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  2. NBA

    The Jazz are a brutal matchup for what the Thunder want to do. Gobert/Favors are impossible for Russ to attack, and Steven Adams has been completely neutralized. I also think last night was one of the first times Russ stopped trying to keep PG "happy" and just went off. He's been playing tentative and weird all season. Also, when Melo isn't hitting 3's he's pretty much useless. I would assume angry Russ is here to stay, I just hope he can bring it back to OKC for game 7.
  3. i wish taking back sunday would break up......

    not sure if anyone saw this, but eddie reyes left TBS. I can't imagine them going on without him but who knows.
  4. Video Games Thread

    I mean, I am. This one in particular though I'm struggling with. It started off well but it's narratively very weak and without that as the driving force your ultimately just shooting shit. It isn't particularly special or engaging, just very pretty.
  5. NBA

    @JarJarBlinks what is wrong with your OKC? It has to be an attitude thing. All the talent in the world but just no cohesiveness with PG & Melo. Seems like way too much guessing around. Need to drop one of those 2. If Westbrook didn't go super nova that series was over quick. Can't lie, I'm on the Utah train hard right now. Love the way they play, tons of movement and no egos. I was hoping OKC would stop GS but it looks like zero chance there, Utah is my team.
  6. Haha all of his self deprecating jokes became his new dumbass reality. He used to make fun of himself constantly for how obsessed he was with UFOs, now he is offended that nobody takes him seriously about saving the world or whatever.
  7. Golden Shower in the Golden State riff

    Then you shouldn't be surprised or think it's much of a stretch, considering the only difference between them is the change of bass note on the D. it's not an exact recycling like the others mentioned but it is still quite close to the knuckle. Anthem pt 2 Everythings Magic
  8. Today
  9. Just rewatched some of the original Urethra Chronicles last night. At one point, Tom jokingly says something along the lines of "I take credit for everything good that this band does. Every good thing we do is because of me." (I'm paraphrasing because I was stoned when I watched it, but that's the jist of it). Funny and depressing how right he was.
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    http://loudwire.com/a-day-to-remember-guitar-heroes-blink-182/ Thought this was pretty cool. There's just something about Tom's guitar, it's simple but it's just interesting to many
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm not big on AvA much at all, but I am legit starving for some new real, written, music by one of my favorite artists. I'll take it, just something new.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I love asthenia lyrically, always have
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    just listening to asthenia and the lyric “this room is bored of rehearsal / i’m sick of the boundaries / i miss you so much” really gets me. almost brings a tear to my eye. i love blink for a lot of things, the music, the humor, but i think i love them most when they’re achingly sincere, like that lyric. sometimes after going a long while without listening to them i feel like this band was made for me
  14. Video Games Thread

    They will but it will more than likely be like Crash and be later or announced later at the very least.
  15. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Man Venom kind of seems pretty bad from that trailer.
  16. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    3 billboards - It was ok but completely pointless. 6/10 Warning this drug may kill you - hbo doc on the dangers of opioid drugs. Fuck me I knew prescription drugs were a problem in the states but I had no idea these painkillers can lead people into fucking heroin. 80% of new heroine addiction starts from Opioid drugs. Absolutely insane.
  17. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'll be shocked if AVA actually releases anything at all within 3 years. I've never really liked that band but I do admit I'm really curious to see what Tom would come out with as a sort of "response" to California.
  18. The Official Football Topic

    He’s always played within himself at Madrid. He’s still top class if he stays fit. I hope united don’t sign him though. You just knows it’s gonna happen. This is what united have become.
  19. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I have zero interest in either, does that help? I would be excited for a new AVA release but if it's going to be old style WDNTW AVA than count me out. I'd actually rather another 4 track EP of Tom pissing about with Ilan fixing it.
  20. The Official Football Topic

    i read today that he's played in roughly 50% of Real Madrid games since he joined.
  21. The Official Football Topic

    He's got hamstrings made of Tesco smart price ham hasn't he?
  22. The Official Football Topic

    What has happened to Bale? Surely he's gone in the summer?
  23. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I can't believe I'm actually more excited for new AVA than for new blink. Is it just me?
  24. Feldmann

    Of course, I never blamed only Feldmann. In fact, I don't think it's not a matter of blaming anyoe. It all is about decissions, and from my side, I only criticize that under my point of view. I'm not blaming anyone for anything. He's an industry guy, kind of s puppet if you ask me. But the final decission comes to blink. They have to deal and figure out what they want or not.
  25. EOTS Logo help

    ah ok, if you're tracing in the device-specific software to learn how to use it, then yes you have all you need.
  26. Video Games Thread

    Yeah just hoping I don’t have to wait a year though. It’s out on both Xbox and PS4 at the same time unlike crash so I’m hoping for an e3 reveal.
  27. Video Games Thread

    That's a 1-star crime at best.
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