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    All this time you're wasting hating the Warriors when you could be flushing pedophiles out of the basements of pizza places everywhere
  3. Season 1 is the best season of television I've ever watched. Beyond excited for the new season.
  4. Yesterday
  5. oh sweetie, no. you just lost all credibility forever.
  6. I loved the book to pieces, the trailer makes me very nervous.
  7. I'm listening to one of the most underrated albums ever!
  8. I saw that in the other thread. Pretty creepy, Jan.
  9. They've always aged well for me. Funny because I never thought they'd stick with me way back when I liked their couple of hits... And with all the changes. It's just simply good music.
  10. Was that written about the California production process?
  11. I'd have quite liked Negredo but can't see it happening now. IF we can keep Carroll fit I think him and Hernandez could strike up a decent partnership in a 3-5-2, cant see us playing it though. Doesn't really leave any space for Antonio and Arnie, they're not really wing backs.
  12. Last week
  13. Are the really replacing him with the BMTH guy? I like them but I don't think they should continue without him. It's not like Blink with the two vocalists. Chester's vocals are Linkin Park. Fort Minor's resurgence seems far more likely.
  14. Malick films are.... interesting
  15. I screamed at the preview for next week with Jon and Dany in the same room. I also should have known that the plan Dany made with all the kingdoms was not gonna go through successfully, it was too good. Seeing them all in the same room was cool though. I guess Yara is the priceless gift for Cersei.
  16. It won't be on kickstarter though, he'll launch it on tothestars under something like 'Landscape Pioneers' or something and pretend he came up with the idea of crowd funding.
  17. Hi all This is the real strat Tom used during 94-97. He took all the stickers off it around October-November 97 after the Uranus tour as said. The picture is from November 26th Irvine, CA show. Here is another picture from a Paris show on November 06th 97: Now, this one is the backup strat which was seen and used at the San Bernardino show. I haven't seen Tom using this or a backup strat before September. Here are better quality pictures of it from the San Bernardino show: You could see the backup guitar has a black humbucker and different but lookalike stickers. I'm sure I have more pictures... the real strat with the white X2N was always a mystery to me. I dag it up ages ago.
  18. Am I the only one who fucking hates Bayley, and thins she's over rated as fuck?! That was the best opportunity for a Sasha heel turn too! Would have loved to seen that!
  19. Reminds me a lot of a song can't put a finger on...I wanna say a Seether song? Mixed with some Depeche Mode style vocals. Really like the Guitar, thought it flows well on the verses nicely. I'd suggest a heavier vocal chorus though, the talking style didn't fit the heavy guitars and think it would make a solid song with more 'yelling' style vocals there.
  20. Maybe he's growing old of the same old shit season after season.
  21. Fuck me 😎 Conor telling the boxing journos he's going to shock the world is like something out of a movie. If he somehow wins this it could go down as an iconic moment. God I love him. Proper man crushing all over the shop the magnificent bastard
  22. Yeah I was thinking the same thing the other day. I can't even imagine if Mark, Tom or Travis passed away unexpectedly. I'd be gutted emotionally, which is weird because I've never met them. Makes me appreciate how Travis recovered from the plane crash that much more. Dude is seriously a badass for eventually going cold turkey on the drugs, both illegal and legal. Could've gone down DJ AM's path but didn't.
  23. Still adore this album. Shits all over California
  24. Well I'm jealous. Mark and Travis know you exist. You could hypothetically appear in their dreams now haha. And I agree with your assesment about new blink's shows. Something missing. Plus the crowd only knows BTD out of the new batch of songs. Super cool to post pics. Gives us all hope dreams can come true.
  25. Just re-listened to Meteora just now. Such an awesome album literally not a bad track on it. Lying from You and Figure.09 are my favs
  26. Favorite track out of those 3 albums I have is def It Doesn't Matter such a weird pseudo haunting/happy tune. Enjoy the Silence is probably 2nd really love policy of truth, blue dress, lie to me & a question of time
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