet's-worth of them. But as cool as it would be to get more of that, I'd probably rather just get a direct sequel to Covenant. Those story threads can still be brought back in without going backwards in time again. Though it would be cool to see Shaw again.
  2. Ridley also recently said that if Covenant and whatever the next one is are well-received he could keep going and keep making more of them. I remember reading him saying he could do six of them or something. Whether he's talking about Alien prequels in the Prometheus storyline, or just Alien movies in general, I'm not sure.
  3. They seriously should have just hired Feldmann to replace Tom from the start. I love Matt but this is Feldmann's band now, he might as well be an official member.
  4. Hi I was just reading @_Kyle_ and @JarJarBlinks's conversation in the movies thread and now I want to join in too dammit but without the spoiler tags. I'm just happy that people actually liked this movie. I really enjoyed it, but I had this weird feeling that most people were probably going to hate it anyway. Didja guys see this? Because it's pretty cool. I don't know if this is true but I've seen rumors floating around that the next Alien movie will take place in between Prometheus and Covenant. I don't know how I feel about that, but I would definitely like to see more of Shaw's story. Also, it sounds like Alien 5 is officially not happening at this point. Kind of bummed to hear that, since it was supposedly going to be the "true" sequel to Aliens, disregarding Alien 3 and 4 and making it sort of a "passing of the torch" movie from Ripley to Newt.
  5. I kind of want to start an Alien thread and have conversations about this stuff without the spoiler tags. v interested in discussing.
  6. I like this new Goldfinger song way more than 90% of songs blink has released post-Tom. Actually pretty stoked to hear California (Deluxe) [Deluxe], by Goldfinger.
  7. Hating Nickelback is basically a meme and actual hatred towards them is massively exaggerated because of it. I don't like them at all. I don't hate them, but I do think Nickelback jokes are funny and the unreasonable hatred towards them cracks me up.
  8. I actually like it a lot but would probably hate it if it was blink-182 so I don't understand my brain.
  9. Might as well just merge blink and Goldfinger at this point.
  10. Hahaha holy shit. I actually like this better than most of California. But it sounds like it's from the same damn album.
  11. I agree, I hate them too. They don't even sync up with the lyrics correctly.
  12. Saw Alien Covenant twice last weekend. Easily my third favorite Alien movie after 1 and 2. I think Prometheus is really underrated and I was very happy to see a sequel. And I agree with @Nosferatu, Covenant feels more like the original Alien than any of the rest. It's not as good as Aliens, but it still feels more like the original Alien than Aliens does. Anyway, I really liked it.
  13. This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
  14. Can we please just go back to talking about Travis' showering habits, like we normally do?
  15. The crowd at the last blink show I went to was shit. Anyway, California Deluxe is mostly forgettable to me. It was fun on the first day, but I've only listened to the full album once since that day, and I'm already skipping almost every song from the album if they ever pop up on shuffle. That's a bad sign. It's depressing to be so unexcited about brand new music from my all-time favorite band. Eh. On the flip side, I listened to California non-stop for a few months when it came out, even with all of my complaints about that album. I just don't feel a desire to listen to these new songs much at all. What a bummer. I hope blink can pleasantly surprise me with their next release. My expectations couldn't be much lower at this point. Such a weird feeling to suddenly not really care about blink-182 for the first time in twelve years or so... Anyway, I still really like Wildfire, and I'm loving the acoustic version of Bored to Death. Those two songs and Hey I'm Sorry are the only tracks I love. But at the very least, their attempt at writing slightly darker and more experimental tracks on California Deluxe still gives me some more hope for things to come.