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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Wildfire would be even better if it had decent lyrics. The intro is fucking awesome but the lyrics really bring the song down.
  2. NBA

    Melo isn't trash but he thinks he is a lot better then he actually is. He could be valuable to a team if he took a smaller role and didn't sulk if he was to come off the bench or not be the number 1 guy.
  3. I'm actually interested to hear what music bachelor Tom can write haha
  4. NBA

    They lost their two best defenders and now are looking to sign Melo who plays no defense. This is a huge step back for them while a couple of teams in the west actually got better.
  5. I kind of wish I drank a little more often and had a higher alcohol tolerance. The wife and I went out to dinner last weekend and after three wines I was wasted and spent the next day feeling like absolute shit.
  6. I'm with you man. This place has been pretty dead lately so I wouldn't be surprised if they are just saying this to get the blink section active again.
  7. Mark an alcoholic? Whoa didn't expect that one!
  8. Feldmann

  9. NBA

    OKC ain't winning anything with the roster they have. I even think the Lakers new roster would beat them in a 7 game series.
  10. NBA

    This Cousins to Warriors ain't as terrible as some people are making it out the be. A lot of teams didn't even offer him a contract. He is coming off a serious injury and will be rehabbing majority of the season. Plus the Warriors most likely won't be able to resign him after next season unless he takes another massive pay-cut or they don't re-sign Klay. I think a lot of people don't realize how serious an achillies injury is.
  11. NBA

    Boogie to the Warriors? Wtf is happening!
  12. FIFA World Cup 2018

    What a game! Damn I feel bad for Japan.
  13. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Do players get fined if they flop or pretend to be hurt to gain an advantage? In the NBA they recently started fining players who would flop as it was ruining the game.
  14. FIFA World Cup 2018

    I'm not a huge fan but have been getting into this world cup and have been really enjoying it. But guys like Neymar really make it hard to watch sometimes. They way he drops to the ground every time he gets touched makes me want to turn the game off. Any reason why he does it all the time?