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  2. Like this band acknowledges the release of airplay singles... These days, unless it's a lead single or a promo single preparing the way for an album and becoming available on digital stores there is no such thing as a "release date". Plus, the video coming out is meaningless for radio airplay unless it becomes viral or unless we are talking about the most successful artists of the moment... It is flopping so far or maybe in the end it will just be a slow start, only time will tell. Anyway, I'm definitely not melting down since (like most people here) I can handle my favorite band being criticized or simply discussed (which is the case) without melting down and saying things shouldn't be scrutinized.
  3. So I realized the Pelham, AL show tomorrow is about the same drive for me as the Knoxville show was... I emailed the VIP company to see if they could potentially transfer my ETGBF package to tomorrow's show. Not sure how the actual seat ticket would work, but I've got my fingers crossed. Still so pissed about the show getting rescheduled. I don't see anything else booked for the Knoxville Coliseum so it seems Blink's camp rescheduled it. =/
  4. My older brothers favourite bands growing up were Offspring and Linkin Park. That was enough for me to dislike both.
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  6. Tom probably pays an intern to sign his autographs
  7. NBA

    Read that with his voice in my head
  8. Jose said he's going all in on Europa, so he'll play a weakened side from now on in the league. We'd still be very lucky to make top 4 i reckon, but i think he's doing the right thing. I think West Ham are pretty much safe - its a battle between Hull and Swansea now.
  9. Almost Famous. Absolute classic in my eyes. 10/10 every time!
  10. I'm waiting on bated breath.
  11. Yesterday
  12. 1. WDNTW 2. Half of I-Empire The rest aren't worth listening to.
  13. Great, thanks!
  14. "lost and alone" is What Went Wrong. fucking noob.
  15. Yeah, it's the sound that is safe, boring and stale. They've basically made three identical sounding albums. I remember doing an interview with Brandon years ago for an Aussie website, and he said that Chris left because being on the road was making him miserable. Was he actually kicked out? It's a shame, he's a fucking talented guy.
  16. Turns out i only have "part 2" so it starts at like track 15.
  17. I want a new album already. Loved My Shame Is True
  18. Last week
  19. I dont know which video i like better
  20. It does, especially since Lucas probably did to spite his ex wife.
  21. Been on a huge Menzingers binge since After the Party came out. Today it was
  22. 😂👌
  23. Like I said, I haven't played much yet, but the little bit that I have played feels just like Banjo. I'll come back and share more thoughts after I get a few more hours of play in.
  24. he has a point.
  25. at first I thought it was just alright, but ive now listened to it like 5 times in the last hour. I dont know why I like it, but I do!
  26. They didn't even overbook, apparently, they just decided basically last minute that they wanted 4 staff on that plane, and turfed off passengers.
  27. Uploaded a second track
  28. This. This was my main point. I don't care how any one person spells the word neighborhoods in every day writing, do what's right to you in that sense. But I'm not looking at the word Neighborhoods, I'm looking at the title/proper name of the album, Neighborhoods. There is only one correct way to spell that title, though out of context using it as just a word and not referring to the album's title, then yes, of course there are going to be different ways to spell it depending on where you come from. Inglorious Basterds is a perfect example of this same thing, thank you.
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