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  2. Not what he said, he said because he is famous women will let him do anything to them, and he listed some stuff. That is not bragging about sexual assualt dipshit. And I'll be nice and not post direct quotes but a very quick scan of the sexual confession topic, you've said worse, having sex with a girl who squirts, popping a girls cherry in graphic detail. Like I said this fake outrage is a whole bunch of horse shit.
  3. NBA

    Part of the problem with the playoffs is also the schedule. I just went to see if G1 was on tomorrow and it doesn't start until June 1st! Wtf! This stretching over a months span takes away from it a lot.
  4. Hits Daily Double's numbers are in... While these are not the official/Soundscan figures, they are certainly close: SALES PLUS STREAMING CHART: -- 26 BLINK 182 CALIFORNIA BMG 17,690 -- BUILDING ALBUM SALES CHART: -- 10 BLINK 182 CALIFORNIA BMG 15,345 -- Also, it re-enters the UK albums chart at #15: "Their seventh studio album in a little over 21 years - and the first fronted by Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba - California became the first ever No.1 album for the pop/punk trio Blink 182 last July, and the release of a deluxe edition restores it to the chart at No.15 (4,738 sales), while raising its cumulative sales to 78,347." (Nice total sales in the UK, 100 000 copies would give them a Gold certification.)
  5. Now I'm a left!
  6. The post you originally responded to, in which I stated things the right wants, are all things Republican reps have passed or attempt to pass. And I even left out things allowing hunters to shoot hibernating bears or allow hunters to use bullets with led. I assume you don't want these things. I even assume you don't want the things in my previous post either. So stop identifying with the wrong side.
  7. So if you don't mean 'the right' why are you saying 'the right'? I'm just trying to get you to be more clear with what you're saying. Man, The Left is so sensitive. I mean, not 100% of the left . . . Im referring to specific individuals but, still ... The Left!
  8. I'll hold your little hand and include an asterisk from now on. *this doesn't mean 100% of people. I just figured it was common sense.
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  10. I don't know if its because the melody is so mumbled in the chorus, but it was the one I kept completely forgetting from deluxe. I honestly right now couldn't tell you what it sounds like.
  11. You should stop generalizing.
  12. You should pay closer attention
  13. The people your talking about certainly aren't very representative of the right as far as I am concerned.
  14. Thanks man. Logical critiques take a lot of energy "oasis sucks tho" is much more fun
  15. I guess my answer to that really depends. There's a lot we don't know about the extent to which Feldmann actually contributes. If he's writing entire verses and choruses for them, then I'm a 100% hard no on that going forward. But if he's adding a line here or there, or coming up with a melody every now and then, I'm probably ok with that. In a perfect world, Mark and Matt write all of their own music. But it's not a perfect world, and it's pretty evident that Feldy isn't going anywhere. As long as Mark, Matt and Travis have ownership of the music they're writing, I'm cool with whatever Feldy wants to bring to the table.
  16. The hell are you talking about? Elected republican representatives don't hold true to any affiliation?
  17. Are you assuming he was mimicking a retarded person? As in that's how you picture retarded people is flailing their arms around helplessly? Wow, pretty insulting. I find it offensive.
  18. IMO the promotion for this album sucks. Was good when Bored to Death was released and when the actual album was released. Nowhere near as bad as the Neighborhoods promotion though. Does show how big of a band blink is though. The fact that they can still have some kind of relevance with crap promotion and all.
  19. That's not very representative then, is it? What you mean to say is there are some shitty people who don't hold true to any affiliation that do some fucked up shit. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  20. "The right" elected a congressman who literally choke slammed a reporter for asking questions about health care the night before the election. That happened. This week.
  21. Are we really going to discuss whether or not my statements are meant to represent 100% of the right? Your representatives want it. How's that?
  22. It's what we want? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  23. My post was regarding what they want. They celebtrated this bill. It's what they want.
  24. Gary Johnson is a gay turd.
  25. Gary Johnson did talk about getting rid of minimum wage. Which is rather insane if you ask me.
  26. empathy is considered a reasonable trait to me.
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