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  1. I haven't heard it yet, I definitely have to check that out!
  2. Yeah it was definitely rare for someone not to sag their pants here for a while.
  3. I want Sam to end up on the iron throne
  4. Ah i forgot about that post! I did see it. I'm honestly pretty excited for the album. Whether or not it sounds like California. I have this mental thing where I don't want blink to sound like California, but I'm fine with Goldfinger sounding like that, so I'm guessing I'll enjoy it whatever it sounds like. I've liked the two released songs.
  5. They were identical to the Cynical whoa ohs. I'm honestly very interested in seeing just how stupidly similar to blink the rest of the album is.
  6. Rancid is rad. I'm still super bummed I missed them when they opened for blink in 2011 because of super bad traffic.
  7. I expect to enjoy the new Goldfinger album more than California and Cali Deluxe.
  8. There are no shows
  9. lol
  10. When Up All Night came out I hovered over the play button for like two minutes before I actually clicked the button. I listened to it about 80 times in one day.
  11. Open with No It Isn't. Close with No It Isn't.
  12. Saw Spider-man tonight. I enjoyed it! First time since Spider-man 2 that I've liked a Spider-man movie, so that's good! My favorite thing about it was just that it felt so different from the rest of the MCU, while still obviously being a part of the MCU. I needed something different to mix things up. Spidey delivered.
  13. I listened to California Deluxe all the way through yesterday for like the fourth time ever. Enjoyable but easily blink's worst album in my opinion.
  14. Eh I think the pre-Feldmann song is 100x better but whatever. I've always enjoyed that heavier side of pop-punk.
  15. The Do It For Me Now acoustic clip got me pumped. I really can't wait for this acoustic record. 2029 can't come soon enough!