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  1. Hit me with your best. We've already established they have the most Europen Cups - that's all they have over United. So what else you got? I want some sources that Madrid have more fans in the world, more money, more value, more brand recognition, more shirt sales, more sponsors etc than anyone else - pretty easy to find on google.. Now don't give me some bullshit about 'Well European Cups mean everything' - they don't because that would mean Nottingham Forrest are bigger than Arsenal. So you need something else.
  2. I think Madrid/United/Milan have very very similar histories - all have had decades and decades of great teams/great managers/world class players and won many many trophies. I would say that had most of our great team in 1958 not died in the plane crash we would have won a few more European Cups - that was one of our best ever teams. Well i don't know where you live or background - but i would say this is all pretty common knowledge. And i've been all over the world and i've never heard anyone say a club is overall bigger than United. sure - more successful (Liverpool), but never bigger. I don't know about the Super Cup - your team, right now - is clearly few levels above us - we need a very good transfer window. Last few years have been difficult, (im sure alot of the fake fans have left) - but even Real have faced tough times in the past.
  3. I did - pretty clearly too! ... Real aren't even the most popular team in Spain (and i gave a source). So in alot of areas Real are 3rd, Barca are even more successful than Real in trophies. United have ruled that value list for decades now - sure they have gone up and down. I said 'popularity' is only one aspect - the only thing you have over United is more European Cups, and that's simply not enough to be considered the biggest team in the world - even Liverpool and Milan have more - does that make them bigger? fuck no. Our history is very comparable, everything else only one team is clearly ahead. The analogy is no different, regardless of the fame of a team when trying to explain success to you. You keep saying 'what everyone else sees' like the world is agreeing with you - without any really evidence/sources. At least i give sources to back my statements up. You might be big in Europe, but Europe is not the world my friend. That example Scott gave of the USA match is a perfect example of this - Madrid don't exist outside Europe. I really don't care if you think its me being biased, that's a lazy excuse - i've stated facts complied by big companies who do this for a living. This stuff is pretty commonly known - even to non-football fans.
  4. The links i've posted have done all the hard work for you... yet you really can't take Madrid being behind Man Utd. Their job is to take EVERYTHING and create a VALUE based on all the things i and you have mentioned - even previous years rankings etc. Sure success is important - but If this was solely/mainly based on success then Rangers would be Number 1, but they are not because of ALL the other metrics. United have WORLDWIDE global appeal that goes beyond sports - Madrid are nowhere near that. Go to Asia and America - everyone knows Man Utd. If you want to use social media likes - then you are not even the most popular in your country! But thats not really a true indication because some huge countries (china) don't have access to those sites and it really depends timing. Man Utd were really late to join Social media - and even teams like Arsenal had more likes etc then United until recently. Its not really a true reflection. Again - nobody here is disputing that Real are the best team in the world right now and have won the most top level trophies.
  5. Jesus man - you just posted lists of the most SUCCESSFUL teams in the world... do you even realise what you were arguing about? I think you're confusing yourself. I've already said we aren't the most successful - that's obvious - but we are the biggest. We are undoubted 1. in the world for fans, money, sponsorship, more global appeal, more of everything really. I'll put this in simple terms for you - thats easy to understand: Last year, Liverpool had won more trophies than Man Utd - That makes Liverpool more successful than Man Utd. However, Man Utd were still widely considered the bigger team because of all the other things i mentioned - money, fans, global appeal, value etc. What companies like Forbes and KPMG do is that take ALL these things into consideration and make a list based on VALUE - a list where both sources have Man Utd number 1. Spoken like a true glory supporter I have no doubt in my mind you will reply with more links about how many trophies Real Madrid have won haha.
  6. So what do you think Real Madrid has that is number 1 over United in the world? You realize its not just how many European Cups you have. Are you actually just going to contribute some sources for once? Everyone will say Man Utd. 100% Nobody gives a shit about Madrid outside of Europe, but you think Europe is the World. Jesus. You guys were phtoshopping pictures out in USa to make it look like you had fans You ain't shit outside of Europe.
