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  2. 2018 Winter Olympics

    I’m all about the South Koreans women’s team. Skipper is like a dead sexy hipster. The sugar girls. So random
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  4. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Sweet Swedish tears!
  5. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Yeah even Finland bothered to send some of our best young prospects (Tolvanen & Heiskanen), but even they couldn't do jack shit when playing against better countries. It's crazy that Germany is in the final. The Russians have no excuse to lose; while other countries can always cry and bitch about not having NHLers, the Russians have Kovalchuk, Datsyuk, etc.; they benefit the most from the absence of the NHL.
  6. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Cheers man. This hasn't been too pricey really, I haven't worked it out properly yet, but it was just tracking down the guitar with the two point trem in the right colour that took a while coz I didn't really wanna get into painting it, but I got this guitar for £135 & I sold the scratch plate with the pickups off of it for £70, so the body & neck only stood me £65! I could do I complete rundown for you if you wanted, it might be a lot more doable than you think!
  7. I used to listen to them. Phoenix was my favourite album and they were interesting back in the day but I don't think their music has aged well. The Movielife, Saves The Day and Crime in Stereo are the only pop punk bands from that era that I still listen to regularly though.
  8. The first two Matches albums are the definition of "just decent" to me. They have some good songs, catchy melodies, but really lack consistency and interesting musicianship. The singer drew the album cover for BTTW though! He knew how sick ZH were back then. I agree you have to like ZH to like this record, as their distinct aspects are present on it. But I have no idea how you could say ZH puts out "the same music every record". That's just being disingenuous IMO. WoM was funk/pop-punk/rap, POTY is the transition album that starts to abandon funk to lean more into rock, MFZB is the real revolution that totally replaces funk with metal/post-hardcore elements, Waste of MFZB is a B-side album but even then the tone of the songs is generally a lot more melancholy than what's found on the record, BTTW trades heaviness for more pop-punk and has a new vocalist, Phoenix has a totally different production style than BTTW (reminiscent of MFZB, believe they were done by the same guy) and the melodies are more varied - some of their most experimental stuff is on here like Juggernauts and HMP, probably the softest rap and heaviest rock ZH had ever done. After Phoenix things get a little samey because the most important member of the band left. But even then that's only two records before they changed things up again in 2015, leaning more towards acoustic stuff. Even if it wasn't really to my liking they still changed things up. ZH would be last band I would say puts out redundant music. Even if it is true of their last few records, how many bands put out 7 albums before the creativity starts to run out?
  9. Say you love me

  10. 2018 Winter Olympics

    What an amazing run for that team.
  11. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Awesome! It looks really good! Really wish I had the money and resources to make a replica of the sticker strat, I have said this before in another thread - I still think that this strat sounded and was waaay cooler than his signature strat (not saying his signature strat wasn't cool but I mean if I could choose between those two I would choose this one! ) Anyways, looks awesome!
  12. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    The guitars finished & been sent off to my guitar tech to be wired, have the bone nut set in & fully set up! I ended up sanding the headstock down a bit as I noticed Tom's looked slightly lighter in colour & I oiled the fretboard to darken it! I also cut & reshaped the headstock as it was originally a 70s style headstock but it was the only 22 fret neck i could get hold of, i foins most are 21! Should be getting it back next week then I can start stickering!!
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Backwards from 5th, 6th and 7th in the league? As shit as we have been - we are 2nd in the league and still in two major cups. Have some perspective.
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics

  15. The Official Football Topic

    Yeah and we’ve gone backwards pal
  16. Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You

    Fucking love this album. Might be my favorite Senses Fail album but it's too early to know for sure. At the moment, I can't stop listening to it. Current favorites: 1. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket 2. If There Is Light, It Will Find You 3. Double Cross The album is a bit lacking on the heavy side but I don't mind the loss all that much. If I want heavy Senses Fail I have plenty of other SF albums to listen to. I'm really enjoying this.
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  18. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i don't think it was an emergency surgery. more likely it was scheduled, just like their appearance at musink. so it probably won't affect his voice. (a throat surgery usually has an effect on the vocal chords when they do it orally.)
  19. Display Name History

    Nice feature, but like Niku I don't see it either. I'm on Safari 9.1.2 but doesn't work on Chrome either if it might be browser related. EDIT: I don't see the icon but there's now a field below the profile visitor list
  20. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I remember he had one a few years ago. Wow.
  21. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Musink is still a ways away so hopefully he’s good by then
  22. Feldmann

    It's really sad that Bored to Death has now become a time indicator in my life and will soon be known as 'remember that time Blink 182 made another song?'. Time goes by so fast
  23. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Holy shit that looks gnarly! Hasn't he had throat problems in the past as well?
  24. Feldmann

    Totally agree, I don't mean they became more relevant than EVER, just more relevant than the dead-period that preceded California, and the really slow crawl of the Neighborhoods era that didn't produce giant hits like Bored To Death (or their old even bigger hits).
  25. Feldmann

    I'd say they were a mid-tier band. They could sell out theatres pretty easily.
  26. Feldmann

    Well, that's exactly what I was trying to say. I never measure artists by commercial success or impact. But people do. And Alkaline Trio, compared to Blink, was almost nothing (and I'm a huge AK3 fan since yesteryear).
  27. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I did see that, wonder if it will effect the Blink Musink show. Maybe we'll get an "All-Mark Songs" show!
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