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  1. Feldmann

    “Don’t talk about me on the boards but I’m going to do a podcast talking shit on all the members of the board months after I’ve had any interaction with the board” Classic
  2. Feldmann

    How sad. I seriously wonder if he has any irl friends.
  3. Feldmann

    Was this before or after he bailed?
  4. Feldmann

    So let’s just get this straight: Male friends hanging out in a hot tub = ethan A group of adult men playing dress ups and dissapearing into the woods for days at a time = straight ?
  5. Feldmann

    Oliver is obviously having a mental breakdown after being outed as the new wally in the abortion thread.
  6. Feldmann

    John “I wrote this” Feldman is anything but humble. And Oliver is completely in denial of his own homosexuality. All the signs are there.
  7. Blink Vegas Residency

    Can’t wait to hear the new songs! Links here ASAP
  8. Video Games Thread

    Yeah I’ve got it on my 3ds aswell. Freeshop on the 3ds is great.
  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Horrible taste.
  10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    So just watched a cam rip and it was a decent movie. Enjoyed it but it wasn’t that great.
  11. Solo: A Star Wars Story

  12. Solo: A Star Wars Story

  13. Video Games Thread

    I wish I got to play the hd version as I heard it makes the sailing a bit quicker which would be great cause I’m pretty over the slow sailing of the GameCube version. Anyone follow the homebrew scene? Switch CFW/homebrew are likely to be realised within the next few weeks which of emulators are realeased (some already are) the switch will be the ultimate emulation device.
  14. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah by that point it was just a meme really to negatively review that after the negative reviews were blamed on trolls for the RT score. Blaming the solo want to see rating on trolls seems like fanboy damage control to be honest. From the get go people have been wary of this film, a lot of people were vocal about not liking the casting choice for Han, the very public production issues, change of director mid way through and coming straight after the last Jedi which as we’ve said had some very negative reviews it doesn’t suprise me that people aren’t too keen to see this.
  15. Video Games Thread

    I always struggle to get into the 2d top down Zelda games. I’ve got them all installed on my 3ds but I always end up dropping them after the second or third dungeon. Almost finished my first play through of windwaker though. Fun game.