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  1. Going to go with Left Alone here
  2. Kaleidoscope hands down
  3. Hearts All Gone
  4. Hello there and welcome!
  5. damn about half the songs will be out before the album
  6. LA, even though I really like After Midnight, its one of my favorites on Neighborhoods.
  7. love me some fried bologna
  8. If Tom was on this album and not Skiba and it sounded EXACTLY the same the bots would be loving it.
  9. Yeah I think if you were a fan of the show, I think you will enjoy it. I wasn't a huge fan of the show growing up but enjoyed this. There is some of that teen drama in there but I just looked past it. My only gripe is I wish there was more hand to hand combat with the suits on. A lot of the theater geeked out at the end though, I thought that was kinda cool
  10. Took my daughter and a her friend to see Power Rangers, and we really enjoyed it.
  11. 1 Feeling This 2 Not Now 3 Stockholm Syndrome 4 Asthenia 5 Easy Target 6 Obvious 7 Violence 8 Here's Your Letter 9 Go 10 Down 11 All of This 12 Always 13 I Miss You 14 I'm Lost Without You 15 The Fallen Interlude
  12. Wow Sober sounds really good, it wasn't one of my favorites from Cali, but it is growing on me. Cool to se APII back on the set list, just wish they would bring back Pathetic and/or Mutt at some point down the road.