  7. Same way you value a football club - you take everything into consideration. Its not rocket science!
  8. Thanks. This explains so much,
  9. Where in Spain you from?
  10. Its like arguing with an unborn child
  11. United and the New York Yankees are the 2 of the biggest sporting teams in sporting history. This is common knowledge so i have no idea what you are talking about. People in Asian and America don't give a fuck about Real Madrid. If you want to value titles - then Rangers are bigger than everyone. See how that works? You might consider the biggest club in the world to be the one who has the most titles (Rangers again!) - but most people factor lots of different things to be the biggest club in the world - nearly all of those aspects - Man Utd are undisputed number 1. You say all you like about how close or far it is - but Man Utd are still number 1. Rangers aren't considered the biggest club in the world (even though they have won the most titles) because of the following: -They have a small fanbase -Don't have a high market value -Very little brand appeal. -Don't play in an attractive league. -Little sponsorship. Is it all starting to make sense now? You HAVE to factor these things when you are talking about the biggest teams. You're talking about the most successful team - which is NOT the same thing. A year ago Liverpool were undoubtedly more successful than Man Utd, does that make them bigger? fuck no - and even Liverpool fans would admit that, because they are not the same thing. The closest measurement to 'biggest' is value or market value - because they generally factor all these things when putting together a list. I guess i can try to make peace with you by saying out perception of what makes a team the 'biggest' is different - and your fully entitled to have your perception .But i would say that mine is generally considered the normal thing in business, sport - anything really.
  12. Football is more then just playing the game. We talk about everything her - like most fans do in real life. Wow - you said earlier holding a discussion is a waste of time because it can't be discussed? And you come out with this immature comment like a mommy joke! Its embarrassing that you can't respond to simple facts - or reliable sources. Clearly can't hold an adult discussion. You act like i've suddenly just made this 'Man Utd are the biggest football club in the world' thing today. Well, in fact its widely considered by most sources that we are and i have the sources to prove it. If you want to talk about football - then even Rangers puts you theory to shame! Again, your logic means Liverpool are bigger than United, Ajax are bigger than Juve and Celtic are bigger than A.Madrid. Oh dear... no football fan would agree with that logic. I think you're confused with who has won the most European Cups. fucking jokes man.
  13. So now you've brought relevance into the equation!? Fb? really? That's hardly accurate -even i don't follow United on Fb, not to mention its banned in United biggest market in China. You're the one who wants to talk about who is bigger - if you want to talk abotu who has the most European Trophies than Real win hands down - but the biggest club in the world generally encompasses many other factors - like revenue/fanbase/global appeal/Value etc- that can't be disputed. We don't look bigger - we ARE bigger, that's a simple fact - large companies like Forbes actually study this stuff. Like i said before your dumb logic implies Forrest are bigger than Spurs, which everyone knows isn't true. As of today, we are the biggest winner in Value/Fanbase/Global Appeal/Revenue - individually and collectively - do you really want me to find sources on this? Or do you have sources to disprove it? It one or the other. How can it be biased or unbiased when its simple fact.
  14. Yes because winning the UCL the most times automatically makes you the biggest club, have the most fans and the most money, By your logic Nottingham Forrest are a bigger club that Tottenham and Arsenal COMBINED!!! Fucking genius over here.
  15. How ironic. I mean you can even understand what Scott was saying - the fan thing in the States was an example of how big United are. We are without a doubt the biggest club on the planet right now - talking about everything, amount of fans, trophies, revenue, sponsorship, global branding, media interest everything. Name me one club that is bigger than United in all of those aspects - because it damn sure ain't Madrid. Your government keeps your club running!!! He is bigger than the club and Perez and all the Madrid guys will bend over backwards to make him feel happy and special - he's pulled this move a few times. You fans should be ashamed for booing him - and part of me hopes he walks out and you'll see them regretting it. You never brought up how Mourinho left Madrid? - you said 'Ronaldo and Jose don't like each other' - which is something you just made up, haha. Ronaldo has gone on record to say Jose was the best manager he has worked with - - you just make shit up to suit your argument, but we act like we know it all apparently!