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  1. oh sweetie, no. you just lost all credibility forever.
  2. That you know of
  3. has anyone ever wondered if we all shit talk each other in this thread just to vent out frustrations with people in our actual lives?
  4. Guy calls himself a winner and others losers and when asked to elaborate claims I'm petty? yup.
  5. I am excite, I adored the first season, way more than I thought I would.
  6. I loved the book to pieces, the trailer makes me very nervous.
  7. Really? I thought they were ironically included in the 'pedo deniers' handbook.
  8. What defines those arguing with you as losers and what defines you as a winner? genuinely curious.
  9. No but funnily enough that is the attitude of a lot of middle class to rich people.
  10. So because he isn't for defunding one social program, therefore he supports all social programs and is a liar? using one complicated example to represent a wide range of issues is really damn dumb.
  11. For the love of all that is holy, no.
  12. I don't mind the franchise, was never a fan or understood the hype but I quite liked Force Awakens and Rogue One. I have no issue with it as a product but it is so heavily influenced by other material and borrowed a lot of things. However I love sci fi in general so I guess thats why I'm both not massively impressed but not bothered by it either.
  13. The only people I know personally who like California are people who never liked blink to begin with. all the actual blink fans I know hate it.
  14. I think eat steak well done is worse. not liking steak is sad but it's like 'well you don't know what you're missing' but eating steak well done with ketchup is just blasphemy.
  15. -5 points from Gryffundor!