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  1. music.youtube.com is the way to go now
  2. if ghenty as one like that it better be one of afro american decent otherwise he a raccist
  3. sweet snowflake mark its really disturbing to watch someone that is almost 50yo that has a kid be so un adult like and still dress like a teen
  4. lol then mark cant say he doesnt read the comments online especially the one about bringing a raper in
  5. ahahhaha ur not missing one chance to bring racism into this
  6. if u listen to the ename of the states(terrific album title) whats my age again version at the very end when the song is fading out theres this nasty clipping that happens like a pop/clicking noise(suprise they overlooked it maybe in the moment they tought it sounded good?) it seems they took the time 2 leave it out in that mix or maybe it was part of the original vocal track
  7. i dont hate tom, i understand his situation im wishing him well and that he gets the mental care he needs
  8. i havent listened much their music but that song that the video was at the morgue was excellant overall i think their music is the sort of quality of music the new blink should be at but isnt
  9. there should be a "ghent safe space" thread where you can only compliment ghent any contradictory opinion to is is automaticly deleted
  10. result of this pool is very telling sounds to me like the vocal minority who realy loves what blink is doing is realy loud
  11. there's nothing wrong with people having song writen for them or even a whole team of people writing song for one performer it allows for more creativy diversity and greatness by example alot of great song-writers are not great signer or performer but there someone that has terrific and creative peforming talent it allows for stuff that wouldnt otherwise be possible as matter of fact its much rarer to find someone who can do the whole thing than not wich makes it that a superior amount of music is created in that teamwork way now not every idea is suited for everyone most blink songs could have never been passed around to other people they are too blink like its their dna only them could have realy make them be top notch songs in this case it makes it very unnatural for people try to come in write songs for that very unique blink dna that in reality only mark and tom can create together thats why it bugs me that other people are writing their music its just not blink
  12. there was a whats my age single i think that had this live version of josie with a sick live into to it it may be one of the live song on that special ename of the state edition davey linked to
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