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  1. I don't know if its because the melody is so mumbled in the chorus, but it was the one I kept completely forgetting from deluxe. I honestly right now couldn't tell you what it sounds like.
  2. I'm not saying he *isn't* a dick, I made this thread because he was the new president and because it was hysterically awful. I have no time or patience for Trump, but there's no point jumping to conclusions and slamming him for things he is yet to do or is assumed to do - he does plenty enough to actually be blamed for without grasping at straws. But you frequently post things that are relatively small and react a little OTT, resulting in the more conservative leaning members to decide you represent all 'liberals'. I mean, if they truly do thats their own fault too, but I'd rather you didn't feed the misconception. I only quoted you to respond in general to your posts lately, not that specific issue. thats my fault, I should have 'mentioned' you instead.
  3. Who in particular? and yes, if you took Travis's quote of 'fuck that guy' about Tom all those years ago and knew little else about Tom as a musician and bandmate, you could argue he was just salty. I liked a lot of their old singles but knew nothing about them as a band really, I'd also need more info to judge.
  4. I'm more referring to things like "gif of trump without context = he's a dick"
  5. the people saying it are ex band members who are probably salty for various reasons. that doesn't validate this idea that he is definitely like anything, it could be that said drummers a total dick, we don't really know anything.
  6. Well no not really, we have no reason to believe anything from Goldfingers history, or Feldmann as a person or really as a musician. We have a perspective based on his work as a producer and a songwriter, not as a human being. We may not like him for interfering in blink and coming across a little wacko but that in no way tells us he was an insane egomaniac to work with in a band. thats grasping at straws a little.
  7. Dude every time you post I can almost hear Oli confirming in his head that all liberals are whiny idiots. It's fine to have political opinions but don't just post grabby media pieces with no background or research, or you'll come across as whiny, naive and easy to bait.
  8. I like and see your point here, but I would argue a decent different producer would be able to be both the ying and yang. adding more people to the process could make it a lot worse. I think they need a patient producer who understands the commercial needs of blink but respects the artistic element as well. Someone who can make the harsh comments but also nurture the best of the bands abilities. I mean, if you have a studio situation where Feldy is going "WRITE THAT CHORUS BEFORE I COME BACK WITH A COFFEE, WOO!" and then the second producer goes "I mean thats.. thats a chorus, I guess, but we need to work on it a lot more" then you'll have a lot of confusing energy, where it's all go but also all stop. I do appreciate that Feldmann was the smart choice for a commercial successful return for blink-182, but from an actual musical appreciation perception his work has been abysmal. They need one producer who can do both aspects, not two different producers for two different perspectives. at least thats how I see it.
  9. I don't know why anyone is jumping on Ghent for this, it's a perfectly reasonable statement to make. we don't know the back story so yeah, it's hard to judge. I mean, if you're of the perception that Feldmann is a soulless wacko then sure it might confirm that suspicion a bit more but it's not exactly grounded in anything, just some butt hurt ex band member, happens all the time. I personally think it sounds a lot like new blink but this is actually a totally sensible statement for ghent to make, no need to give him crap for it.
  10. I'll try and brave it later maybe, I just couldn't sit through it, my sides can only handle so much.
  11. Damn man, that sucks. It's the first time I'm voting labour. I was brought up tory, my family are firmly tory (hell my Dads going into UKIP territory, apparently Farage is a 'genius') but the older I get the more ridiculous I find the party, and considering the handling of the NHS, and the fact that the conservatives want to bring back fox hunting... they essentially made my decision easier. I don't think labour are particularly good, I'm sure there's some solid financial problems with their manifesto, but I can at least get behind the belief system of said manifesto, even if it cannot come true. No manifesto is ever stuck to and completed to the letter, they at least have the right idea and thats a start. Labour didn't sway me, the tories just put me off.
  12. Guess you're voting labour then to keep it that way? some sly british political banter there
  13. on this whole Travis and John doing goldfinger thing - is travis officially their new drummer now? are they bringing an album out? Wouldn't it be hilarious if the only reason Skeebs went back to alk3 for a record was because Travis and John were touring with Goldfinger and were too busy for blink? I mean, I doubt it, but that would be so damn awful and funny if it happened.
  14. I'll be honest, I laughed so fucking hard when I heard this. Didn't make it to half way through the track, just solid belly laughing. christ almighty.
  15. I loved How You Remind Me, Too Bad, and Animals and theres one or two others that I genuinely liked but as I've totally forgotten them that probably indicates their worth. They're not a bad band at all, but their whole career is as samey as California and I think thats why it became a meme. Plus Photograph is the worst damn song ever. I mean eurgh, seriously?