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  1. did anyone stop to think maybe he left her? maybe she's a cunt. she certainly looks like one.
  2. hard evidence?? trump gets shit thrown at him in the media all day long, with no proof, and nothing will stick. so they keep finding more and more just trying to get him out. it's pitiful. trump could come up with a "puppy bill" to benefit puppies and the media would say "trump hates full grown dogs"
  3. who wouldn't want a delonge jersey? 🤣
  4. It was my impression a long time ago that mark was an alcoholic in the early days of blink. So he stopped drinking. The golden years of blink he was sober. he def started drinking and smoking again during the hiatus. from what I understand is that once you are an diagnosed alcoholic, you always are an alcoholic. Even if you haven’t had a drink in years.
  5. tom18222

    New Feldmann Topic

    don't know how anyone could listen to 21 guns once you realize he ripped off full house
  6. why would feldman do that though? thats what blink was, a mix of blink and alkaline trio. that's what it should sound like. thats what i expected. what we got was an embarrassment. its not all bad, but as a whole it was a regression.
  7. i think that was the biggest issue with mark. tom didn't need him. and it was really, really good. i think tom needed to get away because mark wanted to keep rewriting the same record every time and needed to do something different. just my opinion. a lot of things at play in that time.
  8. tom18222

    finally restrung my old TD strat

  9. tom18222

    finally restrung my old TD strat

    no idea what i paid, i got it for my 16th birthday. almost 15 years ago haha.
  10. tom18222

    finally restrung my old TD strat

    and played it for the first time in like 5 years. it sounds so good...all the talk of toms old guitars got me thinking about this guitar recently. I swapped out the white invader pickup for a black one. and swapped all the chrome hardware out for black hardware. and installed black sperzel tuners. can't forget the white atticus heart. sometimes i consider selling it because its so sexy, i think i could get a lot for it. do you think people would be interested? what do you think it's worth?
  11. tom18222

    i wish taking back sunday would break up......

    not sure if anyone saw this, but eddie reyes left TBS. I can't imagine them going on without him but who knows.
  12. am i the only one who feels like tom just doesn't want to tour anymore? so he just keeps kinda dodging the issue.
  13. wow he looks weird without a hat now
  14. tom18222

    Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    i always wondered what happened to toms les pauls. if you look in videos or pics of his studio i think you can occasinally catch glimpses of his old sticker strat and various signature strats but i never could see the les pauls. i guess that would be why.