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  1. Does anyone actually know when/if Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat leaked?
  2. I guarantee you as soon as we get to Dude Ranch this forum is going to be an actual shitstorm of pettiness.
  3. So are we taking bets on how soon after the leak we get "this sucks I miss Tom" posts?
  4. Cheshire Cat - Carousel and Wasting Time Dude Ranch - Untitled and Apple Shampoo Enema of the State - Going Away to College and Wendy Clear Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - Online Songs and Everytime I Look For You S/T - Not Now(?) and Asthenia Neighborhoods - Natives and Snake Charmer California - Bored to Death and No Future
  5. California is a good album as a whole but Rabbit Hole and Bohemian Rhapsody are both just so forced... Built This Pool actually sounded like a joke track that they would have written with Tom though.
  6. I personally own a Fender MIM Strat that I modded for 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers (Jazz and Distortion) and it honestly plays and sounds better than any USA Custom Fender I've ever played.
  7. Do any of you guys think they might hit the big East Coast markets sometime before they go to Europe as a warmup, like MSG in New York City or something? I would be down for more shows.
  8. Going Away to College is my favorite Blink song in general. That being said, Anthem is so under appreciated to the point where if I say Anthem most people assume I'm referring to part 2.
  9. Ironically I'm straight edge, but I'd pick Mark. I've always enjoyed Mark's humor (less outrageous, more witty) and character. At this point I think Tom would just want to talk about aliens.
  10. Aware I just posted, lol sorry. Is anyone else a fan of the openers? I'm a MASSIVE all time low fan, mores that blink (seen them 4 times already). I also like a day to remember a lot, although I feel like some of the heavier songs will fit in weirdly.
  11. I know they're playing cynical from that clip travis posted and I hope they play no future (likely since the album was almost named after it, and it seems to be a hit among fans). Also would like to hear wendy clear and going away to college. Going on August 14th to PNC
  12. Man this guy is really pissing me off
  13. I doubt it but they'll probably stream it through Alternative Press or something like that.
  14. Pretty sure if he submits it to Kingdom Leaks it's anonymous