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  1. The video game does so the show might, you can watch Conan try to have sex with one in this video:
  2. Lol @Donald Trump's Bulge gets triggered by everything nowadays, what a snowflake. This fake outrage culture is so fucking dumb; make better use of your time.
  3. I'm only like ~130 pages into the first one (The Last Wish) but it's been super average so far. A couple of my issues are: 1. It's basically a collection of short stories involving Geralt. There is no transition between the stories, they just start and end. So far I have not really seen any continuity between the stories aside from making a small mention of a previous event, but I've heard this changes in later novels where there is more of a story arc. Right now, it feels like each chapter is a self-contained storyline. 2. The author, Andrzej Sapkowski, is incredibly literal and concise (this may also be attributed to the translation of the books from Polish to English, though). He does not leave much mystery or suspense to the reader. He'll explain everything to you and not leave much to the imagination, and it seems like he feels the need to wrap up every conversation/dialogue and storyline to the point where it's overdone. It feels more like it's for the author's sake for closure, at the expense of the reader's experience. The stories themselves and dialogue are good enough to enjoy, though. So if you don't take much issue with the above two points, you'll likely enjoy it enough to get through the whole novel. I'd give it a generous 7/10 but don't expect LOTR, GoT, etc. quality storytelling. I have seen from people that go to watch the sneak peek first episode that there is a lot of material taken from the books, though. I noticed the spider thing in the swamp in the trailer was taken from the books.
  4. Comes out next week, December 20. Who else is pumped? I'm trying to get through the first novel before the show drops. They released the final trailer today. Looks pretty damn good. An admin on the American Weather message board describing Oliver: He literally is a waste of a poster here. Top 3 worst here. Don't waste your energy. You know it's bad when Bob Chill chews you out, which he did to Mdecoy.
  5. Downsizing - I couldn't make it through this film. It's like they put all their resources, time, and effort into the concept of downsizing, and then shoehorned a dumb romance story into it as an after-thought. It's too bad, because they could have done so much more with this concept. The final straw that broke the camel's back for me was the Vietnamese woman's accent....it was just so bad and fake. It's like they picked some random actress who had spent her entire life in America, and told her to do a Vietnamese accent, and she didn't really know what to do so she spoke how she thought Vietnamese people would sound like. It was pretty jarring.
  6. He seems super shitty. He's a scientologist and a bunch of women have filed a lawsuit alleging he raped them.
  7. His solo stuff is quite different from TGA. It's more folk and soul music than anything else, so it makes sense why you might not enjoy it as much. My favourite songs from his solo era are Neptune, Come Wander With Me, Etta James, Little Nightmares, Open All Night, Red Lights, and Rosemary. The 2nd half of Neptune might be some of the best songwriting I've ever heard. He put on a really great show though. He played a few songs on the piano (Painkillers on the piano was great) and told a lot of jokes/stories between songs. I've seen Brian Fallon/TGA six times now and they've put on a good show every single time with lots of energy and good set lists. I definitely recommend seeing him live, but he probably won't play any TGA songs (although you might get some of his Horrible Crowes stuff).
  8. It was during an acoustic set so it was just awkward and cringe. I'll never get why you feel the need to shit on this band yet blindly defend every new mediocre song Blink releases.
  9. I think there's still at least a 50/50 chance Gaslight reform. Sounds like no bad blood between any of them, they just ran out of ideas for what they wanted to sound like. Could see them reconnecting in the next few years for a reunion tour and maybe a new album. I saw Brian Fallon in Vancouver last year and I don't think he's ever coming back after how shitty the crowd was. I might have already posted this story in this thread, but there were a few drunken idiots that were yelling at Brian between every song (or during some songs). At first it was ok and funny - stuff like "We fucking love you Brian!". But it became worse and worse over time (probably in correlation to the amount of alcohol they drank). It ended up becoming people just yelling requests for Gaslight songs to Brian or just yelling Free Bird. Brian played it off really well and was able to make jokes for the first 5 or 6 times, but you could tell midway through he was getting frustrated and annoyed. The whole ordeal was basically "dance monkey dance!!" but over and over, I was cringing. At one point, Brian said something along the lines of "what gives you the right to yell and ruin it for everyone else?" which the tool responded with "because I paid for it." Brian then got his wallet out and approached the guy to give him his money back so he would leave. Near the end of the show, Brian called back behind stage saying "When do we go to the next city? Great!" Sucks to suck
  10. This is one of the more interesting "punk" songs I've heard in years. Great lyrics, can be depressing but the guitar riff kind of makes it hopeful.
  11. Yeah wasn't Oliver bragging about spending extra to get VIP tickets to see Bill O'Reilly? The guy that got fired from freaking FOX NEWS for sexual misconduct. What a doofus.
  12. Brian just put out a new track 'You Have Stolen My Heart' and announced a new album Local Honey set to release for March 27, 2020. Song is pretty good but nothing amazing based on my first listen. https://open.spotify.com/track/3cAEImG3GfO83DsOgZIMVs?si=3IhwcILXS6OKaDVuqnJWdA
  13. I'm surprised - I know it started slow, but I was engaged the entire time. The flashbacks, the camera angles and way it was shot, the music, etc. all felt exactly like the show. I agree about the fan service part, but that's probably because the scope would have been too small (just about Jesse) which would have really pissed people off even more. If Breaking Bad the show was considered a 9/10 for me, El Camino would be an 8/10 in comparison.
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