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  1. Was sitting at one of my local watering holes having a beer with my buddy and out of nowhere they played the acoustic version of Valkyrie Missile. Pretty great for a random bar playlist!
  2. Hungover You. How the hell has it gotten this far.
  3. Hungover You, not even a debate here.
  4. Think it’s already been linked in here but Trash Boat have some bangers. Scott that’s a damn good call on Stand Atlantic a few pages back. Yours Truly is another good pop punk-ish band from Australia. Great vocals. Knuckle Puck are a personal favorite in the “scene”, and their bassist has a side project called Homesafe that has put out some great stuff.
  5. Seeing them Saturday with Trash Boat and Yours Truly, can’t wait. Loving the amount of solid tours going on atm.
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