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  1. I'm kinda at odds with how this song sounds. I feel like it's perfectly mixed yet at the same time the bass lines are great and I'd like to hear it more in the actual track. I wish Mark would play the way he does in the recorded song live but he plays a more simple variation of it
  2. I've always thought TOYPAJ is the best blink album regarding instruments and melodies. Everything sounds perfect on it. Tom and Mark sound great. The songs sound slightly more different to each other than Enema. It really does sound like it's evolving from Enema to what BCR was The lyrics really do ruin a lot of the songs for me though. When I was 13 I thought the lyrics were great. I started liking the smiley face album more and more though. I was growing into the +44 styled lyrics too. Neighborhoods came out when I was 18 and i loved the Mark lyrics on that album (outside of the helicopter line). Blink just became a better band lyrically and it ruined how I felt about TOYPAJ. I can get by with the Enema lyrics as nothing on there comes across as forced and I think Enema has good lyrics anyway
  3. I don't see this as a final tour or final album. Mark & Travis literally are blink for life. Whether that's with or without Tom, they'll both continue to be in blink. I think it'll mean more breaks in between album releases if it's with Tom though as Tom will have his usual projects like AVA and the TTS stuff. Mark will probably have side things like Simple Creatures and Travis will continue producing pop punk albums for rappers. Their kids are adults now and living their own lives. It's like how they were back in 1992-02 before they became dads. Becoming parents changed the dynamics of the band (along with BCR and other shit obviously). Blink seem to be a healthy band again. This is nothing like the reunion era and Neighborhoods era. Tom seems like he's in a happy marriage with a wife that seems supportive. Mark's wife has always been supportive and Travis also seems to be super content. All three dudes are living their best lives again. The energy and vibes are just way too good for it to be one last hurrah for them
  4. Holy shit I'm loving this and i don't even like Cynical 😂
  5. I've never heard of this and I'm someone that has recorded a lot. Although I've never really experimented much with recording techniques and stuff haha. But this sounds cool asf, I'd love to try something like this
  6. It probably doesn't help that he's not playing anything close to what Tom plays. Just based on listening to Edging, the guitar has Tom's finger prints all over it, especially the octave chords and that lead guitar that you can only just hear in the chorus The preset could be low in the mix or have Tom playing palm muted guitar parts with delay pedals like on PLG. I got Kaleidoscope vibes when the dude let the guitar ring out though. It's all about how it's used like what Reg said
  7. Pathetic might be my favourite example of the Mark & Tom call and response vocals. Not sure if that was the first blink song to have that kind of idea? I cant remember anything specifically like that on Cheshire Cat but I could be wrong
  8. Haha yeah, if there's anything on the California albums that I don't mind, it's how Skiba & Mark sound. Just having Tom sing on them songs wouldn't make the songs better
  9. That Sober one sounds nothing like Tom to me
  10. Makes me like Mark more this. Kinda shit I do with my good friends haha. Love a ball grab!
  11. There's a lot of blink songs with amazing verses including California songs, just the choruses ruin the songs as a whole California - Hey I'm Sorry, 6/8 DED - When I Was Young, Pretty Little Girl Neighbourhoods - Natives, Heart's All Gone, Kaleidoscope Untitled - Feeling This, Obvious, I Miss You, Violence, Easy Target Enema - Aliens, Exist, Adam's Song, Anthem Dude Ranch - Pathetic, Apple Shampoo
  12. Man, these shows are making me fall in love with GOTDF all over again. I always have loved that song. The riff is so damn catchy. Love the extended bridge so Travis can do his thing. Blink need to do more extended bridges & outros
  13. Adam's Song & Ghost on the Dance Floor sound great Just wish Tom would play those chords in the verses rather than just strum each root note and let it ring out but I'm just being picky. The drum solo is great. i prefer moments like that than Travis having his own drum solo that takes up 5 mins of the setlist Love that Tom yells NO!!! or NO THEY'RE NOT! after each "we all know conspiracies are dumb" line on Aliens Exist. His voice fits perfectly with Bored to Death. Up All Night actually sounds good for once. I was worried that'd still sound kinda crap live haha I'm loving his new guitars more and more. I hope Fender releases them cause I want one of them fuckers
  14. Yeah, I had the same feeling. The dude recording the video is so far away. All I hear are super reverbed drums (due to the camera being so far away) and Mark's bass. Can't even hear any tone on the bass. Can barely hear Tom's guitar and I can't even make out his voice. Sounds like Skiba singing the songs still That said, I think Tom is gonna sound great on Bored to Death. His voice is gonna suit that song perfectly
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