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  1. Sean.

    2019 Tour Thread

    That’s fair. To be honest I haven’t been too stoked on the new music and up until recently wasn’t even that excited about the show. But it was better than I expected. Plus, I’ve seen Neck Deep a few times already and miiiiight have tailgated a little too late which led to me missing them entirely. Didn’t intentionally give em the miss.
  2. Sean.

    2019 Tour Thread

    Went to the Mansfield show last night. Missed Neck Deep and a good bit of Lil Wayne grabbing merch and beers. Thought blink were very good, crowd was feeling it and sang along to a good amount of the deep cuts off Enema (at least where I was sitting) which was cool. It’s a fun time I’d definitely recommend seeing this tour.
  3. Going to the Mansfield MA show tonight with the gf who is a huge ADTR fan. Sounds like the tour has been great so far, stoked to get outta work and head to the tailgate lot
  4. Liverpool set for another 5-6 finish. Attack and forward pressing look immense, defense needs signings it hasn't/won't get. Mane was a great pickup. Klavan too, reminds me of when Skrtel first arrived. Grujic could be another Emre with more attacking potential. Last chance for Hendo to prove himself, last chance for our club to prove its ambitions to Coutinho. Origi a cert to take over for that piece of glass Sturridge. Can't score when you're always injured. If things go "well" (by that I mean all top teams play to expectations) we might have a 6 horse race for the title.
  5. So pumped they made it. Even more reason to watch what's shaping up to be a very good tournament.
  6. Three points away in Europe, first time in three years. Milner really looks out of sorts, ton of attacking moves die when he gets possession. Wish it was Sakho as vice captain tbh. Glad Jurgen's got Ibe more involved and has Moreno looking a lot more stable on that left hand side.
  7. Yeah Snoke's definitely head of the First Order. We just don't know if he's a Sith. Movie will make that clear though.
  8. Based on what we know, Kylo doesn't have a master of any kind, so he may have constructed one to the best of his ability but still came off sloppy, hence the flame-like blade and crossguard.
  9. First win over Chelsea in three years. Great performance after going down early on. Coutinho looking like himself, midfield and defense did their jobs, Migs made that crucial save against Oscar's chip. Delighted. Brilliant fucking result. Brilliant. Do one Chelsea you plastic fan having cunts.
  10. Sean.

    The NHL thread

    Going to the Winter Classic. Sitting in the nosebleeds but I don't give a shit. It's the Winter Fucking Classic. So excited.
  11. Fucking hate referees. Never have to take accountability. Ridiculous.
  12. MLS Cup Playoffs start tonight. My Revolution have a knockout game in DC, winner plays New York or Columbus. Nervous tbh, got to the final last year but we got a little full of ourselves this year and paid the price finishing 5th in the conference. Maybe we can hit a hot streak. Cracking game tomorrow night. Giovinco's Toronto v Drogba's Montreal. Both have been scary good this season, Giovinco will probably win POTY. Don't want to play either of those teams in a semifinal. (I know I'm the only MLS supporter here and no one gives a shit, but felt like sharing.)
  13. They might be holding back Luke for that big reveal and it may be due to the plot. Maybe the main characters have to go find Luke or something along those lines. Also having seen those three short clips, I really like the way this looks shot.
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