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  2. What are you doing there?
  3. 1. Feeling This 2. Not Now 3. I Miss You 4. I'm Lost Without You 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Here's Your Letter 7. Asthenia 8. Obvious 9. Go 10. Violence 11. Easy Target 12. All Of This 13. Down 14. Always 15. The Fallen Interlude
  4. The best deals. Filled with lots of things and some very good things. Winning so much we're all going to be sick of winning.
  5. At first I was annoyed but two seconds later I realized I don't care.
  6. Well, his band The New Regime does not sound as if he didn't know how to write music...
  7. Feeling This, Always, Rock Show?
  8. fucking hell Feldmann is gonna run this band into the ground huh?
  9. The really sad part is I have read and listened to so much UFO crap (because of Tom), that I have heard plenty of people make this exact point about him and actually understand what they mean. Many of these people think Tom is being fed disinformation, which he will then spread to us kiddos. Tom of course thinks there is absolutely no chance this is happening. He believes because he is Tom Delonge and walked into a meeting and "knew his stuff" that these advisors magically trusted him with the deepest sekrets of the government. In fact because of his rock star status and ability to reach the youth, these magical advisors entrusted him with the job of slowly leaking out this information through various forms of media, including fictional books. We, as the unknowing peons, are unable to fully comprehend this information if given in full, therefore we must slowly be fed this information via several books, documentaries, movies, t-shirts and lapel pins.
  10. Lol maybe a shit album for you but i love certain songs on there...So if i had to have 10 albums it would have to be in ...I listen to wishing well and natives everyday lol And i use autocorrect on my phone so neighbourhoods is what comes up dont blame me
  11. Last week
  12. NBA

    The Spurs have basically the same point differential with Kawhi on and off the floor, Harden and Westbrook have record braking turnover seasons. LBJ is bitching all the time but that part of influencing the officials. I always get the feeling that he could do more if needed, he has that extra gear not many players can switch to. It's a tight race this year for sure. You can't really go wrong with any of these four.
  13. I still like the bridge. Just takes too long to get to for my tastes. I agree it was the closest to the old blink feel we got on the entire album.
  14. Haha totally agree with you here. Travis is always incredible in my eyes.
  15. We both have 63 year old moms.
  17. I just read. That's fucking terrible! Praying for JR and his family!
  18. agree 100%
  19. Been playing Nier: Automata on the PC after getting the terrible port of it to working order. I liked the first one and this one is delivering in every aspect.
  20. Haha. You can dislike Schweini all you want but Fellaini > Schweinsteiger is a joke. I guess he wasn't really motivated anymore after how Mourinho treated him. Honestly why should he give a fuck. He kept his mouth shut, supported his team and enjoyed his big paycheck giving them no opportunity to suspend his contract. Would have done the same. Would you treat your ex-gf nicely after she dumps you and tells you to leave?
  21. My band perhaps (If you like indierock)
  22. Saw that few years ago. Very weird story
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