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  1. I think he'll get royalties from blink playing the songs too even if he isn't there. At the professional venues, even covers will earn the actual songwriters the money. I do know it's very inconsistent though, considering there's cover bands who don't pay any dime whatsoever towards the actual owners of the songs. Not sure if Tom will get any pay for the California shit though. Every contract is different.
  2. I don't mind them having more poppy songs than BIOMY. Just ditch the damn gang vocals (they're just as annoying as the constant nananas and woahs on California) and all the unnecessary vocal crap they keep doing in nearly every song since California.
  3. The meltdowns are all because of what blink have been doing past few years. Most people are annoyed about Feldman's input on California, the songwriters working with blink and annoyed about this new single then Lil Wayne just adds salt to the wounds. If Lil Wayne was featured instead of Yelawolf on PLG back in 2012, people would've had the same reaction as they did with Yelawolf. The Lil Wayne meltdown is just the exact same as all the meltdowns that's been going on since California. No racism involved at all. Just another thing to add to the crap blink have been doing past 3 years and the meltdowns are gonna get worse. Yelawolf could've featured on the WMAA video and the meltdown would've been the exact same as Lil Wayne IMO.
  4. Mark probably realises blink don't need songwriters if Tom ever came back to the band anyway. He's often been a fan of Tom's work. Even said the first AVA record would've made great blink songs. Tom is productive as hell so there's no way they'd have songwriters IMO. Plus he'll always have an ego. His confidence in the songs would also give Mark confidence. Tom wouldn't allow other songwriters at all. He just won't rejoin if blink are still gonna be writing songs with 10 other people.
  5. The more I listen to this song, the more I can imagine it suiting blink way more if they changed certain aspects of it. Imagine that synth riff or whatever from the intro being a Cure styled riff for the guitar. No gang vocals at all in the song. Slight improvement on some of the lyrics which i don't find awful like Parking Lot etc. That guitar that's played on the bridge sounds like something Tom would come up with for live performances too. I don't think the bridge needed vocals. That guitar should've been way louder in the mix. Would've perfectly suited that stadium rock vibe that Tom always tried to aim for. Could've had similar vibes to After Midnight but not as boring as that song. It isn't a bad song at all IMO, I just feel it could've been way better.
  6. Count me as one of the few that thinks this season has actually been brilliant. But it definitely has flaws. I feel the episode just gone was superb. One of my favourite ever episodes. The problem is like many have been stating, they should've took more time building towards it. It feels rushed. It feels like Tom DeLonge coming back to blink just to make a 4-5 song EP then quitting again. Would probably make brilliant songs but we know an album could've been way better. First 2 episodes was on the right track. Slow paced and built up well. 3rd episode was great but very unexpected IMO. I was kind of disappointed that the White Walkers were just finished like that. I assumed they'd conquer Winterfell and then march towards King's Landing, with some of the guys like Jon Snow retreating to Kings Landing. That's what I was expecting anyway. And I also was expecting an actual fight of Jon Snow v The Night King. 4th episode was the worst one and the one I didn't like. That's where everything went rushed IMO. One whole episode was all it took to get to Kings Landing. I swear it used to take like 3-4 episodes for an army to march to another place. I feel like there should've been 2 more episodes between the 3rd and 4th one. Possibly another 2 episodes between the 4th and 5th one. Takes it to 10 episodes. They never should've stopped doing 10 episodes IMO. It was like they took the main story but started to ignore the tiny details to build that story. Think of it this way. Ned was taken as prisoner in episode 7 of season 1. He's executed in episode 9. Missandei was taken in episode 4 of this current season and 10-20 minutes later of the same episode she's dead. It was rushed. They needed to turn that episode into 2-3 episodes and drag the story to add more detail to it.
  7. I had that thought when I first heard Left Alone haha. They'd definitely clash but I think they'd bring each other back down to earth more. Tom probably would've said no to the gang vocals and nanas and woahs. Feldman probably would've had Tom play more guitar oriented shit and Tom's style for that kinda shit nowadays is that post hardcore BCR sound. Would've been good.
  8. Thing is, people aren't actually annoyed that Feldman and these co-writers got writing credits. Rubin is the producer of the new AVA record. But he definitely doesn't take charge as much as Feldman. Not even close. Feldman was way too involved. As I've said, Aaron Rubin is to Tom what Chris Holmes was for Mark. Just a yes man. Feldman isn't. Apples and oranges.
  9. Nah, Fighting the Gravity takes that claim IMO. Not heard a song like it. Next ones would be songs like Kaleidoscope, Snake Charmer, GOTDF, Up All Night, Wishing Well, PLG. Pretty much all of Neighborhoods and DED songs are more unique and out the box than the new song. BIOTY is unique for blink because blink have never done that but that doesn't make it out the box. It's still generic pop that mainstream radio has been playing the past 2 years. Blink used to come up with out the box stuff themselves but since Tom has left they have become just another band.
  10. Dunno, most radio songs I've heard have always been utter crap. It really is about marketing, looks and following I think. Blink have the following but they haven't been that marketable in years. They don't exactly have the looks anymore but they still have history. It's also about the style of the music too. Sure this is a pop song but blink have the reputation of being a rock band. Rock just doesn't sell anymore. If this was the lead single of 5 Seconds of Summer or One Direction or some shit like that, it'd probably do great on the radio.
  11. Having Ilan Rubin in AVA has helped them in my opinion. I've said before that AVA was always just Tom and his lackeys. Then Ilan comes along and is part of the songwriting process, which is fair enough because he's in the band. As for his brother, he's nowhere near as up front as Feldman. He might be the producer of them now, but he's basically what Chris Holmes was for Mark. Another yes man. Apples and oranges.
  12. I actually don't mind the production of this song. Suits the song in my opinion. The drums sound real but they intentionally gave them a trashy vibe, which is something Mark explained for Simple Creatures. Although Simple Creatures doesn't sound like trash pop at all, I feel this song is closer to what Mark was describing. The guitars in the verses are fine. Loud enough. The chorus guitar is about the same volume but because of the amount of singing going on, it gets lost a little bit more than the guitar in the verses. But it's a sing along track. Similar to After Midnight in that sense because in the chorus of that song, the guitars aren't very loud either. I think it works for them kinda songs and this song is no different.
  13. Nah, but I consider it poppy for blink. Sounds very boy band-ish in the pre-chorus I think.
  14. Definitely agree with this. Boxing Day is very poppy for blink yet i thought that was perfect. I also feel Suburban Kings from Tom DeLonge is a great poppy song outside a couple of lyrics. Those sound like blink-182 pop songs. This song sound like Imagine Dragons or whatever, not blink.
  15. Not a fan of the covers tbh. They sound like generic pop punk which is what I don't like either. Intro was cool though, with those octave chords. Kinda reminded me of Feeling This.
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