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  2. Like this band acknowledges the release of airplay singles... These days, unless it's a lead single or a promo single preparing the way for an album and becoming available on digital stores there is no such thing as a "release date". Plus, the video coming out is meaningless for radio airplay unless it becomes viral or unless we are talking about the most successful artists of the moment... It is flopping so far or maybe in the end it will just be a slow start, only time will tell. Anyway, I'm definitely not melting down since (like most people here) I can handle my favorite band being criticized or simply discussed (which is the case) without melting down and saying things shouldn't be scrutinized.
  3. So I realized the Pelham, AL show tomorrow is about the same drive for me as the Knoxville show was... I emailed the VIP company to see if they could potentially transfer my ETGBF package to tomorrow's show. Not sure how the actual seat ticket would work, but I've got my fingers crossed. Still so pissed about the show getting rescheduled. I don't see anything else booked for the Knoxville Coliseum so it seems Blink's camp rescheduled it. =/
  4. Well I don't see how a single can be "flopping hard" when it was JUST released and the band hasn't even acknowledged it yet.
  5. IN all honesty, singles today might live or flop based on how many radio stations Mark calls in a day and "plays ball" with them. It's sickening.
  6. don't think anyones having a meltdown, more confused as to whether this single is actually officially out, and if so whether they'll do any promotion for it.
  7. California had this massive promotion last year, which was fine and it worked, but the singles were all so poorly handled, I don't know why.
  8. My older brothers favourite bands growing up were Offspring and Linkin Park. That was enough for me to dislike both.
  9. Seems a bit premature to melt down. They haven't even announced it as a single, released the video, or started playing it live yet.
  10. The Offspring has to be one of the worst, most irritating bands of all time.
  11. so basically 90s offspring? I do like their 90s output a lot.
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  13. Finally top 50: lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud 61 49 BLINK-182 Home Is Such A Lonely Place 156 109 +47 0.417
  14. Tom probably pays an intern to sign his autographs
  15. NBA

    Read that with his voice in my head
  16. Basically all of The Offspring up until and including Conspiracy Of One is awesome.
  17. Jose said he's going all in on Europa, so he'll play a weakened side from now on in the league. We'd still be very lucky to make top 4 i reckon, but i think he's doing the right thing. I think West Ham are pretty much safe - its a battle between Hull and Swansea now.
  18. Yeah, like most Offspring singles, that song was meant to be a parody of chart music, taking the piss out of Katy Perry and shit like that. Not a serious song at all, but Offspring to me have sucked since like 2001.
  19. Americana is a fucking awesome album, one of my all time faves.
  20. Can def see Man United sneaking top 4 now, get a result at City (even a point wouldn't be the end of the world) and you're right in it. Decent point for us Saturday, shame that everyone else around us won. Swansea would need to win 3 out of their last 4 games and Hull need to win 2 out of their last 4 with us not picking up another point for us to go down. The finishing line is sight, another win would be brilliant, we're 100% safe then.
  21. Haha i haven't heard the offspring properly since that song hit that album but yeh this was different! I'd say they did a better job than blink lol catchy at least
  22. Good weekend Alexis Sanchez/Eric Bailly - fucking incredible. Those Messi goals were amazing - he strikes the ball with so much accuracy and pace.
  23. NBA

    I love Jeff lol. He is super trolly but keeps it real. He calls out terrible calls too while the other commentators always try to defend the refs. Mark Jackson is super annoying during Warriors games..always sounds so bitter he's such a baby imo. Tonight he was going on about how bad we should all feel for Roberson, kept going on during every play in the 4th about how elite of a defender he is and how he's one of a kind defensive's like dude these are adults, they're professional athletes, we aren't going to sympathize that much with a dude getting paid millions because he is absolutely awful at free throws. I can't understand how a wing can shoot 40% from the stripe, that's terrible, and no one should feel sorry for him.. I used to like Breen, I do like the bang call, but lately I've grown tired of him as well, he tries really hard to overhype every play, even if it's not appropriate, like Westbrook grabs a normal defensive rebound - "OHHH!! WestBROOK! Just skied for the rebound, thats his EIGHTH! Oh man Westbrook just elevated on that rebound! My goodness!!"
  24. College shows often pay a lot of money because the schools allocate a budget for students to help plan events. They have to spend this budget by the end of the year. If it was routed for them to do en route to something else perhaps that's why they did it? Could have also been a charity thing? Big acts play often play colleges.
  25. Almost Famous. Absolute classic in my eyes. 10/10 every time!
  26. NBA

    I'm with you on that one lol. I do think the guy has some good catchphrases ("Mama there goes that man", "Hand down, man down"), but Mark Jackson tries too hard too often to the point where it just seems like he makes things awkward a lot of the time. At least JVG's there to lighten the mood by spending half of each game being a troll... But NOTHING in sports beats Mike Breen's BAAAAAAANG calls.
  27. NBA

    yesss go Jazz!
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