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  2. It always devolves to this but then you say so and it's "Well you're not answering the question about this stupid ass nonexistent sub-topic that I've created myself, and if you won't I won't listen to you". But won't listen anyway. Who care
  3. @Olidamus out of curiosity, have you been in a band and gigged?
  4. A rape joke is a rape joke. Dumpweed is a song with many subcomponents. If I'm talking about the tone of Travis's drum kit, that quote is not at all brought to the table. It's not part of the discussion.
  5. It's simpler than that. he likes escalating and farcical arguments. he wants things to get more and more convoluted so that the initial points dissolve and no one can flat out call him 'right' or 'wrong' so he can claim victory. It has absolutely nothing to do with morals or even the arguments themselves, he just wants to argue, and he wants to feel clever.
  6. Never said performing wasn't important. But its like a pre requisite, do you know what that is? It is IMPORTANT to know what a steering wheel is if you want to be an auto mechanic. It is IMPORTANT to know what a brain is to be a brain surgeon. It is IMPORTANT to to spell your own name on an application if you want to go to college. It is IMPORTANT to be able to perform if you want to make it in the music business. It is IMPORTANT to know what a movie is if you want to direct movies. Performing is like low end shit, everyone can do it, you aren't special if you can, "ooowww I can be a success in music, because I can perform" Get in the back of the line with the 1,000,000 people. Again, this is a pretty easy concept.
  7. I wish someone would let us know we are being inappropriate. How the hell am I supposed to use my own moral judgement to condone or condemn the things I say?! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  8. and that he's been called out
  9. Clarke just doesn't want to admit that he's as morally reprehensible as the rest of us.
  10. I mean we already know that he has FAS...that's a form of mental retardation. Maybe we should be more careful with what we say.
  11. The joke is about rape. The song is about women being awful. How is it not?
  12. Whatever you want to call it, it's fundamentally not the same for reasons I've already stated.
  13. It depends on the app people use, I use Tweetbot and if I click on Mark's tweets everything is included in one big timeline. So yes, @ replies would be annoying to read there. It's just him being anal about his timeline, I use to do the same thing. And as @NotNow said, if someone clicks on his tweets, they'll see all the good stuff... not the unfunny tweets, RTs that are no longer relevant, or a ton of replies to fans which have no context. Tom usually posts stuff and deletes it within an hour once he realizes he acted impulsively or has second thoughts about it, it's completely different than Mark just doing routine timeline maintenance a week or two after.
  14. The joke isn't rape. It's you being raped by your mother or you raping co-eds or whatever. It's a component. It's not him just saying the word "rape".
  15. I think I owe Meat an apologies. I've been calling him retard for ages now but I'm actually really starting to believe he has a mental disability and it was wrong of me to call him that based on his real life disability.
  16. A rape joke makes up the entirety of a rape joke. The lyrics of dumpweed don't make up the entirety of dumpweed. Get your head out of the sand.
  17. like rape is part of a joke that contributes to a whole?
  18. The lyrics are not the song, as they're just a part of the song that contributes to the whole.
  19. Well the lyrics are the song yes? Should you be presenting your position at every opportunity?
  20. Helen has an Instagram? Don't let word get out around the forum
  21. I'm not either. I'm also wondering if me following Helen on Instagram had any impact of my recent Instagram heist.
  22. I've encountered the song, but not a discussion on the lyrics and that specific quote.
  23. You've never encountered the song Dumpweed in this forum? I thought it would be pretty easy.
  24. Well, I'm not remotely shocked. Russian military admits significant cyber-war effort
  25. Whom are you addressing?
  26. I've never been in a discussion here about the lyrics or the actual quote.
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