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  1. There was an item duplication glitch that only just got patched out. Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of those people had used it.
  2. I’m pretty sure you’re actually shown early on how to do it and I just plain forgot.
  3. I didn’t realise you could upgrade the battery till post game 🤡
  4. It was not. It was some other ones. These were only added to ASCAP yesterday.
  5. They’re all new to ASCAP and one is completely new. OP of the Reddit thread said this : “Not totally different but more "official" imo. Ascap is the main music licensing platform so these songs being on there is a good sign. For reference the titles for California Deluxe were found on there not long before the album was officially announced.” could mean something could not. Timing is suss though.
  6. Was covered a while ago. General opinion is that it’s okay when Tom does it.
  7. If I really like a game I’m definitely going to go for that 100% as long as it’s not ridiculously tedious like koroks or having to play the game on 3 different difficulties for 1 trophy on each. Just like that sense of accomplishment that comes with that platinum.
  8. So if we assume they didn’t finish the album before tour started and whatever Travis was doing yesterday wasn’t just a touch up or something extra(still doubt from me) then it’s fairly natural to assume that both Tom and Travis knew they would need to go back in right? Yet they both said while on tour to expect the album in October. Tom might’ve said fall? I can’t remember. Same time thereabouts though. Would be very odd to say that knowing they still had more to record and it would be delayed so that likely hasn’t changed based on the recording yesterday. Tom also said a song each month before the album comes out. Yesterday 5 songs were registered on ASCAP. That’s a song for June, July, August, September, a final single in October a week or two before it releases in October. So despite them recording something yesterday we are still most likely looking at the same timeframe we were a few weeks ago or whenever it was they said October. Maybe no song tomorrow but if that’s the case it was likely changed a while ago and that image put up on the site wasn’t meant to go up at all and that’s why they pulled it and we all just hyped ourselves up again.
  9. I wish more games would tell you dlc was coming from the get go. Xenoblade 3 announced their season pass, which included another 20-30hour story dlc, at the same time as they originally announced the game existing.
  10. That’s true. But I reckon I’ll wanna do another full play through before even getting close to getting all those koroks.
  11. I’m definitely going to struggle finding them all without a guide. I’ve already had to google a few cave coordinates to find some shrines. Got at least 10 to go in the sky so that’s a decent a chunk of what I got left. Once I realised how to use the depths to find shrines I made a lot of progress so might just focus on that for a while before turning to guides. Koroks I don’t really bother with tbh. Never did with botw either. I’m at 50 if I’m lucky atm. After shrines and depth roots it’s find all outfits/armours then upgrade all of them fully. If I still wanna play after that (ff16 will likely be out by then so I may be done for a while) then I’ll give koroks a go but likely only to max the slots. No way I’m going to find 1000 of the cunts.
  12. Travis said it would be done before tour, Mark made a post saying he only had one line left to record and then he was done around the same time. I gotta believe the main album is done and that today was just some fix that needed to be done that they noticed or while on tour they thought of a cool outro type song to finish off the album and wanted to record it. Travis Instagram story did say “may or may not be how the album ends….” so could just be something extra they thought of while touring.
  13. I’m not trying to slander the foo foghters. Just weird to me that Dave and Taylor were like brothers but then he can just replace him that quickly after an untimely death.
  14. There’s nothing impressive about that tbh. Kinda weird Dave moved on so suddenly.
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