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  1. The Armenian had me on the edge of my seat.
  2. Holy shit - thats the Man Utd we're used to.
  3. 2 games in and 13 goals. I love this league.
  4. I agree - i think Chelsea are weaker without Costa and Matic. City look to be the favourites - but they also have the most unfamiliar squad in terms of chemistry.
  5. Mate - glory supporters don't tend to watch games.
  6. Although its technically offside - it was so close that its pretty insignificant really. Aside from that, we need proper referees who let games run- the dickhead ref last night was giving them everything for the slightest touch. I thought Uefa were clamping down on this shit?
  7. No too bad - i'll settle for that. The difference is clear to see, but they are the best team in the world right now. I really wished we started with Rashford and Martial. The game reminded me of the late 90's when we were really naive with the referees' - Madrid were really good at slowing the game and buying fouls.
  8. Yeah i think Dier is not better than Matic really. I like the fact Matic really wanted to join us, so Chelsea had no choice really. I think secretly they'll be hurt buy him leaving - he did the dirty work behind all the good stuff. Yeah i agree, left back is a problem. Shaw is perfect just a useless idiot, what a shame. Yep - 4-3-3 and a 3-5-2. Whatever is best for Pogba because i genuinely think he is the best all round midfielder in the world. With Matic he can play at his full potential.
  9. He'll do - not thrilled about him, but not disappointed either. Won 2 PL titles and does a good job in DM. I wish he was quicker and better in the air for a bigman, but a decent signing. Important thing is not Pogba can play further up and do some serious damage. I want 2 attacking players still. Belotti or Perisic would make me alot more confident about the season. Do you still think we need another striker - you confident of winning without Lukaku?
  10. Rashford will be a striker, just not yet - he's not going to get us 20+ goals, they'll be games where he'll play up top (like last season). I think he needs one more season being played out wide and getting physically stronger- his pace is ridiculous. If he can take his chances more next season then he'll be our main striker for years. Perisic is basically another Valencia - does an old fashioned winger job - high work rate, lightning quick, beats a man and puts in a shitload of crosses. I remember wanting him at United when hes was lighting up the Euros. Would have liked Bernardeschi, but he's just signed for Juve - i really rate him.
  11. Those two are better out wide imo - especially if we play 4-3-3. Both are too inconsistent in front of goal to lead the line now- their pace/dribbling is murder for teams if they play out wide. Martial in particular is soo much more effective on the left wing. Put it this way, would you be confident winning the league if Lukaku got injured for a while and we had the choice of Martial/Rashford up front? We need another proper number 9 capable of 20+ goals.
  12. Yep - i agree. 3 needed minimum and of the absolute highest quality. My biggest worry is we only have one striker. Pay the extra 5mil and get Perisic!
  13. Problem with most of the top teams now is that they are all pretty much playing with one big number 9 up top - ie Costa, Kane, Zlatan, Lukaku, Lacazette. He's not going to fit into that system because he's not really a number 10. Instead of Arnautovic, i would have bought Negredo - i'd say it was a fairly realistic transfer given his age and current club. He's a good striker imo, just needs to be at a team who can play to his style. A 3-5-2 with Negredo and Hernandez would be pretty impressive imo. Edit: looks like you've been linked with him this summer.
  14. Given how bad United were scoring goals last season - Hernandez would have been a godsend. Agree with Scott - his hold up play isn't great, but he scores goals - every type of goal.