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  1. Up All Night a look back

    I'm still not the biggest fan of the song but I have very vivid memories when I first heard it. while I don't love the video it's not their worst (looking at you, SOOHM) and eh... I still like the chorus and the main riff.
  2. This has been done now, will update from now on
  3. Blink-182Online Official Music Club

    Either or, depends what people want to do or suggest.
  4. Saw them live twice, both times they were great, one of the best I've seen live performance wise.
  5. Blink-182Online Official Music Club

    As an extension of Music Club, I had an idea - What if we had an official blink-182online "Playlist Party" where we make a Spotify playlist with track recommendations from the board? can be really open ended, just has to be in the rock genre or something you can imagine a blink fan liking. Each person could suggest like 3 songs each, I'll make a playlist, share it with everyone and then after a month we rejig the songs based on peoples recommendations. make it like a rolling updated selection of different songs, extends the idea of giving people other music to try but not as intensive as the music club.
  6. It didn't come home. whoops. 

  7. Blink-182Online Official Music Club

    Pinning it anywhere is up to the admins so that's on them. @Olidamus @Ghent thoughts? We've had some good activity out of these, might boost involvement if it's pinned. apart from that, that's a good idea - I'll do that.
  8. Books

    I love a lot of King novels, but I couldn't get into the dark tower series. I've read a lot of fantasy but I couldn't finish The Gunslinger it was boring as all fuck.
  9. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Unpopular opinion - Poe is a knobhead. Worst of the new characters.
  10. Which makes sense, except Tom's usual noodling is acoustic. Idk, to me it makes more sense in a home set up then a studio set up, I've not seen practise amps in the chill out spaces of the studios I've been in - and we have no evidence that that's a studio and not his home.
  11. if you have a full set up in the next room, why would you bother? I'd have it at home, when I can't get at a full set up to work on ideas. I have a tiny terror, they're great for a quick idea if nothing else is available, but there's no way you'd mess about on that if you have a full set up readily available within a few seconds.
  12. I got through two tracks and spent the whole time thinking I should get stoned, so the 60s 70s rock vibe is 'high' on this one.
  13. MUSIC CLUB - WEEK 5 TY SEGALL - "Manipulator" @Nasa is at the helm with week with this kinda trippy entry, here's what she had to say - Ya'll have one week to give it a spin and leave a review, if you're stuck on how to review it here's some basic ideas - Love It Or Hate It, What Do You Love, What Do You Hate? Stand Out Tracks Would You Recommend It? What Does It Sound Similar To? Would You Listen To It Again? Notable Sounds / Lyrics In the spoiler is the youtube playlist, Spotify album, and apple music link. current running tab of weeks so far, if you are desperate for a turn PM me details Week # - #1 - @boxelder Charly Bliss - "Guppy" #2 - @Elisa Culture Abuse - "Bay Dream" #3 - @Ghost Luisa Sobral - "The Cherry On My Cake" #4 - @Patient #48273 Arkells - "Michigan Left" #5 - @Nasa Ty Segall - "Manipulator"
  14. If it's a studio, why bother having a tiny micro terror amp out when he could be writing/practising on a full amp set up? You have little amps set up in living room spaces for when your just chilling and writing, but you wouldn't have that if you're in an actual ready and set up studio. that doesn't make any sense. Jen isn't wearing hers either. We know Mark and Skye are together because you see pictures of them together all the time.
  15. First time Tom began recycling riffs?

    they're the same exact same three chords in a very similar pattern. I genuinely struggle to tell them apart when I'm even playing them let alone listening.