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  2. Hola!

    But other than that I'm a pretty decent guy.
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  4. California (1 year later)

    I hate to say this but I would rather have Tom in blink and half-assing it than what we currently have. He half-assed Neighborhoods and DED and in my opinion those are both way better than California. He half-assed live shows and they were still more entertaining than what we have now. I'll take a good blink album with Tom every 4-5 years over a new California album every year. Post-reunion pretty much sucked and it was really frustrating to be a fan of the band before they gave Tom the boot, but at least I enjoyed everything the band did during those six years more than anything they've done since. I honestly loved the direction they went with Dogs Eating Dogs and I was really excited about where the band would go from there musically, and how they would continue to evolve their sound. Instead, we got the exact opposite of musical evolution with California. I still have hope that blink's next album will be something new and interesting, but even with that hope, it's hard to be very excited about the band anymore...
  5. Foo Fighters new album "Concrete and Gold"

    Yeah, but he also gave tickets to a couple of Beaconsfield miners once they were rescued, and wrote/recorded an instrumental tribute to them. Dave also invited a very young Lorde to sing with him and Novoselic in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. He also donated his throne to an injured Axl Rose (of all people!)... I'm no Foo Fighters' fan, but I guess if you ask one, the list might go on and on. He seems like a nice/humble guy to me. He offered me the chance to play the middle-8 in "Disenchanted lullaby" when recording One by one, but I was 12 then, and hadn't yet mastered the art of 7/4, so I had to turn it down. Dave said "No problem! We'll leave it at 4/4!". That's how great a guy he is.
  6. Yeah, Singles includes those 2 songs: a shorter, 3 min. version of "State of the nation", and a remix of the "Bizarre love triangle" 7" version. Total (a 1-CD which also compiles Joy Division songs) has just "Bizarre love triangle". One of the (many) things that attracted me to the group was knowing that there's always a hell of a lot of more material to listen to. For instance, I like "The perfect kiss" a lot, but what I've listened to in the compilations is a 4 min. edit - I can't imagine how cool the complete version (twice as long) must be. The same goes for Tears for Fears, another band from the '80s that I like a lot. Some quirky B-sides were later transformed into fully fleshed songs. I guess the 'singles' era of pop music must have been very cool to live in.
  7. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I don't think he's insane, just kinda crazy and weird. I was listening to a podcast about him the other day and he had a very...uh, distinctive (? Nicest way I can put it lmao) childhood that explains a lot about the man he is now. I think history will repeat itself with the whole North Korea situation--threats here and there but ultimately nothing. But given all the missile launches, I wouldn't be surprised if I was proven wrong. I do think he might be doing it mainly to project the idea to the North Korean citizens that they are a great and powerful country, as they're hardly aware of anything outside of what they're fed--propaganda and lies about their status as a nation. That makes me sad.
  8. Yesterday
  9. NBA

    KD never fails to entertain. What a joke...
  10. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    Well, that and our charm, rugged gopd looks and gigantic penises/sexual prowess.
  11. Yo new people!

    Hi, everyone. I introduced myself earlier today in the 'Hi, I'm new here' forum with a long post, so I'll try making a short version here. I am 27, live in Argentina, am a Maths professor, and discovered Blink when I was 10, during the post-Enema days, on MTV. I quickly became a huge fan of the band, and have bought every new album (even the Dogs eating dogs MP3s) on release month. I enjoy songs from +44, AVA and Box Car Racer, so I'm not a particular fan of Mark or Tom - I like songs by both of them. My favourite Blink songs are "Ghost on the dancefloor", "Adam's song" and "I miss you" - I guess I don't favour one era over another as well. I'm not sure when it was that I discovered the forum, but it must have been during the pre-Neighborhoods era, because I was looking for any tiny bit of information about the album (I was particularly into Blink back then...). The discussions seemed interesting/funny to me, I like the design of the forum, and I wanted to share my "Roller Coaster" cover, so I applied for an account
  12. Blink 182 USA Tour 2017

    That's a great video, thanks!
  13. What TV show are you watching?

    It's not a TV show, so sorry if I'm derailing the thread a bit, but: have you seen the new Morrissey biopic? If so, what did you think about it?
  14. Books

    I'm not a very good reader, but these are two books I've enjoyed recently, that might be interesting for music fans: How music got free, by Stephen Witt. In it, you have a fully explored history of music piracy, the MP3, YouTube/VEVO and iTunes. The writer did a great job researching a lot of obscure documents, and interviewed some of the key people involved in digital music distribution. By far the most interesting book I've read. https://www.amazon.com/How-Music-Got-Free-Obsession/dp/0143109340 How music works, by David Byrne. Basically, he explains why he believes music is determined by many different factors (weather, peers, economy, the venue/s a musician/band plays, etc.). https://www.amazon.com/How-Music-Works-David-Byrne/dp/1936365537
  15. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Which part I didn't catch it? I do dig that song though, got a The Killers vibe from it
  16. Last week
  17. WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

    Still listening to this. I want more. Acoustic I-Empire tracks would be awesome too.
  18. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    what's blink-182?
  19. JJ Abrams is the John Feldmann of Star Wars.
  20. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    dammit, I gotta do everything around here.
  21. The Official Football Topic

    4 points from 6 after a shite start. Got tickets for the Spurs game this Saturday coming, beaten them the last two seasons 1-0, would bite your hand off for even a draw this season.
  22. Blink-lite

    But they're convinced the angsty, teen-pop blink formula still works while being completely ignorant of the fact that they are heading towards pure nostalgia by constantly keeping their feet planted firmly in the past, both in their lyrics and song compositions. Sad thing is we'll never get another Untitled or fuck, not even another WYHSB, which should be the goal when you're minus Tom. Instead they like writing songs about teenagers. Tom has this problem still too, to be fair. I truly think you could make blink's worst album of all time if you take Cali, mix it with DLX and add a dash of Tom's solo Odds & Ends. I'm not asking blink, past or present members, to change the wheel here. Just drive in a different lane for once. Bands used to copy blink's sound. Now blink tries to copy old blink.
  23. Forum update - Design changes

    It won't let me log in with my board account to link it. I'm sure it's an issue on their end but I figured I'd check with you since it started the same time as the update.
  24. Brand New's Brand New Record

    Listened to the full album on my drive back to Idaho the other day. It's not really my thing... A little boring overall for my tastes. I could see this being an album I'd listen to while doing homework, but for the most part I'm gonna stick with their first two albums.
  25. Enter Shikari new album, The Spark

    Speaking of which...
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