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  2. Vera Mathews Band

    Story Time: I saw Blink at Saturday Night Live

    What the Davey.
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  4. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Gonna be a long season. With every passing week I feel nothing towards the team, I fucking hate them all and the manager and the cunts running the circus. The club is damaged goods. What needs to happen is Poch needs to come in and he needs to be left in charge of all footballing decisions at the club and he needs to be backed 100%. He done a great job at Spurs getting rid of those shit players they had for years. This is basically us now. It’s going to take us at least 5 years to even challenge again and that’s if we do what I say above. We won’t though, the cunts in charge couldn’t give a fuck about the footballing side of things as long as the sponsors keep rolling in. Mourinho is finished, the fire inside has gone, the confidence the swag is dead. He looks like he hates everything about football. He’s been left behind. He needs to go ASAP or this season is going to get seriously fucking ugly. Everything Ferguson has created has been destroyed in 5 years.
  5. veeRob

    blink's first website...1996.

    I'd love to see the pics from the original post! Not sure which site it's referencing...
  6. Well feel free to hit me up on FB and we can PM our pics back and forth if you like. Would be cool to connect, man.
  7. I pulled out the Warped Tour ones from that folder so that's just the Bear Mountain pics. You can access both folders at https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/VQQRH41D4OApMUw7XdzLKyyC7StfqY76nh5cdTO4FVF I have more pics to share soon...
  8. Also kinda crazy how fucking crazy Tom is
  9. I think its def necessary for bands yes. Just for what i do, is i always go to a professional studios for drums. Then i own some studio equipment to record the rest myself and save money. Usually all i need is a preamp and 1-3 mics. You can make a good sounding record that way, given that the preamp and mics are decent. I’ve had songs handed to me where the artist obviously wanted it to be fixed in the mix and is bummed when magic doesnt happen in the final product and doesnt understand why it doesnt sound like this or that. But if you dont own equipment you should go to a studio. its expensive as fuck. I wouldnt expect anything below 10 grand minimum for a full album. Few hundred bucks for a song if you get it and get out.
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  11. Reginald

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Slurring is words, bad guitar sound and playing AND UFO’s now? Might as well call him Matt Delonge AMIRITE
  12. daveyjones

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    right, not great; he's looking down! i dunno, anne told me he just really liked that shot. ah zip disks, those were the days!
  13. Kvothe

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Because self-titled is probably closer to alternative than pop-punk.
  14. Elisa

    Alkaline Trio

    Derek is a fun drummer to watch, he's so smooth, and writes the sickest drum parts. I never found him boring at all live.
  15. Elisa

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I don't watch many films in the summer but that post from a couple of weeks ago reminded me that I completely forgot to watch You Were Never Really Here so I saw it last week. It was a wonderful character study of a man with PTSD at the end of his road. Joaquin Phoenix is incredible, he's been one of my favourite actors since "Walk The Line". So many emotions. Such a great film. (A) The King of New York (1990) = this was nuts but also less problematic than most Abel Ferrara it was easy to watch. Very likable characters too. It has a really great build-up but kind of fizzles out in the end. (B-) Isle of Dogs = much better than I thought it would be, a passionate work dedicated to aspects of Japanese culture. Not the Wes Anderson I love but it was nice. All the claims of "cultural appropriation" that I've heard were complete nonsense. (B) God's Own Country, which is essentially Yorkshire's answer to Brokeback Mountain. It has very little dialogue but the storytelling is so moving. I loved it. (A)
  16. daveyjones

    REM vs Dave Matthews Band

    that's pretty much my assessment of travis in blink.
  17. Kvothe

    Music Club Week 8

    Having listened to this album shitfaced on multiple occasions, the main appeal is how the lyrics can be summarized as hitting an all time low (when drunk), realizing you’ve hit rock bottom, but also that you can’t sink any lower and grabbing life by the horns and not giving a shit. I honestly think that that message is so important for people our age. It’s so difficult with student debt and rising real estate prices that life seems impossible and meaningless. This album kicks you in the ass and says life’s meaninglessness means you shouldn’t given a fuck and just do what you want. It’s a simple message that many artists try to convey, but this album does it in a subversive way that really hit home for me. tl;dr life is too hard for our generation, you should stop taking life too seriously and fucking wing it and be genuine; this album shows that in subtle ways.
  18. raw_sounds

    MLB/ Baseball Thread

    Weird this thread is forgotten i thought baseball was the most followed sport on USA I have a question: wich is the club with more fans in USA? I guess Yankees is at the top of the list? and also where would Cubs be on that list? Im a Cubs fan and have noticed there is a lot of em on every stadium
  19. thongrider

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    1 Nightswimming 2 Shiny Happy People (kill me if you must) 3 The Sidewinder Sleeps tonight 4 The One I Love 5 Radio Free Europe
  20. Last week
  21. Thibaut182

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    Hahah found a better picture of that shirt
  22. Reginald

    Death Cab - Thank You For Today *new album*

    Im loving it. Didnt even know they had a new album.
  23. daveyjones

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    yes, and difficult to read, as it's like pages and pages of smallish, centered text. doesn't this guy have M$ word, or at least google docs? there's a reason most text is flush left; it doesn't give you a migraine. is a real boy / was a real boy is the absolute tops. the self-titled album is also pretty awesome at times. i've always liked max's voice, but the say anything catalog is... anything but consistent.
  24. Alan Rickman

    Better Call Saul

    Yeah it's kinda old when they pull out the fancy bottle of tequila like, "See this? See what we're doing here?" I liked the last episode though. looking forward to seeing where it all goes
  25. Kvothe

    Video Games Thread

    Yeah that is good for randoms. Randoms are such a shit show for stats since you only play them once. So annoying when you build up your ult and die before getting a chance to use t.
  26. Kevin.

    Sum 41 does this look infected tour

    Brownsound and Cone joined Billy Talent to cover Still Waiting and The Hell Song. This would have been cool to see
  27. Freestyleskater182

    My bands new song "Stagnation"

    I love that period of time for music and those games so I will take that as a compliment! Thanks for listening!
  28. Reginald

    AVA General Discussion

    And david is there
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