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  1. He did: "We cannot give the club the Premier League, we have a 25 per cent chance to win the Europa League and we have to put everything on it." With the injuries and fatigue - i would say its alot smarter to put all our eggs in one basket. We are still capable of beating City with a weaker side imo so we could still make top 4, but he'll rest a bunch of players for the game. You only have to watch the game at the weekend to see how tired players like Bailly/Pogba/Lingard were. 55 games played so far.
  2. Jose said he's going all in on Europa, so he'll play a weakened side from now on in the league. We'd still be very lucky to make top 4 i reckon, but i think he's doing the right thing. I think West Ham are pretty much safe - its a battle between Hull and Swansea now.
  3. Good weekend Alexis Sanchez/Eric Bailly - fucking incredible. Those Messi goals were amazing - he strikes the ball with so much accuracy and pace.
  4. Ronaldo getting booed. Madrid fans are so strange.
  5. I think its been bad for the last few years - i used to be against technology, but now that the standard is really poor - time to bring it in to assist them. I think offside goals should favour the attacking team - like a body part should be in line and greater accuracy with handballs/second yellow cards. These ruins games for everyone. I saw a video this morning of a linesman giving offside from a throw-in. Its unacceptable in this modern age.
  6. He does - but the linesman should be looking at the current player standing offside in the first place. Through the entire time Costa is moving from left to right, Ronaldo is still offside (and buy a good amount).
  7. It wasn't - mainly because he was coming from an offside position in the first place - that makes it alot easier. The linesman should clearly be able to see that he was already in an offside position for a few seconds before the ball was played and was trying to bring himself back to level (but never did). have a look at the 6 second mark: The Ramos own goal was much much harder to call because of the cover.
  8. sending off - i can understand, but the offside goal? clowns.
  9. Without a doubt. He does the work of 3 players, and he'd be cheaper then anyone else at that level.
  10. I'd rather Sanchez and Griezmann - both combined would be less than Neymar. And imo, both individually are better players.
  11. He's special. Crazy shit about Dortmund - some sick people in this world.
  12. Griezmann, Belotti, Fabinho and possibly Bernardeschi. Edit - would take Alexis Sanchez over any of them.
  13. @Scott. who would you bring in over the summer at United? 3/4 players
  14. Back to my original question - on what basis do you think that? Surely it cant be based on his time at Hull - because not many could survive that, even some experience managers (Bruce). Its its just a hunch then its really pointless trying to argue about it. Im not saying he's could be great or anything im just find it strange that your basing this on his time with Hull. Well Phelan actually got some good results with Hull - but its could never be sustained because of the lack of signings/injuries. Everyone was behind him then. He never got those players back or had the backing of the board in the first place (nobody else wanted the job at the time). SIlva simply has a fit and decent squad to work with, which Phelan never had.
  15. Well you called him a fraud and won't make it as a manager. I think that's pretty harsh given the circumstances around the club at the time, even more so given its his first job as a manager. Silva's done great - we've all being saying that, but he had a much much better environment then Bruce/Phelan did - he even has the backing (for now) from the owners.