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  1. i wonder if blink would be done or still exist if travis died in that plane crash what if they reunited with raynor
  2. i;ve cum to the cunclusion that matt skiba doesnt fit it aside of on song like hey im sorry or last train home im giving them one last chance tho with their upcoming album cant wait 2 see if they pull it off or if its the same old sam old
  3. its interesting how that intro top guitar solo for carousel as very similar feel to the ava the advanture intro top riff whats my age again clean intro riff is extremly easy 2 play idk why mathiew strugle to play it since hes a realy good guitarist x x x x 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 9 x x x x 9 x x x x 9 11 someone send this tab to skiba via instagram
  4. idk i just think bring it in my mouth is a rather poor song comperate to most blink music and also music in general im looking forward curiusly to the rest of the album but expecting something realy stale and unispired very "unblink like"
  5. would u give a fellatio to tom delonge just to say you did, i mean after all isnt tom your idol/hero??? just to say that once in ur life u sucked someone famous, think about how much bragging right this would give u?
  6. mike did u know that black sabbath had a song called black sabbath? would u like it if blink had a song called blink182 and in it they would take about running around san diego and tom being a jackass?
  7. i think he realy sounded good in the beggining because he was very reserved and wouldnt try to add too much so that it didnt sound off especcily since he was new in the band and didnt want to mess anything up but as soon as he got comfortable and started to add his own twist it just didnt fit in and worked out and now it just endsup sounding way off
  8. all we want to know is, is there a new album comming out, if so went? the rest is meanlingless rambles i just wait for people to quote the 2-3 good coments if theres any at all i never listen to these useless interviews the dodge one was realy good tho that video on youtube with tom was great to hear about his childhood and how he got to where he was and the inner process of all of it i reccumnd it 10 times
  9. i dont even remmeber it already, other than that untolerable anoyincly chorus where matt keeps insisting that we should blame it on his mouth
  10. i think that mark hammil movie might be realy good even tho im tired of hearing about the joker since every batman story seems to have him in it hammil is a heck of an actor and based on the trailer i feel like hes gonna do a heck of a job at doing the weird parts
  11. realy interesting for that setlist find, yeah idk either how accurate those setlist are but i seen alot setlist that only had some of the songs played listed
  12. yeah the threads should auto lockdown when they reach 182 page so no one can ruin it
  13. i know this isnt possible since blink is too much wishing to be mass appeal and would never not play wmaa all the small thongs and dammit but id realy like it if they played mostly unttiled songs with some of the darker neibehorood stuff and then the more deep stuff of california like san tiego and maybe left alone i wonder if ever since they started to play dammit live, if they ever played a full show without playing it
  14. matt skibuis sounds realy good on that one, matt is has been a realy good fit on all the stuff they tried from "untitled"
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