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  1. Tom's "BCR" sound

    I think he recorded it on a vox ac30 but i could be mistaken
  2. new tom delonge selfie

    wow has he been hitting the gym
  3. Brand New's Brand New Record

    def some good songs, some arent that great too. wouldn't surprise me if they release another album soon too. idk why just a feeling i have.
  4. Foo Fighters new album "Concrete and Gold"

    they have been blah since there is nothing left to lose. definitely some good songs mixed in but overall i prefer the older stuff by far
  5. I've never used guitar pedals...

    plug it into the same outlet that the guitar amp is plugged into
  6. I've never used guitar pedals...

    sounds like a ground issue....is your pedal plugged into the wall?
  7. no, tom quit right at the critical turning point in their careers. its unforunate, but they are just a novelty band now
  8. i wish taking back sunday would break up......

    i dont hate the music, but why does adam sing like a black preacher now? how far this band has fallen is amazing
  9. How the hell did Mark play like this?

    at this point he had been playing and touring almost constantly for 10 years. you get good at playing. not like this song is particularly hard either
  10. travis's drums and the between song banter. thats it.
  11. Your First Concert?

    good charlotte, new found glory, and hot rod circuit. i think less than jake played too. 2003.
  12. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    right but why? all the money is in touring. why dont they tour? because he cant sing anymore. maybe some health issue? who knows.
  13. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    starting to think tom stopped touring because he literally cant perform for some reason. why wouldnt ava still play shows? he clearly cannot sing and it has gotten worse and worse until it was unbearable
  14. i wish taking back sunday would break up......

    yeah, bring back fred sounds like against me
  15. California discussion

    love the toypaj sounds tho, bass, drums, guitar all toypaj