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  1. Confirmed as a 2 disc rerelease, including some remixes and a couple of new songs. Shame it's not a new album, but a couple of new tracks is a bonus.
  2. Ain't gonna happen though unfortunately, just a few shows and a re issue of the album. Some 10 year anniversary stuff. Would be awesome to hear some new stuff, but Ben doesn't want to do it.
  3. I went back to listen to Neighborhoods today after a long break, and I forgot how awesome some of those tracks were.
  4. His style of playing has matured so I guess he doesn't want to kick out poppy riffs that might ruin his artsy image, I'm sure Mark would love it if he went back to that style though.
  5. No, now stop trying to go off topic, it's Oliver bashing time in here.
  6. When did Vendetta Red her back together?! (Or they might not have split up, but I haven't heard anything from them for years!!)
  7. Seems like AVA are working on new shiz according to Toms latest tweet.
  8. Totally forgot about JEW, I remember reading an interview with them saying they are going back to the old school sound, which should be interestingly awesome.
  9. When you go back to it you will love it all over again!
  10. The song would sound weird with the open bridge now, I actually enjoy the rap part. But I guess there are plenty if blink fans that don't want to hear it. The way the rap and the bridge build to the chorus is pretty epic.
  11. A lot of people still think they are a joke band. Especially people I know, when they know I listen to blink they normally say 'They are a kids band' because they associate them with WMAA and ATST.
  12. This tweet made me 'lol' @travisbarker: @M1XMASTERM1KE Dude ain't got SHIT to say now. Jealous ass mutha fucka. I wouldn't wanna play against us either homeboy!
  13. That would be good news, Tom can get all his artsy shit out with AVA and not let it contaminate blink too much.
  14. @tomdelonge: Big stuff comn'..... http://t.co/PbjPc7iY
  15. Shame he wasn't in this one, I do prefer his humour to Ricky's, went to see Steve's standup and it was hilarious. Hopefully his show does well. Maybe it was only 3 eps this time because they did it all in one go?! Whereas before he did one and came back, if I remember rightly...
  16. Thought it was quite funny. Not as funny as 1 & 2, but Warwick was a nice addition. Anyone know why Steve wasn't involved in this one?
  17. I wasn't a massive fan of Boxing Day after the EP came out, but its turned out to be one of my faves.
  18. He also said his favourite record to write and record was untitled, and Tom wrote the chorus to DED.
  19. Tom certainly know a lot about the topic, and it was a interesting interview. I don't believe any of it personally, but good luck to the alien hunters. Hopefully the 'stranger times' website delay is down to the new blink / modlife site work.
  20. The start of Boxing Day has lost it's smash mouth similarities on me now, which is a good thing. Now probably when I hear smash mouth I will think 'that sounds like blink!'
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