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  1. Amazing work Mr. Coight. Oliver has risen.

  2. 13th Annual BotBM is about to crank up. Get to the Free For All section!

  3. I hope you had a fantastic day Bucko!

    1. Bucko


      I did thank you Master Ghent 🌍🌬️🔥 


    2. ...Dan...
    3. Bucko


      Safe @...Dan... , nm pal, u?



  4. "There was a small trace of anal seepage on his trousers." Seepage

  5. Seepage is also a good word. Seepage

  6. I want to give Russel Coight a chicken twisty

    1. Russel Coight

      Russel Coight

      Once this covid shit is done you can come here or I can come there and we can chicken twisty each other all night long!

    2. John Chevrolet
  7. If you don’t like Nine, you are a #fakefan

    1. Tombomb


      While generally I'd say that fans don't have to always like everything a band or artist puts out, I kinda have to agree (as an opinion, of course) with you. 

    2. John Chevrolet

      John Chevrolet

      Yeah, Ghent! Fans don't have to like everything a band does, you fucking piece of shit!

  8. Let's be real, these boards have been underage drinking since grade school

  9. It's telling when whitey gets defensive or victimized by equal rights

  10. I care more about black people being murdered than looters

  11. JimmyEatBlink is a pretty sweet username

  12. He hasn't logged in for a year.

  13. You don't like pizza?

  14. Free cheese pizza for all because of that comment

  15. Welcome! 🤠

  16. Should be fixed now, was never purposely removed!

    1. n i k u

      n i k u

      thank you !!! 


  17. He could clear the Savannah after every meal

  18. Are ya achin? (yep yep yep) For some bacon? (yep yep yep)

  19. I wouldn't mind having a small vial of your bodily fluid

  20. Chinese bots, no idea why they're hitting us lately

  21. Reminder that we have an ignore feature that completely blocks a user. PM if you need assistance

    1. n i k u

      n i k u

      admins/moderators shouldnt be allowed to block anyone 

  22. Are you introducing articles of impeachment against Oliver?

  23. My balls have wrinkles, but the shaft? Not so much

  24. I want to see some raccoons!

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