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  1. Well, I'm not remotely shocked. Russian military admits significant cyber-war effort
  2. thats a whole other issue really, it's more about f-m and m-f trans people, not all the other whatevers you can fit in the middle. I think the issue with it for people is mostly "something will have to change for me to make their lives better and more acceptable, and I don't want those changes to effect my life, so I'm against it" the fact that said change makes absolutely no real difference on their day to day life is a total non-issue to them because they see it as a scary change even if it means basically nothing. The main argument is safety. The belief is that letting an m-f trans person use a womens bathroom will mean and increase in women being attacked, which is where the whole 'its a door with a stick figure thats not going to stop anyone' argument comes into play. but they see it as a vulnerable place to allow people who they see as 'men' in. I assume they think it'll be abused as well by people pretending to be trans to then attack people? or something? It is a ridiculous argument but the core of it is people don't understand or like trans people, any form of change makes them uncomfortable, and they don't want to use a public bathroom and accidentally bump into a trans person. I mean that could happen anyway just the reverse but whatever, people are weird.
  3. Yeah I'm not really defending his attitude on it, there are parts of what he's saying that are true but at this point I couldn't tell you what his definitive argument is. my argument is that a competent guitarist with gigging experience could perform as well as if not better than Skiba. thats my only argument, I don't think songwriting is the absolute necessity to be a success because I think marketing, financial backing, timing and networking, attractiveness, and dumb luck have equal influence.
  4. It seems to be in pockets, though. I've lived in super LGBT friendly areas and I've lived in horrifically homophobic areas, all in the same tiny little country. people are weird.
  5. I remember that time a mad man was chasing me and threatening me but then I bowed into the ladies and he was suddenly legless, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!
  6. I think it is he just doesnt realise that thats what he means
  7. Yeah thats basically how I feel. its the same with LGB stuff really. Theres a lot of things I assume people know and understand about 'the gays' because to me its common place knowledge, but then I started working here and I'm like the first gay person any of them have ever met. they have had absolutely no exposure to it so to them it's really alien and strange, but after letting them ask me occasionally awkward questions they're overall totally chill and understanding of it. You can't expect people to just be on your side if they have no idea how to see from your perspective. I imagine if it was calmly and rationally explained to some of the parents who complained, some would change their minds. others wouldn't obviously because humans are inherently terrified of change, but more than anything a lot of prejudice and discrimination is just lack of information and education.
  8. Most proper gigging guitarists have toured in some capacity. In fact, the ones that have have done so in arguably much worse conditions then the plush tour buses and plane rides that the blink boys are rocking currently. the main difference is the scale of time really, and thats more about commitment then actual difficulty. They get taken everywhere they go, everything is organised for them, what they do is walk on stage and play guitar for about an hour and a half each night. This isn't some huge task for a regularly performing musician. I'm not saying some 11 year old kid on youtube can do it, like Oli is suggesting, but I think if you take any localish band thats been going for a few years, any of those guitarists could do it.
  9. Well his party is against it, makes sense for him to follow. I understand parents being concerned about it and worrying about their children. I do, because ultimately if you've never encountered trans people the concept must be so alien that it's frightening. the reality of it is though, that what gender the door is won't stop a predator or a dangerous person attacking you. if someone is going to do something horrible they're going to do it regardless. I genuinely think bathrooms should be unisex across the board. have a mixture of cubicles and urinals and a baby changing part in each one. Not only does it make trans people not have to worry about it, it means dads can take their daughters into the bathroom without any concern, or change their own damn kids in the bathroom and so on.
  10. If this is in regards to my point, I maintain that a competent guitarist with gigging experience could do it. not someone who's never played live. they'd obviously need the experience of playing live, and they'd need to rehearse with the band to get the stage cues and such down to a T timing wise. Yes playing a bar is very different to playing an arena but you only get okay with playing arenas by... playing arenas. thats not something only Skiba can do, and theres no reason a competent guitarist with regular gigging experience could somehow not do that either.
  11. We were obnoxious tweens to be fair haha
  12. is it not in boxelders timeline?
  13. Lol christ, I forgot about that. I think that was before though, it was a temp ban right? ah to be kids again!
  14. I think so, I've never brought it up because I wasn't sure. I used to talk to Oli and Jamiew too.
  15. Don't know if anyone cares and I imagine it'll cause another debate but Trump has pulled back on Obama's work for transgender bathroom rules in schools. It was already being pushed back against by a bunch of different states so technically it makes no real difference but it is something Trump previously stated he had no issue with. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39047883