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  1. thats cos Hoppus is the man! Damn Straight
  2. it stands for nothing for fucks sake
  3. Thanks Fuck i like the new intro to wyhsb
  4. they were just on then in sydney "We have names you know" lol
  5. its def been aired on foxtel before but not sure about channel 10 thanks man wil watch
  6. nup it was +44 i rememeer it but dont have it sorry Edit: i remember there was an AVA one aswell now so you were right but theres a plus one aswell
  7. yeah, time is running out if one of my favourite songs to play Muscle Museum has a cool bassline aswell and Jimmy Kane
  8. apparently he don't like myspace spammers either: Now there's ugg boot spammers? I've been known to been seen in my ugg boots, shopping at macys with my free gift card, talking on my iphone, with my fancy gucci bag and cup of starbucks coffee...but when am I going to get a Haliburton season pass to the Abu Ghraib theme resort? Maybe a free pass to the Exxon water park? Wait a second...I need a polar bear fur coat. Oh wait. Thery're DEAD.
  9. When I was 2 I didn't even have a bed. Yeah, celebrities' wealth can piss me off at times, but eh, nothing we can do. yeah a plasma in his room is overboard. but he seems like a really good dad other than that, so who cares. he was talking about instilling the value of kindness in jack, and that's all that matters. i dont think that necesarily makes him a bad dad
  10. someone on 44disasters said they only lplayed 4 songs at the concert
  11. yeh thats a good point, that may also be how we'll get the new cover song which could mean the single would be released pretty soon maybe
  12. its baby come on and theres no news about a video or a release yet but they should hurry up and do something
  13. http://channelv.com.au/V/Article.aspx?id=971 Obviously An aprils fools joke but still kinda funny
  14. That was totally posted by Luke first. my bad, i didn't look through again Yeh i noticed that but didnt feel the need to say anything and just figured he didnt read the rest of the posts... no harm done
  15. March 28th, 2007 today we got a lot done. and by got a lot done, i mean we actually got a lot done. bass is finished. we used the one they call “lettuce,†of course. that bass rules. shane also added two more guitar elements, and holmes put some synthesizer key madness in the bridge. it’s starting to sound like a song. now all i have to do is learn how to translate a song’s worth of german lyrics and we can sing this thing! Thats a new post on his blogsite so we know the song is originally all in german
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    that was really good thanks man
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