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  1. prankerd14

    The Official Football Topic

    Im 2nd and like 60 points away already
  2. prankerd14

    The Official Football Topic

    Is Wilshire injured? Hes red on fantasy football lol He should just retire if he cant do a full season again!
  3. *ring* *ring* ....mark do you wana tour with me again? You guys support my band angels and airwaves
  4. On the ava facebook there all buzzing about him saying on Instagram he wants to tour, omg i hope its a world wide tour! Etc... I brought them back down to earth/reality, now im getting them all saying he headlined canada america and uk he can do a world tour! ...( wasnt that like 8 years ago on blink money??) Im pretty negative aparrently..
  5. Just about to the stars and his motivations etc... I actually fell asleep so im probably not the best person to answer, but nothing that great spoke about. Just tom blowing smoke up this guys ass and him doing the same to tom, how without tom these books and subject matter wouldnt of happened..
  6. prankerd14

    The Official Football Topic

    Jose was right its going to be a difficult season, he knows his players arnt good enough, so why didnt they sign anyone! It baffles me. To let in 3 goals against brighton for christ sake lol Yet again pogba is his usual self cant string a single pass together..
  7. prankerd14

    Alkaline Trio

    Terrible quality ill wait till it comes out next week
  8. prankerd14

    Alkaline Trio

    I love it , so glad trio is back, sounds like old-school trio. Im more looking forward to trio than any new blink at the moment hope they prove me wrong ...
  9. prankerd14

    Alkaline Trio

    Anyone heard the song is this thing cursed yet? Probably the best alkaline song i have heard in years..feels like old trio, it was a live recording tho so might sound completely different when its released lol
  10. prankerd14

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

  11. prankerd14

    The Official Football Topic

    Im sure he will get a big signing by next week and everyone will forget his tantrums... Bit of a joke no1 has come in yet tho
  12. prankerd14

    Alkaline Trio

    Dead end road added to that list too and we will never break up
  13. prankerd14

    The Official Football Topic

    Mourinho is a proven winner and can get man united the league but it does seem like his hands are tied financially... Peps on the other side buying defenders and wingers for fun and jose cant even bring perisic in !just baffling to me
  14. Mark looks after himself ...have you not seen fat tom recently?
  15. prankerd14

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Toms name is off so surely he doesnt own 1/3? Id say tom accepted a buy out from blink which wouldnt be too surprising, to the stars must need a shitload of cash to run and in his eyes its a hell of a lot bigger than blink let alone the world! Would also explain tension in the marriage and divorce, if i was jen id be going mental if he signed away all his blink money and blew it all on his passion projects...