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  1. It kind of feels like a logical progression for blink. I don't like it, but it's not like it came out of nowhere. I think they'd be better off just changing their name and killing blink unless Tom wants to come back.
  2. So is there no actual physical ep? It seems like it is all digital.
  3. I've listened to this at least five times. Superb. I hope they continuing making music like this for many years!
  4. TOMORROW! I hope it's as good as the videos make it seem.
  5. I am absolutely in love with this album. Not one bad song on it.
  6. Your gif avatar makes me want to cry tears of joy.
  7. They just said that they are releasing #4 of their 10th Annivesary Vinyl so I guess it would be TOYPAJ. But it also says that it would release this year, so idk http://www.facebook.com/#!/mightierthanswordrecords
  8. Say Anything can do pretty much whatever they want and I'm pretty sure that I will still love them. Bring the artistic music on!
  9. Mark's show has a co-host http://www.pickrset.com/markhoppus/?p=1385
  10. Tom just posted a blog. Can anybody post it?
  11. There are two kits because Scott is back! OMFG LULZ
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