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  1. Bought a Switch and finished Odyssey recently, now I'm starting Breath of the Wild and it's amazing & I'm making progress but still very overwhelmed..
  2. ethan-

    The Smiths

    girl afraid, rubber ring, wonderful woman, still ill, bigmouth strikes again....all masterpieces
  3. ethan-

    The Smiths

    i will never love a band more
  4. ethan-

    Mr. Robot

    i love it. and rami malek is my boyfriend.
  5. ethan-

    VACATION trailer

    I always watched the originals when I was growing up, we watch Christmas Vacation like 7 times every December. This doesn't really look very good, though. Prob will just illegally download when it leaks unless everyone says it's good.
  6. Yall I've never been happier over something TV in so long. AND AND AND!!!! NETFLIX JUST PUT THE FIRST THIRTEEN EPISODES IN HD!!!! The fandom has been speculating they were going to do something if/when they ever did a revival season or third movie and I am dying for a BR complete series. They've aired the first five in HD on some random German channel so it's totally on the way.
  7. Aside from here I've literally never heard any of my friends ever talk about AVA or listen to them. Hell people still care about BCR more than they do AVA.
  8. I'm honestly so happy for Mark like he clearly loves Blink SO much and you know it's been killing him not being able to have the band in a good place like it could be because Tom is the way he is I'm just so shocked and happy for Mark and Travis.
  9. I'm in shock I can't believe they FINALLY SAID SOMETHING
  10. i'm LIIIVING FOR THIS i can't imagine if this was like when i first joined i would have had a heart attack
  11. Can they pleeeeeease just kick him out. He's going to make money from them no matter what, which is all he cares. Not to sound like Oliver..
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