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  1. A - A Day To Remember B- Belmont, blink, bloom., Boston Manor C- Can’t Swim, Citizen D- E- F- Fall Out Boy, Four Year Strong G- Grayscale H- Halsey, Homesafe I- J- Jetty Bones K- Keep Flying, Knuckle Puck L- Like Pacific M- Movements, The Movielife, My Chemical Romance, Man Overboard N- Neck Deep O- Owen P- Panic! At The Disco Q- R- Real Friends S- Senses Fail, Set Your Goals, The Story So Far T- Tiny Moving Parts, Trash Boat, Transit, Turnover U- V- W- The Wonder Years X-
  2. Lillian. It’s a great song, but Chapter 13 is my favorite off the album. That vocal bridge, “and we’ll both take our revenge but we still won’t feel any better”, and then the guitars slamming back in. Fucking hell. Love that song.
  3. Torre from Transit started a new band a few years back called bloom. with his buddy. Done two EPs and some other tracks so far. Really love their sound. Great dudes too, play a lot of local shows in Boston.
  4. Saw these guys open for The Wonder Years a few weeks ago. Hadn’t heard their stuff before that but really enjoyed their music.
  5. Cat Like Thief. But damn just seeing that tracklist reminds me of how good this album is, even now.
  6. Was sitting at one of my local watering holes having a beer with my buddy and out of nowhere they played the acoustic version of Valkyrie Missile. Pretty great for a random bar playlist!
  7. Hungover You. How the hell has it gotten this far.
  8. Hungover You, not even a debate here.
  9. Think it’s already been linked in here but Trash Boat have some bangers. Scott that’s a damn good call on Stand Atlantic a few pages back. Yours Truly is another good pop punk-ish band from Australia. Great vocals. Knuckle Puck are a personal favorite in the “scene”, and their bassist has a side project called Homesafe that has put out some great stuff.
  10. Seeing them Saturday with Trash Boat and Yours Truly, can’t wait. Loving the amount of solid tours going on atm.
  11. Love Belmont, going to see them with Grayscale in a few weeks time. New song that came out this week is a banger.
  12. Touchdown Boy Josie Aliens Exist Dysentary Gary Anthem Pt. 2 STFTK Obvious Stockholm Syndrome Here’s Your Letter Not Now Heart’s All Gone Even If She Falls San Diego 6/8 No Heart To Speak Of
  13. Been lurking more than posting here the last few years so I’ll be brief: I wasn’t excited for NINE after the released songs. I hated BIOMY, and the rest were forgettable. So WHY in the FUCK did they hide the rest of these songs til now?! There’s some proper bangers on this. If “No Heart To Speak Of” isn’t the next single then they’re insane. Skiba finally allowed to get stuck in creatively and as a result on NINE we get a satisfying +44/Alk3 hybrid that is nothing like what we’ve gotten the last 3 years. Eating a bit of crow today but happily so.
  14. If someone could PM me a link it’d be super appreciated. Very curious to give NINE a spin after seeing the reaction to the full album.
  15. That’s fair. To be honest I haven’t been too stoked on the new music and up until recently wasn’t even that excited about the show. But it was better than I expected. Plus, I’ve seen Neck Deep a few times already and miiiiight have tailgated a little too late which led to me missing them entirely. Didn’t intentionally give em the miss.
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