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    I just starting watching it again, and it's lame as fuck now but it's still good. However, I have a few questions about what's going on right now 1) Where did Vince or Shane McMahon go, and why was Stephanie put in charge of RAW? 2) Why is Shawn Michaels working for JBL now? I just heard something about financial troubles. 3) So why is Chris Jeherico pissed off and protesting shit about the Royal Rumble? All I know is Shawn Michaels helped JBL get a spot for the championship match 4) Why did those 2 guys want to take down Randy Orton? Is there anything behind this I should know? Thank you. PPV PREDICTION TALLIES Elimination chamber Caillou - 2 points Aria - 1 point Chewy - 2 points
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    As a grown man you are, same age as me, you know this does not work as you relate. I'm pretty sure that you've been in similar situations. I've been in several ones. Try to remember some project you've been working on with other people on the past, and try to remember how that project just faded away due to the lack of work or interest of your mates, being you the only one who was pushing the whole thing 100%. That's exhaustig. Now, imagine that Mark has been in that situation for years and he's now just tired. Ok, you can say that he can come back to LA to work, but... guess what: who ran out back in the day when the rest of the band was 100% commited to the project? Tom, not Mark. Now, imagine that they get together, and Tom starts (or better said: keeps on) messing with AvA and mixing time working with blin and AvA, not being 100% commited to blink. I would be pissed SO much. Ok, I know that the attitude they just have right now doesnt' make things better, but you know... Fuck, they cancelled a lot of things just by one person. Is fair to say that Mark, maybe, is just being protective wth his own enviroment right now. Or we just don't know what the hell is going on n the background right now.
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    Or... they could both just write decent music for a change and tour separately that way I'll have a reason to go instead of a vague sense of nostalgia.
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    As much as I dislike greenday, I would absolutely love this to happen.
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    Holy fuck. Pop Disaster 2!?!?!? I would hope JEW would be back to join along with Kut U Up
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    New Sting update. Says he's been watching WWE ever since he left TNA and wants his last match to be with Taker....Cue Mania 31 anyone? http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/460693-sting-answers-questions-on-who-he-wants-to-face-in-wwe-talks-tna-product-hulk-hogan-and-more
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    yeah skye needs to cheat on him and then he'll write a cracker of a record.
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    Yeah, it kind of shocks me that they don't have more ambition with Blink. Especially Mark. Tom has the excuse that he has AVA. Travis has his stuff. But Mark seemed so committed to Blink just prior to and after the hiatus; and he hasn't done anything. If I was in a band that I loved and the other two guys were partially committed; I'd be out there writing, setting things up and taking charge of the situation, hoping it would be contagious to the other guys to get working with me. Mark sits back and writes twitter posts and seems pretty content with slowly becoming a has been.
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    demoing for an ep i know it has problems but you can atleast get the idea! let me know what you think https://soundcloud.com/john-terzi/ashes-to-embers
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    Is this guy really good? I can't work it out, I know nothing about drumming. He's entertaining anyway, when the dubstep kicks in my eyes can't keep up with the bastard. >http://youtube.com/watch?v=noSyxLbTEP8
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