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  1. I'd include Not Now - 1. Asthenia 2. Feeling This 3. Not Now 4. Heres Your Letter 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Obvious 7. Easy Target 8. Always 9. Go 10. Violence 11. I Miss You 12. I'm Lost Without You 13. All Of This 14. Down 15. The Fallen Interlude
  2. But Matt sang that line live?
  3. well it was a single. I don't have an issue with the song necessarily, brings back fond memories, but it just seems like a really odd choice. is it because it was an opener? they do dumpweed carousel and feeling this I guess but if thats the case BRING BACK PATHETIC FFS haha
  4. If they are releasing Sober I imagine they're waiting until July / August time. if they release it in October like they did with SOOHM last year, it'll probably bomb. but they released both BTD and are releasing HISALP in april, that 6 month jump might be the plan.
  5. They need to do Pathetic. thats all I want. also Sober still sucks, live or otherwise. its weird to bring back anthem pt 2... like... I don't really get it? I'm not complaining because I'm happy for them to mix it up at all but... why anthem pt 2? California's lyrics not juvenile enough?
  6. Well what I meant was it's the combination that makes a Tom bot. someone isnt going to think Tom is above and beyond better than blink, but have no interest in his side projects.
  7. theres a lot of hardcore AVA fans who also happen to like California. I don't think you can definitely say there is any kind of 'fan' anymore. to me a Tom bot will always be someone who thinks AVA is amazing and that Tom is 'above' blink-182. thats a real Tombot. friggin' loons.
  8. Someone giving you hassle about your English is hilarious, you make more sense than the majority of people here who only speak English.
  9. Both sides suck, everyone sucks, everyone everywhere is only looking out for themselves, humans are awful, we should all just stop trying. also clarke is totally on point that arguing this is 100% pointless but they're just trolling you dude stop giving into it. are you exaggerating or is it actually looking like that? I've seen a lot less about US news lately so I'm out of the loop.
  10. For the record, dudes wearing sunglasses in doors isnt gay. dudes wearing sunglasses in doors whilst doing a dude is gay.
  11. I do like Boxing Day but Wont Be Home is a goddamn blink staple, can't vote against it.
  12. I can't disagree with that, easily the worst part.
  13. They would last five minutes before they're egos let loose and they beat the crap out of each other.