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  1. There are patterns. Early year(feb), mid year(June/e3) and then late(sep) are the general times you can expect one but they don’t necessarily stick to it. They’re only ever announced a day or two in advance.
  2. Nintendo Direct tomorrow! Zelda TotK better get a lot of time.
  3. I think games are worth what they charge atm. But I also get that if you can get it cheaper by waiting and you’re happy to do that then that’s definitely a thing to do. I have it Jan. just no interest in playing it. Sorry! Maybe one day when I’ve got absolutely nothing else.
  4. Weird. They’ve been doing this huge marketing push lately that’s basically them saying the shortage is over. I saw multiple at the few shops I went to over the weekend. Guess demand around you is still high.
  5. Cause of the shortages? I think that’s over now aye. Pretty sure you can get them everywhere fairly easy now.
  6. I think the versions for pleb consoles are coming out at a later date. So ps4-Xbox one aren’t out yet.
  7. Tbf I only buy maybe 4 games a year at launch so the extra cost definitely falls into my splurge spending comfortable. We’ve just jumped on the frugal wagon as well to try and get on top of things. We’ve luckily got still 18ish months left in a low fixed rate for our mortgage but when that’s up it’ll be interesting to see where things are. Spent most of my Saturday getting out of the “lazy tax” and changed internet providers, phone providers, energy etc to new companies that offer deals and such. Saving myself 100-150 a month extra so happy with that.
  8. Taxes are just included in the sale price here. PS5 games are exxy. GoW Ragnarok base is selling for $109 and someone is selling it for $90 on marketplace. Most shops do launch price though so I got the Deluxe Hogwarts for $99 from the same place as above so buying it right away is a saving in itself.
  9. People are stingier here lol you might see $20 off 6 months down the line unless the game is crap. You’d be waiting 2 years for it to be half price. I got nothing else to play atm so i’m happy spending the bit extra to play it now.
  10. Hogwarts sitting at 86 on Metacritic. Seems like a pretty good game. Wont be goty but pretty decent score. Picking up my preorder today. Can’t wait to avada kedavra some Cunt right in the face.
  11. Liked the episode. So many callbacks to the game. Good to see Ellie and Joel starting to bond. Seems like Sam and Henry might have more of a story to them in this version too.
  12. First episode has to set things up I guess? Always going to be a bit slower while we’re being introduced to these characters. Ep 2 had more and then 3 was slow but amazing. Only people shitting on Episode 3 are bigots. It’s really a great episode of tv.
  13. Are you looking for a zombie show or a show about people that features zombies?
  14. I think even if it’s just an OK game getting to explore an open world Hogwarts will be pretty awesome. If you preorder the deluxe edition you get to play 72 hours early and the embargo lifts the day before that. So it’s kind of a day before a lot of people will play it. That being said giving a bunch of players 72 early access and the fact they flew out 1000 streamers/industry people to play the game a week ago does show a lot of confidence.
  15. Anyone else picking up Hogwarts Legacy? Looks pretty good.
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