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  1. This place has been dead since the deluxe came out
  2. What TV show are you watching?

    Yeh community is one of my all time favourites I was sad to see that show end! How a show like that gets treated and then shows like the big bang theory keep going baffles me ... I love the trampoline episode so much lol
  3. Game of Thrones season 7

    How did you find spoilers? I don't want them but didn't know it leaked
  4. What TV show are you watching?

    I like alot of American comedies but like Scott says most of it is cringe! There was some good shit out there but they have mostly ended or run there course pretty much... Brittish comedy is so much smarter and darker, I'm not saying it's superior.... ... But iam biased, I love stuff like Mitchel and Webb look, Peep show, it crowd, faulty towers, bottom, the mighty boosh, inbetweeners around that spectrum tbh
  5. What TV show are you watching?

    Arested development first 2 seasons are the funniest show you will ever watch... How can watching the pilot for ten minutes turn you off anything lol If I did that for every show I wouldn't of watch parks and recreation because the first season was meh, I wouldn't of watched the office us for the same reason and probably game of thrones!
  6. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Haven't watched many movies in a while so thought I'd try alien covenant. Was ok had some interesting plot points but also a million holes! But made me rewatch alien and fall back in love with it again, now half way through aliens
  7. Fantasy Football (NFL) 2017

    If there's a fantasy premier league that your setting up I'd join... couldn't find anyone assed to make one this year! Harry Kane was a poor choice for captain for me first game then I made lukaku triple captain this week
  8. Game of Thrones season 7

    Then don't look on this thread lol
  9. Game of Thrones season 7

    Wow someone's getting sacked in the morning! It's got to the point now tho where I expect the last episode to get leaked before the end of next week, if not I'll be disappointed lol I can't see how cersai and the game of thrones is going to plan out with the white walker situation, there's no way she's going to help dany..
  10. Game of Thrones season 7

    One of the best episodes yet! But why can't these hackers just release all the episodes at once so I can binge!!
  11. Game of Thrones season 7

    Still never saw him die tho unless Brianne mentioned she killed him ...always felt that was weird they didn't show it
  12. Game of Thrones season 7

    In game of thrones no1 is dead unless you see them die
  13. Feldmann

    I can watch the original trilogy and still love them ...the force awakens I tried the other day and skipped half of it....
  14. Game of Thrones season 7

    I feel so sorry for Arya there's no chance she's getting back home to see her family! Something will happen it always does ..
  15. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    5 years before that mark would probably respond with tom also loves your uncles.. But you can tell toms been grating on mark during that tour lol When they got older tho toms jokes would get grating on anyone and when your in a country like Japan I could see why mark would want to be more respectful