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  2. California (1 year later)

    It's songs like Feeling This, Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, Obvious, Not Now, Here's Your Letter why I'd give the smiley face album higher ratings. Both albums are strong. I guess with WYHSB the only thing it's missing is them defining killer songs. I'd give nearly every song from the +44 album a 5/5 but none of the songs are defining the way Feeling This, Violence etc are. What WYHSB has is a consistent album of just great alt rock songs. Every song is superb to me, but I guess not defining. Whereas the smiley face album has both of them things. Consistent effort of great songs as well as defining songs. As much as I love Dude Ranch, the smiley face album is just my favourite album of all time. There's no album in the world that matches that really IMO. Even by the legendary bands like the Who, Clash, Queen etc. I guess that's the blink fanboy in me saying that because I know that blink haven't reached that status of being one of those legendary rock bands that everyone seems to love. Blink definitely should be considered as great as these kind of bands IMO. If Green Day are, then blink-182 definitely should be. But like I say, I guess it's the blink fanboy in me that says it haha. I consider WHYSB close, if not the same level. I feel the same with BCR and Green Day's American Idiot album. Same with AFI's Sleeping With Sorrows. Great albums that I love that come close to that level. As for Dude Ranch, that's just a pop punk masterpiece. Same with Enema. Both are great albums. Definitely consider both of those albums on a similar level too. Both them albums put California to shame.
  3. California (1 year later)

    More accurate
  4. What TV show are you watching?

    I used to love it to bits. I watched season 3 I think but gave up in season 4 because they lost too much of the original cast. It's especially fun rewatching it after seeing Iwan Rheon on Game Of Thrones. He's always been good at 'creepy'. I adored him in Misfits, to the point of harbouring a slight celebrity crush and then GoT happened and I was like "Nope. nevermind." but rewatching Misfits has confused me all over again
  5. What TV show are you watching?

    Absolutely brilliant isn’t it
  6. California (1 year later)

    How do you mean? I haven't listened to the deluxe songs yet, so... Would you say there are cool bass parts in them?
  7. California (1 year later)

    Mediocre album with little depth and staying power. Production is generic and sounds like most crappy mainstream pop-punk teeny bopper albums. Lacks decent guitar riffs. Many of the songs have meaningless and/or simple lyrics, especially Deluxe. You could make a pretty good album with the best songs off both California and Deluxe. But as it stands, 70% of the albums are forgettable and generic.
  8. California (1 year later)

    The only odd thing about this whole current Blink is that Mark is hitting his bass-writing peak it seems like. Really kills it...yet everything else is out of wack.
  9. California (1 year later)

    Nope nope. I sat out and stared at a distant hilly landscape all summer long, and thought about this question. Self Titled is still better than WYHSB, by a very very small margin. Both are terrific albums, but when you have elite collaborations like Stockholm Syndrome, Feeling This, Violence, you have to give it the edge. But both get trumped ever so slightly by Dude Ranch as well.
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  11. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    it only appears on this late 90s kevin and bean compilation: https://www.discogs.com/Kevin-Bean-Kevin-Beans-Last-Christmas/release/2654943. i'm guessing mark's spot was recorded when they played almost xmas 98?
  12. California (1 year later)

    yes, "take another xanax / cheating on your girlfriend" is mark at his best
  13. What TV show are you watching?

    I was home and sick today so I re-watched the first two seasons of Misfits. haven't seen it in forever I forgot how goddamn brilliant that show was. I WANT TO RIP YOUR CLOTHES OFF AND PISS ON YOUR TITS!
  14. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Fuck I haven't heard that in FOREVER - also why the hell are they singing into SM57s?
  15. Blink 182 USA Tour 2017

    boat transmission, yes. wendy was the name of his boat at the time, after wendy from peter pan. the girl he "wants but can't have" worked at MCA at the time. i recall this info being from the 2000 tour program.
  16. 'my vinyl vendor' would actually be a great name for a band.
  17. California (1 year later)

    Agreed. I used to be lukewarm on Weatherman then one day it just clicked. I dunno. Very underrated. I can never pick between BCR and +44. I go back and forth too much. All I know is that both are better than later-day blink.
  18. Awesome! Can't wait to see the final production set!
  19. Yeah. When I posted that, I was in a YouTube comment battle because someone was trying to tell me it wasn't a Fender American Standard Strat.
  20. Of course, i have no clue why he thought it was a fernandes, i mean you can clearly tell an American strat from a Fernandes
  21. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'd never listen to his band, but the tags porn punk & perv punk made me chuckle. He can't take credit for that genre though. These guys invented porn punk!
  22. California (1 year later)

    Gotta say I prefer Weatherman. Literally hate Wildfire. I'd rather listen to the terrible AVA songs than Wildfire haha. When I first heard Weatherman, I used to find it dull & boring but as I started appreciating +44 more, I eventually just fell in love with the song. That album had a similar impact as the smiley face album. First few listens, I'd just never know what to think of it. Fast forward 2 years after hearing it, I just finally figured it out. Great album. I'd argue that it's better than BCR. Would also argue that it's on the same level as the smiley face album.
  23. Billie Joe from Green Day has the Fernandes imitation Strat. That guy you remember? He is a moron.
  24. California (1 year later)

    Both good, but Wildfire is the better tune.
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