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  1. The Official Football Topic

    Won 3 trophies last year league only a few seasons ago...what has klopp, pochetinno, pep won yet?
  2. Feldmann

    Blink in their prime starting 1999-2000s were bigger than alot of people you would call big these days ...they were massive! Getting a grammy nomination and being relevant for a few months was nothing compared to then... And skiba was big in alkaline trio he wasnt just a nobody that hit the big time with blink lol he might of got a big payday from touring but the casual blink listener wouldnt even notice that skiba isnt tom
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The guy doing the warp tour twitter account sounds like a 14 year old kid lol
  4. The Official Football Topic

    Jose got ripped to shreds on bbc for calling us (bristol city) lucky ...our chairman and manager said jose went to the home changing rooms and congratulated all our players and manager personally ..never got mentioned.. Peps post match interview says well done to wigan they had one shot on goal lol...no big article or anything about it
  5. What's the next big movie genre?

    I wouldnt mind watching some marvel films but the fact i have to watch them all just to be put back in the loop puts me off...its the same story every time once u seen one you have seen em all.. Thor and ant man are probably the only ones i have seen in the last 5 years.. As for new trends i would just like to see originality! Its either a reboot or comic book film... This past year has probaly been the worse for films in my opinion...just shocking
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I empire i think was when tom started to finish his peak of his musical abilities and i love that album its just a shame he didnt have a finn or mark to help him function all his ideas up untill this point. I see some of toms best ava songs as what if songs.. You can tell that toms vision and marks were going completely different directions just by plus 44 and we dont need to whisper..but i empire sounds more like blink than any other ava album and you can tell by what we got with neighbourhoods alot of recycled ava material that he simplifies for that album to sound more like blink. Tom needs people to focus his ideas into great ones and mark needs people to push him into working hard and have more creativity... So theres no way your going to have a great blink record ever again tbh...we might have some fun catchy songs with feldman pulling the strings but nothing of any substance or staying power ...and toms just not tom anymore ..
  7. The Official Football Topic

    Would love psg to smash real madrid tonight:) Diving pansy smug bastards...see how ramos and co cheat tonight
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Only logical explanation has to be travis documentary
  9. What TV show are you watching?

    The premise for the good place was good in the beginning but i cant really see how they can drag more seasons out without running out of ideas...it should of ended this season in my opinion
  10. The Official Football Topic

    I try to like the guy cus hes englands next big hope but is it me or is the guy a complete tool on the football pitch ..thinks hes the big bollocks and gobs off to every oposite team every week...one day hes going to get taken out lol hopefully by ashley young
  11. The Official Football Topic

    Not really the linesman said did the guy touch the ball then it will be a penalty...the ref wasnt sure and asked what the tv footage was ...and decided to stick to his original decision. Its a tough one because your going to get shit either way ...so its the smart choice to stick to your original decision anyways. But from your answer he spoke to his team it was inconclusive so stuck to his guns.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Tom would get royalties for past albums as usual and most probaly get a set percentage of sales from new blink lineup set up by a certain contract he would of probaly signed to make this all happen alot smoother. I dont believe for one second that he can just come back whenever he wants.. But i also think all 3 of them arnt too distant with each and mark would probably work with tom again eventually...its a no brainer tbh to let tom back financially wise .. Its interesting tho if matt says hey guys its ok ill take a back seat and play with trio while tom plays with u for a while or if marks too nice and all 3 work with each other...depends of toms ego can take playing with his replacement
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Well no he gave the penalty already...the linesman asked him that question but it doesnt matter if your both unsure you have to go with your original decision
  14. AVA General Discussion

    Yeh really cool so great him being so passionate about his band...shame what hes like now and im guess hes pretty high during this cus he doesnt sound normal lol
  15. Video Games Thread

    Anyone wanna play squads on fornite? Blink team on ps4