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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Love marks hair there... Plus these videos make me sad miss this blink
  2. Yeh i added her on Instagram just so i can spy on tom lol... She is obsessed clearly but tom has definitely made some sort of impression on her when they have met, make that what you will
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Ronaldo fuck me! Just need messi to up his game and its going to be a great world cup
  4. Feldmann

    Tell me how tom has pushed himself music wise after untitled?
  5. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Brazil or germany for me ....
  6. What TV show are you watching?

    Episode 3 was pretty interesting, the docu crew must of been shit we got a show now!
  7. What TV show are you watching?

    Fair enough, its great to see a murder case up close and see everything that happens. I think hes inocent so far lol
  8. What TV show are you watching?

    Im just on episode 3 ...but im a bit confused, without spoilers but why is there a camera crew? If i was this guy id be very uncomfortable with being filmed in very personal situations. They film bloody every thing lol i thought it was very staged at first.
  9. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Think was just joking, but tbf to him since california hes done a fuck load of interviews its got to be bloody tedius at this point
  10. Now... 1. Tom didnt go to the studio, he said he was too busy. 2. Travis got feldman in long after musink 3. Tom wrote all those songs like as soon as he first announced he was pretending to write songs for blink. Probably most of it ava demos .... 4. Mark travis and matt wrote like 30 songs, feldman told them to scrap it because it sounded like a mix between blink and trio and told them to go the california route...
  11. Its in toms best interest to really perform in this next album, if he blows everyone out of the park then he can say here ya go iv still got it, now let me go find my aliens!. Then if the next blink album blows he would have mark by the nuts if he ever wanted to perform with blink again. But iv got a feeling we wont get a california part 2, i think they are being honest about needing california to bring blink to being relevant again then creating a more experimental and riskier album. Either way if tom and blink both compete and work their asses off its bloody great for us!.
  12. Blink Vegas Residency

    From the instagram it seems like they could ve playing parking lot... Im hoping misery and wildfire tho.
  13. 13 Reasons Why - series 2

    Its a cash grab..nothing really happens and sets up for series 3 on a cliff hanger! It really didnt need another series, plus they added in another shock wtf moment in the last episode which is unbearable to watch and completely unnecessary. Pretty sure it got something shit like 27 percent on rotton tomatoes.
  14. Blink Vegas Residency

    If you go on famous burros instagram he has aload of clips from the show, they sound pretty great. Party song was so good to hear and adams song.