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  1. The Sex Pest Club

    oh 100%. TV especially has a horrific effect on things like that - you grow up watching sitcoms and you think that to get a date you leer at someone in a club and say "How you doin'?" instead of like, being a normal human and getting to know someone and not objectifying a total stranger. It has a damaging effect on both sexes in regards to how their 'supposed' to behave and what 'works' and it feeds into the 'women like X, men like X' mentality as well. You hear it all the time "Girls love a bad boy" "She's just playing hard to get" "He's just misunderstood" etc. but it's more than just a dating structure either, it applies to general femininity and masculinity. TV teaches that boys need to 'man up' to get laid, that women don't respond to or care about intelligent men, that being a sensitive bloke is a point of humour or being geeky is demeaning - on the flip side, women get taught that men should be forgiven for all and any mistakes provided they buy something or make some grand gesture, or that the world doesn't really care about you unless your attractive, or that the only role you should fill is mother or whore. It's horrific on all sides, and gives horrible lessons to all little confused boys and girls. I mean we're hearing all of these harassment stories now, but we're not having any about female predators. Speaking of miss Dunham, she wrote about essentially assaulting her younger sister and sod all happened about it. Women aren't excempt from committing harassment or abusing power - but apparently hollywood hasn't had any of that? I mean obviously there's more men in power than women in hollywood and in politics, but I struggle to believe that there aren't some stories on the other end that have so far failed to surface, probably because those assaulted (if men) are more afraid to speak up, or if the media itself doesn't take it seriously because some people genuinely don't put assault via a woman on the same level as assault via a man. Like, we're seeing the light on a lot of horrible stories, but as much as these individuals are definitely in the wrong, their still a symptom of a societal problem that isn't going away, and it's also far from the full picture.
  2. The Sex Pest Club

    In most cases I think it depends on the situation and time frame. like yes, it was more 'accepted' behaviour in like say the 50s for receptionists to get slapped on the ass and therefore charging someone for that now is retroactively pointless but if your talking about someone in power touching you up in the 80s it wasn't 'acceptable' then, just brushed under the rug. like I think the 'super old clearly going senile man touching your butt' thing is nowhere near as big a deal as 'I was 14 he was in a powerful position, forced himself on me and threatened me to stay quiet' and a lot of the media fan fare is bouncing around those and all the things in between. Some of them are definitely OTT and ridiculous but that shouldn't suddenly denounce the validity and weight of the others. it's just that now people have been given a slight platform to actually share their voice on the matter that was previously unavailable. I mean from a female perspective, practically every woman I know has been sexually assaulted, to varying degrees at some point in their lives, and I cannot think of one who actually reported it. the small ones are silly, but there is still a giant problem buried underneath the hollywood bullshit.
  3. The Sex Pest Club

    Christ, can the world just collectively agree that Lena Dunham is like, the worst person on the planet and just stop paying attention to her?
  4. The Sex Pest Club

    Some of it might be rubbish because people love to clamber to media things and make a spectacle, but there's definitely a lot of truth to whats going on, and there's a hell of a lot more stories buried that will never be heard and there will be no justice for. for every silly false claim, there's a serious one someone isn't safe enough to go public with.
  5. The Sex Pest Club

    People are awful, and to get to positions of power in the first place you usually have to be awful and do awful things to get there, it's sadly not surprising.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yeeeah I mean, I'd only want Tom back if Matt went back to alk3 and Tom suddenly remembered how to sing live normally but that'll never happen.
  7. Some people would rather be lead down the garden path by a mad man than face reality.
  8. Is he drawing another crappy self doodle and shoving it on a T shirt for this one too?
  9. The Sex Pest Club

    I know absolutely nothing about him, only heard of the Moore situation today. there's too many to keep on top of now, it's nuts.
  10. The Donald Trump Thread

    The hunting thing might finally be what makes my dad stop calling Trump a 'genius'.
  11. Pop up ads

    I'm on android too but I've not seen this pop up. is it taptalk related maybe?
  12. I find the untitled performances really odd at times. I love the energy and everything, and the songs obviously, but you can tell those songs weren't written in a band performance format because they don't really work rushed and paired down. might just be me though.
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Is A Real Boy is fucking iconic and should be on there.