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  1. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Messi has such a poor penalty record.
  2. FIFA World Cup 2018

    he looks like hes aged alot, maybe its the shaved head and some grey in the hair?
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    First time i've seen Ronaldo look old! What a player - the rest of that Portugal side isn't very good.
  4. FIFA World Cup 2018

    i'd be very surprised if they can afford him compared to English clubs. Good move for him though - he's look class.
  5. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Where Golovin plays, he won't be playing there much longer!
  6. The Official Football Topic

    Yep - mismanagement, a few years ago there model was spot on. Sporting are fucked too - anyone following that story? some good players available for free.
  7. The Official Football Topic

    First time we''ve made two signings and i've no idea who the fuck these guys are. I'm getting old and out of touch ha. I'm just going to trust in Jose - every player he's signed, bar Mkhi has been good so far. This kid Dalot looks like a bargain for what people have said about him. @Scott. what do you think buddy? Still no RW is a major concern for me. Are we doing a separate thread for the World Cup? i dunno if there is one already.
  8. The Official Football Topic

    i don't think he will, he's spent very little (for Madrid) and his tactical setup before and during games is generally excellent. He's also promotes youth and picks players based on performance rather than name. It seems like the players/manager are in conflict with the Madrid board.
  9. The Official Football Topic

    Something is not right at Madrid - Ronaldo usual drama stuff, Bale wants to leave and now Zidane has quit.
  10. The Official Football Topic

    Fabinho is a massive upgrade on Can. I think they need 2 keepers. i think we are getting Fred, i'd prefer SMS, i don't know who half these players are anymore. Bale would be perfect on the right wing. Ronaldo is such a drama queen - its embarrassing.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    i'll let you off, West Ham fans need all the excitement they can get these days
  12. The Official Football Topic

    it really doesn't.
  13. The Official Football Topic

    you've used that joke to death man.
  14. The Official Football Topic

    Why are people pissed at Ramos? I didn't think he did anything wrong. Karius is a mess, Liverpool use far too much energy in the first half. United must break the bank for Bale.
  15. The Official Football Topic

    You have to be crazy to think doping of some doesn't exist in Spain. Of course Dan will laugh it off because his clean-cut perfect gentleman Pep is undoubtedly involved.