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  1. I can watch the original trilogy and still love them ...the force awakens I tried the other day and skipped half of it....
  2. I feel so sorry for Arya there's no chance she's getting back home to see her family! Something will happen it always does ..
  3. 5 years before that mark would probably respond with tom also loves your uncles.. But you can tell toms been grating on mark during that tour lol When they got older tho toms jokes would get grating on anyone and when your in a country like Japan I could see why mark would want to be more respectful
  4. Grammar police on a forum I use on my phone I called you stupid for believing the hype of another season... surely everyone will not fall for it another season?
  5. Then your very stupid lol
  6. I thought the episodes were meant to be longer as they were cutting episodes
  7. It cant be that bad that he's back for weds... I dunno if I'm in the UK for a short time touring ...I'd still play with the flu for my fans and say sorry for being so bad ...or at least do a video or apology to my fans
  8. BLINK-182 fans have been left disappointed as the band have cancelled their Bournemouth date just hours before the show. Tickets sold out immediately for the punk pop favourites, who were due to play a date at the BIC tonight. But a short statement issued on behalf of the band this morning said the show had been cancelled due to illness. It read: "It is with deep regret that Blink-182 have to cancel their show this evening at Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) due to band illness, on doctors advice Tbh they looked fine in be well pissed off lol
  9. I really wanted to wait for them to be played and binge watch them..but with Facebook and twats at work I'm going to have to watch it straight away each week game of thrones is the only show you can't get away from bloody spoilers!
  10. Went to Liverpool and that was much more enjoyable tbh still short set list but pretty fun...bit embarrassed that the support acts did more for the crowd than blink tho Frank turner was quality
  11. From royalties alone he would probably make that much
  12. 7 front bottoms 7.50 frank turner 9 blink
  13. Yeh pretty scary that the deluxe would of been the new album!! Aload of recycled tracks ... At least they can start from scratch now.. Can't believe mark doesn't want at least 1 deluxe song on the set list!! Like wtf is it that hard?? That interviewer was really cringe tho was hard to watch all the way through ...needed someone better to ask better questions, I feel like Travis will tell you anything if you ask..
  14. Seems the trend