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  1. Video Games Thread

    I mean, I am. This one in particular though I'm struggling with. It started off well but it's narratively very weak and without that as the driving force your ultimately just shooting shit. It isn't particularly special or engaging, just very pretty.
  2. Golden Shower in the Golden State riff

    Then you shouldn't be surprised or think it's much of a stretch, considering the only difference between them is the change of bass note on the D. it's not an exact recycling like the others mentioned but it is still quite close to the knuckle. Anthem pt 2 Everythings Magic
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I love asthenia lyrically, always have
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I have zero interest in either, does that help? I would be excited for a new AVA release but if it's going to be old style WDNTW AVA than count me out. I'd actually rather another 4 track EP of Tom pissing about with Ilan fixing it.
  5. EOTS Logo help

    Im using an embroidery specific software, I work for a clothing company. Im manually drawing in over an image how the stitches run, manually tracing them - I've already done and seen it work, I just want to try it on logos I care about. These will work fine, il share the results when I'm done.
  6. Golden Shower in the Golden State riff

    I mean, I might be wrong lol
  7. Golden Shower in the Golden State riff

    I'm pretty sure The Knife is the original, and Jose's is the cover.
  8. EOTS Logo help

    You're a star! thanks for that, if I manage to make the pattern and run off a sample I'll take a pic for you guys - if I pull it off I'll be so chuffed haha
  9. EOTS Logo help

    the colours don't really matter as I'll be having to use close-ish thread regardless, if you could send the black one that'd be great - thanks for the one you sent, I'm just trying to find one as close as to the original as possible.
  10. EOTS Logo help

    Howdy all - So recently I've been doing digitising training in work which is software especially for embroidery machines - essentially I'm learning to make embroidery patterns, you put it in the machine and boom - magic. So I've learned a fair bit and I want to practise on some logos I like to build up skill/for fun. I've got a decent copy of the alk3 skull heart logo that I'm going to try and digitise and put on a jacket for a friend. I'd really like to try the EOTS logo, because I think it should be easy enough to do and you know... own made blink swag! but my google image search results are either too crappy or are 're-do' versions people have done of the logo. there's images of the EOTS patches but a decent version of the actual logo itself would be easier to work on. The google tree isn't all it's cracked up to be, so does anyone possibly have a decent version of the original EOTS logo?
  11. Video Games Thread

    Did anyone get Far Cry 5? It's my first Far Cry game and I'm struggling to give much of a shit with it.
  12. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Isn't Bottom Of The Ocean only Mark? I've only listened to it a few times because it's like cancer to my ears but I swear Matt isn't on it right? is that the only solo one?
  13. AVA General Discussion

    I think it's a cheesy as hell song but I really genuinely like some of the lyrics, and the chorus is quite catchy. it's got a lot of eye roll moments but I like the core concept of the song and it does work well as an opener.
  14. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    He's been with Alkaline Trio for actual decades. I'd be shocked if he was only doing alk3 work to appease his buddies. Yes he's in blink, yes he cares about blink, but I have a hard time stomaching the idea that he can just dump his band of 20 odd years because of more money. @Kevin. I genuinely don't know about Derek but I was curious too. I'm with Ghost on the idea that I doubt he'd up and split because he does love Alk3 but in the same breath I wouldn't be shocked if he left considering Matt dropped the band like a hot potato for a few years. I think it's a "We'll see" situation.