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  2. I was going to say, people have never heard of Wikipedia?
  3. on an actual D Trump topic, Cracked posted an article where they talked to trans people in the military for an insider perspective, it's pretty interesting. I know it's Cracked so it's biased as hell but as its personal accounts I don't think it really matters in this instance -
  4. Pedophiles use shit like Pizzagate to throw people off their own trail. Jan fucks children.
  5. Jan, do you ever hear voices that seem to be real, yet no one else hears them?
  6. From wikipedia: Pizzagate is a debunked[2][3][4] conspiracy theory that emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. The theory, which went viral, claimed that John Podesta's emails, which were leaked by WikiLeaks, contained coded messages referring to human trafficking and connecting a number of restaurants in the United States and members of the Democratic Party with a fabricated child-sex ring.[5][6] The false theory has been extensively discredited by a wide array of organizations, including the District of Columbia Police Department.[3][4][7]
  7. I second this request, I also can't be bothered to read Jan's crazy ramblings.
  8. Can somebody give a rough overview of pizzagate. Like a quick few sentences describing what the over-arching thing is about
  9. They really like the pizza.
  10. It doesn't really matter if James Alefantis sounds like J'aime les enfants (I love children) in French, it's still a bit of a stretch and we know it's just a Greek surname, even if it isn't very common in Greece, but it's just because many immigrants who crossed the Atlantic ended up with their surnames spelled or pronounced differently upon arrival.. Some because they wanted to have a name that would fit better in America, others just because the people that were doing their immigration papers simply couldn't understand them. It happens all the times with my job and I have to make sure the spelling is correct. Can't really say it isn't an interesting theory and I know these guys are clearly talking about something else instead of pizza, but how do we know it's children?
  11. Today
  12. Rashford will be a striker, just not yet - he's not going to get us 20+ goals, they'll be games where he'll play up top (like last season). I think he needs one more season being played out wide and getting physically stronger- his pace is ridiculous. If he can take his chances more next season then he'll be our main striker for years. Perisic is basically another Valencia - does an old fashioned winger job - high work rate, lightning quick, beats a man and puts in a shitload of crosses. I remember wanting him at United when hes was lighting up the Euros. Would have liked Bernardeschi, but he's just signed for Juve - i really rate him.
  13. My main issue is that we haven't strengthend this summer. Lindelof has looked pure aids pre season, is Lukaku an upgrade on Ibra? Not really. So why should we think we're gonna challenge this summer?? Get some fucking quality in you cunts. If we start the season with just Lukaku and Lindelof we may scrape 4th. Add quality ffs. We should be bringing in at least another 4 players and shipping 3/4 out.
  14. Rashford is terrible at dribbling, poor close control but gets away with it because he's ridiculously quick, he's def a striker over a winger. The only way for Rashford to gain experience leading the line and being more clinical in front of goal is to give him chances up there. Can't see it happening, reckon Zlatan will sign another contract once he's fit again. Martial is a great dribbler though, I'll give you that. He's def a winger for me too. Is Perisic that good? seems like a bit of a workhorse whenever I've seen him play but never really struck me as an elite player. Suppose he's a bit of an old school winger which is rare these days but he's never blown me away when I've watched him.
  15. Sorry Jan, no sale. No buying it. You say things, how do you know they are facts? I quickly found one crack in your story, James Alefantis does not translate into, I love children, it is a greek last name. other people have that last name, it really is a stretch to make the French connection. Can you please post some of those direct sources to the emails you provided quotes from? Can you find specific proof of what you said about Tony Podesta? Jan, why haven't any of the victims of these crimes come forward?
  16. I always thought it's arctic white. Isn't olympic white more yellow than white?
  17. Those two are better out wide imo - especially if we play 4-3-3. Both are too inconsistent in front of goal to lead the line now- their pace/dribbling is murder for teams if they play out wide. Martial in particular is soo much more effective on the left wing. Put it this way, would you be confident winning the league if Lukaku got injured for a while and we had the choice of Martial/Rashford up front? We need another proper number 9 capable of 20+ goals.
  18. We have 3 strikers. Rashford and Martial too. I'm sick of them being forced out wide. They're not wingers
  19. Yep - i agree. 3 needed minimum and of the absolute highest quality. My biggest worry is we only have one striker. Pay the extra 5mil and get Perisic!
  20. Not surprised that the weirdos on this board either havent seen Star Wars or dont like it The only great ones are the original trilogy. Episode 3 was good on paper. The story is good but the acting, lines, fake cgi, etc make it not great. Force Awakens hit the JJ Abrams ceiling and used the typical modern movie cliches. Feldman and Matt Skiba = George Lucas and Jar Jar Binks!! Just wait for the Enema Of the State producers cut!
  21. Even though our results have been good pre season were still fuckkng way off. We still need 4/5 players. I've slagged city off for spending 100m on full backs but that's what we need ffs. how the fuck can we go into the season without a left back?? Still Jose is picking fucking Fellaini!!! look at city's squad and look as United's. Its fuckkng embarrassing. Their bench is starting to look stronger than our first team
  22. Feldmann and Star Wars, someone bin this thread immediately. What an absolute shitshow.
  23. Thanks for taking a cheap/poor joke so literally.
  24. NBA

    You're an idiot.
  25. Darth Maul is the best thing to come out of the prequels.
  26. Funny, when I read those lines I just assume that they're talking about an underground counterfeit fabrage egg ring. It really makes you think. It's crazy, all this egg selling in the basement of a pizza place that doesn't even have a basement.
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