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  2. Sucks if true....but looking back at Stay Together for the Kids is pretty fucking funny now.
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Theyre only there because they’re female, simple as that. Women now get jobs simply because they have a pair of tits. I have a problem with that. I just don’t understand how they get the job because they play for England women which is the same standard as 15 year old school boys?
  4. Feldmann

    Yep, for example. And co-produced Pennywise along with Brett Gurewitz, amongst others. He was bloody diverse.
  5. Today
  6. The thread is "What Realistic Blink 182 Lineup Would You Prefer?"
  7. Not Good Literature

    Not really sure when I'm going with this song, but Not Good Literature Verse 1 How do you find a way in a world Full of roads that lead out of sight? And can words help to describe How to walk in streets when there's no light I'm not making up stories This is how I feel There's nothing left to unveil Chorus I may look like an open book but who is gonna wanna read me? oh oh I'd like someone to care for, to be there for But who is ever gonna need me? And I sure ain't good literature Just kiosk novels pulp fiction of(f?) the fair I'm just a soul (song?narrator?) that you can't trust? Mixed up with affliction and despair Verse 2 Even when life is sweet you always find good reasons to be bitter And sometimes literature seems a whole lote more like litter I'm not making up fiction this is really real Just a banana opened peel by peel
  8. The Official Football Topic

    VAR in general is horrendous and will ruin the game. Goal line technology should be the only help referees get in a game. VAR has been, and will continue to be, an absolute shambles.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Didn't look like they hated each other there tbh..
  10. The Official Gaslight Anthem thread

    You're right. Alex's guitar tone is the not so secret weapon that give GA a real unique quality.
  11. AVA General Discussion

    AVA had some sick merch back in the day - I don't get why they don't go back to some of those designs or even the brands they were carrying. I remember they had a Moon Atomic hoodie that was super rad, and even the basic AVA hoodie that was freyed and had a giant stiched logo on the back of the hoodie. I got drunk and lost both of those hoodies, and I would be forever bummed.
  12. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Yes, that's what i suggested, maybe it could be some kind of skate company?
  13. The Dirty Nil

    I love these guys so much. Theyre one of my top 3 bands right now. They just released the first single for their new album and it rocks. Theyre like punk mixed with like 80s power rock
  14. Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / Half Heart

    Damn, i thought i was gonna love Love Never but the chorus is pretty unforgetable.
  15. Video Games Thread

    Yeah same here, but I'm not going to approach it as an Elder Scrolls game. Just an MMO that shares the same universe, lore, and HUD. I've heard it's gotten better over time with the expansion packs and going free-to-play over the monthly fees. At $15 for a MMO + expansion, can't really go wrong. I ended up going with an Orc stam DK DPS build, we'll see how much of my life I need to flush down the toilet before I am respectable in PVP.
  16. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    The first one is still my favorite, but the third was really great too. They're so different though. All three movies have their own distinct tone.
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  18. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    The Australian tour was definitely in May 1998 that's for sure ! Also worth noting it's written : New single Apple Shampoo out now. Apple Shampoo was released as a single in October 1997 so it must be in October 1997 from the release of that single.
  19. Millencolin

    Always really liked Millencolin, I think that they nail that ska-punk sound without the use of trumpets and horns ! Would love so see them live !
  20. Tom Delonge 97/98 Black LP Replica

    A great picture of Tom's guitar with the Billabong sticker !
  21. Blink-182 Signature Study

    Another example !
  22. What TV show are you watching?

    Yeah hates that scouse cunt. Yeah Charlie was sound. Gutted to see him go. Alex is from my hometown. Doesn’t sound it though. I’m liking all the guys tbh. Wez and Jack are dudes. I like Rosie because she’s a shit stirring bitch. Georgia is fucking lovely. The best looking by a mile. I like Dani but her accent is tragic, Essex slag 😛
  23. NBA

    It makes the most sense for lebron to go to the Celtics, but I could see him on the rockets.
  24. Last week
  25. the second SOMA location.

    I'm sad all these links are broken! For anyone doubting any of Davey's stuff I can confirm - he's the real deal. I was lucky enough to meet up with Davey when he still lived in California and browse through some of the blink history he has. Super cool stuff and super nice guy.
  26. I listened in work today. I think overall it's definitely unique whilst also being poppy-indie enough to be familiar, not too jarring. Her voice was a little odd at first but I got really comfortable with it quite quickly, I can kind of see the Weezer resemblance but mostly it just screams weird 90s girl bands - which I dig! I don't know about stand out tracks yet, as I had it more like background listening whilst I was working, but I definitely paused to check the title for Black Hole. I think I will give it a spin again for sure, not sure if it would make it's way onto a playlist or anything though. I may listen again in the week and focus my thoughts a bit more nice record to kick off, @boxelder!
  27. Blink-182Online Official Music Club

    First thread is already up! check it out -
  28. Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You

    Yeah, honestly I think it might be my favorite Senses Fail song now as well. Still love all the stuff off Let it Enfold You and Still Searching, but damn this one gives you the feels way more than any of the older stuff.
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