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  1. don't think anyones having a meltdown, more confused as to whether this single is actually officially out, and if so whether they'll do any promotion for it.
  2. Basically all of The Offspring up until and including Conspiracy Of One is awesome.
  3. It's weird that people say this, because the chorus is one of the best parts of the whole record. Those harmonies are immense. like the rest of the song yeah fair enough but the chorus is great.
  4. Dream Walker Of Nightmares Chasing Shadows Phantom Break Pedal Love pt II Love 1 WDNTW I Empire ----------------------------- You can basically ignore everything after chasing shadows cuz I massively dislike old AVA but technically thats the order I dislike them in. I like parts of Love pt II even though its fucking awful, Love 1 I dont remotely remember so I'm assuming its better than the other two which I absolutely detest with a violent passion. basically Ilan made AVA bearable.
  5. I don't actually know that one and currently can't listen. I only know singles, but Design For Life is my motherfuckin' jam - I'd give my left tit to write something that powerful. I don't know a song of theirs I dislike, definitely one of the best welsh musical acts.
  6. at first I thought it was just alright, but ive now listened to it like 5 times in the last hour. I dont know why I like it, but I do!
  7. Only because Tom implied a co-writer, when at that point all we knew was that they were getting a producer. Which is definitely not the same thing. I personally just felt very 'screw you Tom' for assuming that they hired someone to help them write. turns out he was right, though.
  8. It's so, so wrong I know. I can't watch it, makes me feel sick.
  9. They didn't even overbook, apparently, they just decided basically last minute that they wanted 4 staff on that plane, and turfed off passengers.
  10. I actually quite like the song and for the most part I hate Paramore, but to me it sounds like an 80s version of a Sia song. even the little riffy bit at the end sounds like her track 'You've Changed'.
  11. That is far too polite. He's a disgusting scumbag who makes a good case for capital punishment in the UK.
  12. TS is the most forgettable Cali song but This Is Home is blink-182 marmite so im not shocked by how close it is.
  13. to be fair the front bottoms are touring with them in the UK this summer that seems like a good mix
  14. I think it screams 80s glam rock more than metal but okay
  15. Producing other bands is very different to producing yourself. Ultimately, producing yourself leads to situations where a song is never finished, it's never perfect. if you couple that with Marks confidence problems, it's a miracle Neighborhoods was finished at all. At least with a producer you have an external, presumably impartial ear guiding you and having that official 'this is finished' say, it just makes a more balanced product. I think if you can afford a producer you should always use one, just make sure you at least like the work they've done previously or don't see any signs of them sucking a lot. You'll always be your own worst critic, and thats just dangerous from a production side of things.