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  1. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    i always wondered what happened to toms les pauls. if you look in videos or pics of his studio i think you can occasinally catch glimpses of his old sticker strat and various signature strats but i never could see the les pauls. i guess that would be why.
  2. Brand New's Brand New Record

    i truly don't believe you have the mental capacity to understand what i am saying. all you do is just insult me and then say a bunch of shit i already know. not even going to bother.
  3. Brand New's Brand New Record

    i never said anything about her age or whether anything he did was right or wrong, all i said was that she acknowledged that she knew at the time that it was not right, and continued to go along with it anyways. not really sure how that makes me an idiot, but i've been called worse before.
  4. Brand New's Brand New Record

    that's not what i'm saying. what i'm saying his now she says all of these things, but her actions proved otherwise. if somebody makes me uncomfortable, i don't care who you are i'm not going to continue contact with them.
  5. Brand New's Brand New Record

    all of this is creepy, and all things i would never do, but i don't agree with essentially allowing it to happen and then coming out with it 10 years later solely with the intent to trash the guy. nobody forced her to video chat with the guy. if she didn't like it at the time she wouldn't have done it.
  6. Brand New's Brand New Record

    i still listen to them all the time...i don't really see what the huge deal is it's not like he drugged and raped a girl
  7. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    no an angled pickup changes the sound of the strings in relation to the bridge. the closer to the bridge, the more trebly the sound, the further from the bridge you get it gets more bassy
  8. Feldmann

    far from a tom fan here, but tom said a singer-songwriter-producer was not the right fit for blink, and he was dead on.
  9. Brand New's Brand New Record

    now the song "bed" is even more creepy than it was before
  10. Brand New's Brand New Record

    i'm guessing the rumors about him fucking derrick shermans fiance are true lol
  11. Tom's "BCR" sound

    I think he recorded it on a vox ac30 but i could be mistaken
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    wow has he been hitting the gym
  13. Brand New's Brand New Record

    def some good songs, some arent that great too. wouldn't surprise me if they release another album soon too. idk why just a feeling i have.
  14. Foo Fighters new album "Concrete and Gold"

    they have been blah since there is nothing left to lose. definitely some good songs mixed in but overall i prefer the older stuff by far
  15. I've never used guitar pedals...

    plug it into the same outlet that the guitar amp is plugged into