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  2. To be honest, I've never considered Tom sane. He's always been loopy. I remember coming across some old website from 1995 where they both posted on some punk community forum or whatever it was. The link was put on this site somewhere and my God, Tom's comment although hilarious, it was like reading an Eric Cartman post or something. The dude is insane. Always has been and always will. I guess he just became more unreliable over time regarding blink. People go different ways as they age. Friendships die or change and that's exactly what happened IMO. Then there was also the painkiller addiction Tom went through during 2001-2002 or whatever year it was. I don't take drugs, never have or will, but they can't be good on the mind of a dude that's already loopy. People change and develop different tastes. Tom got more into progressive music. Travis got more into hip hop. Mark got more into indie rock or whatever random bands he listens to nowadays. They just get older whilst keeping some of the same traits they'll always have. Tom has always been loopy or wrong in the head. Just he was a great songwriter and still kind of is when he's allowing input from other people. I don't care what type of music he'd write for blink if he was still in the band, I'm 100% sure that the music with him, Mark and Travis would be great if they were able to function properly as a band. Those three always did create beautiful music together, no matter how immature, poppy or synthy it was. Them three were just great when functioning properly. Oliver says Mark was very serious & business like whenever he's seen him. I have a feeling that Mark hasn't always been like this either. Hard to imagine him in the Enema days being like that but he definitely does come across as serious in some more recent videos of blink.
  3. Oliver's debating is hilarious to read if you're not participating. Clarke's is dry and boring regardless.
  4. @Olidamus out of curiosity, have you been in a band and gigged?
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  6. I remember this and being so bummed. My grandmother and my band died within two weeks of each other.
  7. Probably only 15-20 times which is why it caught me off guard! That part in particular he just sounds so much better to me the way he sings it as opposed to just saying it. (Which I can't say for all of his renditions) And after listening to TOYPAJ again, it's still definitely my favorite blink-182 album front to back. Side note: As I was looking up live versions of this, I checked out the 2014 Reading Festival which apparently I've never seen this version (I don't really care for First Date at all at this point). Although Tom sounds pretty shitty, I am cracking up at his "Is it wrong if I want to fuck a man?" lyric change. LMAO.
  8. Yeah keep us updated!
  9. That's pretty good.
  10. The video is a pretty good summary of Tom's work on the Alien subject. I mean he is for sure crazy but I somehow understand that he has no time for Blink anymore. He is completely lost in his own world.
  11. I'm always tempted to buy them but I don't have a lot of money to spend on stuff like this right now. I figure they keep getting repressed all the time so I'll still be able to buy them in the future.
  12. NBA

    They had KG for example...I think they just need a bit more time and are maybe a bit overrated.
  13. Never seen one ever in the UK, don't know anyone who has apart from my mate who got one in an egg. Tempted to send you my phone to go catch one for me haha.
  14. I havent watched it yet but the Rock is awesome. He does whatever he wants and rightfully so! Vinces candy ass will just have to deal with it Cm Punk was always one of my favorites. I hope he comes back but he's the type of guy I wouldn't be surprised if he never does. He decided he'd rather walk out (even though his contract was up in less than 6 months) than beat Triple H at Wrestlemania because he considered him a waste of time lol.
  15. I got 92. I dont know most of buddha as ive basically never listened to it and never will. I missed some easy ones on dude ranch which were annoying, voyuer, untitled and apple shampoo. The one im most proud that i got though was blew job and i knew it was blew not blow. I also got mh.4.18.2011. Dont ask how i know it but i just do.
  16. Judah & The Lion - Take It All Back 2 Legit, the best song I've heard in a while. Been on repeat for weeks now.
  17. Recording guitar, vocal scratch tracks.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I loved the TOYPAJ style site, I thought it was the coolest website ever.
  20. I'm with ya. I like their instrumentation, but I really can't take much nasally-teen sounding singers anymore. For me, the best album of 2016 was: Amen & Goodbye by Yeasayer
  21. i actually have the same guitar as you, it was the same colour and everything. Here's what i've done with it: Couldn't find a decent picture, sry. Didn't break the guitar, was just a pose, having some fun.
  22. Hey guys, i haven't been around lately, just checked back a few times for news on blink. I was busy the previous months writing and recording an EP with my band, and i'm pretty excited for you guys to hear it. A bunch of you will probably say "he's using the blink forum to get he's EP noticed" - which is absolutely true. My bad! Click here for a preview! When our EP is released, i'll link the full songs. Leave me a comment on what you think if you want to. Cheers!
  23. Mental defending from both teams.
  24. Last week
  25. The one with a Blink feature.. guitar and vocals don't resemble it to me
  26. i offered to upload here on this site; the offer was declined by the moderators.
  27. After years of playing guitar and playing in bands....I kinda lost interest in the guitar and started producing electronic music on my pc. I really like modern EDM, Deephouse and 80s Retrowave. So i always try to combine those elements. I was watching Tron: Legacy a few weeks ago and had this Angsty Idea. This is just the main idea, yet to come up with a cool bridge..or maybe play around with the accents a little. I would really like some opinions (Still is still very new for me, although i'm getting better with mixing and production) (I'm not a tom bot, but he really inspired me to do try and do stuff that i'm not familliar with) Ps. This is something i did back when i was 15...With lyrics 30x more cringy than First Date
  28. This is fucking horrible. I enjoyed their last album and now they're back to shit apparently.
  29. Alternative Press wrote about us in this pretty sweet article they posted today
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