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  1. Cant believe this
  2. Misery, Wildfire, 6/8, Hey I'm Sorry and Last Train Home are my go to songs off the Deluxe.
  3. Anthem, cant believe Dumpweed is getting votes, probably my favorite blink song.
  4. I really enjoyed that.
  5. Same, I just love Disaster, and Kaleidoscope is a close second.
  6. I grew up listening to 90's grunge and enjoyed Soundgarden have a couple of their albums. Black Hole Sun, and Spoonman were my jams back in the day. This is sad, he was way too young. Another grunge act gone too soon, not sure who is left.
  7. neither, Travbot all the Way!
  8. Yeah, I held off on buying California on cd, waiting for the Deluxe cd to drop and will buy that, also bought it on vinyl and iTunes (California).
  9. I would go Misery 6/8 Wildfire Parking Lot
  10. also love the riff in Mutt and the drums..
  11. Opening to Dumpweed Toms vocals on Easy Target Toms "Go" in Go Violence's bridge I have always liked the riff in The Rock Show theres plenty more.