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  1. The Official Football Topic

    Yep - watched the game. Masaku (i think that's how you spell it) has been impressive, he's got the Pogba - skills with brawn thing. Much better with Adrian in goal. I hope Moyes does well there.
  2. The Official Football Topic

    Yeah i agree, our biggest problem was the passes from midfield to the attackers. All of them were just hoofing the ball with no real accuracy. Lukaku/Rashford and Martial were wasted. The second City goal was soo lucky - they didn't really hurt us much, and we didn't hurt them at all. Very impressed with KDB and Silva and how they play further back. They keep the ball so well.
  3. The Official Football Topic

    We're just not even half the team without Pogba, Jose needs to address this in summer.
  4. The Official Football Topic

    Their passing around the box was inch perfect, really impressive - those little chip passes over our defense were so dangerous. What a win for us, looks like this system is the way forward for United. Also where is Mr Real Madrid - surely its can't be down to their dip in form?
  5. The Official Football Topic

    One on the best games i have ever seen! Victor Lindelof Didn't think it was a Red, but can see why it was given - Bellarin went in like a pussy and put his leg in the strangest position. Bring on City.
  6. The Official Football Topic

    Those two are the slightly weaker English teams - but over 2 legs - both will still hard to beat.
  7. The Official Football Topic

    At this moment in time - i fancy any of the English teams chances against any of them.
  8. The Official Football Topic

    Yep going to be interesting to see if they can maintain this form. We've seen it before with them. But the players they bought have been good - the goalkeeper is one of the signings of the season for me - the GK was a massive weakness before. Jose looks just as good, but in an unflattering way - we need Pogba back asap to compete with City.
  9. The Official Football Topic

    So were is the lad that said English teams would struggle in Europe? There is a definite shift back towards the English teams this season compared to the last few years. City have been phenomenal - they are the real deal.
  10. The Official Football Topic

    Was just about to say things seemed to go down hill once the Payet thing happened. Be very interesting to see who they go for next. First time in a while i've seen United perform that badly - Huddersfield were brilliant. I don't think we can challenge without Pogba - he's the heart of this team. Mata/Herrera/Mhiki have been awful.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    Yes, against 10 men - they were doing okay 11 vs 11. If you remember that game - they were pretty cautious in their approach with 3 centre-back and 2 wing backs. Alot different to the 4-3-3 they use now. City were also playing at home. Very happy with that - look at the recent results under Fergie and they are shocking - Liverpool had arguably a worse team back then too. I think we would had done alot better if Rashford, Fellaini, Bailly and most importantly Pogba were available. We are nowhere near the same team without Pogba and Jose knows this so he took the cautious approach. Obviously we played very poor, but were still relatively comfortable. I think both managers are neck and neck - Jose has the better defence/GK and Pep has the better attackers. Both are playing some nice stuff and scoring for fun. So why on earth would we wish for Pep at United?
  12. The Official Football Topic

    The same Pep that got dicked by Liverpool home and away last season? Very good draw imo - not many teams will go to Anfield and completely shut them down.
  13. The Official Football Topic

    I genuinely think England are getting worse and worse. They don't look like a team at all.
  14. The Official Football Topic

    Agreed. Unless you're an Arsenal fan where a break is probably welcome.
  15. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Conor exceeded my expectations, his footwork was pretty good! Typical masterclass from Floyd. Don't think Conor lacked overall stamina - it was just Floyd is just a master as sapping the energy out of fighters. Soo many people laughing at him - but none would have the courage to do what he did.