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  2. Not what he said, he said because he is famous women will let him do anything to them, and he listed some stuff. That is not bragging about sexual assualt dipshit. And I'll be nice and not post direct quotes but a very quick scan of the sexual confession topic, you've said worse, having sex with a girl who squirts, popping a girls cherry in graphic detail. Like I said this fake outrage is a whole bunch of horse shit.
  3. NBA

    Part of the problem with the playoffs is also the schedule. I just went to see if G1 was on tomorrow and it doesn't start until June 1st! Wtf! This stretching over a months span takes away from it a lot.
  4. Hits Daily Double's numbers are in... While these are not the official/Soundscan figures, they are certainly close: SALES PLUS STREAMING CHART: -- 26 BLINK 182 CALIFORNIA BMG 17,690 -- BUILDING ALBUM SALES CHART: -- 10 BLINK 182 CALIFORNIA BMG 15,345 -- Also, it re-enters the UK albums chart at #15: "Their seventh studio album in a little over 21 years - and the first fronted by Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba - California became the first ever No.1 album for the pop/punk trio Blink 182 last July, and the release of a deluxe edition restores it to the chart at No.15 (4,738 sales), while raising its cumulative sales to 78,347." (Nice total sales in the UK, 100 000 copies would give them a Gold certification.)
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  6. I don't know if its because the melody is so mumbled in the chorus, but it was the one I kept completely forgetting from deluxe. I honestly right now couldn't tell you what it sounds like.
  7. Thanks man. Logical critiques take a lot of energy "oasis sucks tho" is much more fun
  8. The invisible Parade gives me the chills.. reminds me of that Tom in those untitled-era Cheetah-videos that took forever to gather and download via gprs.. I honestly think tom could pull BCR2. Think and hope.
  9. Personally, i think they will need alot more than that - also new manager. I don't think any of the English team have anything to fear - its whoever can get lucky with injuries and cope best with mid-week and then a weekend fixture. English clubs' biggest problem is that they compete in the hardest league in the world.
  10. ....are they? I thought that one guy's face had acidic burns....wasn't he attacked by neomorphs?
  11. Let's take this to the Alien thread?
  12. I think so too and that is TOTALLY fair in my mind.
  13. Fucking ass! I didn't know where to post this but this pisses me off. Fuck people sometimes seriously.
  14. I think Hybrid & Meteora aged terrifically. Theres nothing else like it then and since, so those sounds always hold up to me. Granted it doesn't have the early 2000s 'Matrix' era that it kind of fit in with behind it (miss those days!), but it still holds up Imo. Those choruses were just so strong. The only thing that I don't think aged as gracefully is just the repetitiveness of it.. each song sounds pretty similar which wasn't a big deal at the time but kind of affects it now.
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  16. Thank you all! If anyone would like it, it's out on itunes now. And if you don't want to buy it, PM me and I'll email it to you.
  17. I'm not sure who I like the most: Hayley on her weirdo incarnation, or in her fancy ones.
  18. this is the only thing good that came from the existence of nickelback
  19. I have a Squier Standard strat and a Fender champion 100 amp
  20. Yes. I was the one that put the time stamps in.
  21. I can't wait for the new album, I really like the song they just dropped Classic Pervert.
  22. Last week
  23. I also believe every song is secretly about Tom. Especially SOOHM.
  24. Well I just looked up the quote, that's definitely false, I meant day to day. You only have so much energy throughout the day before you need sleep... For longevity obviously Trump is wrong you don't just have a finite amount of energy to use. Exercising gives you more if anything as it benefits your body's health.
  25. Anyone seen You Me Her? it's on netflix, show about a married couple who sort-of-accidentally end up in a thruple with an escort. season 2 is coming soon apparently, and I really liked the first season. it took an episode or two because at first I didn't really get it but it got a lot better (and funnier) as it went on. Very weird, very interesting.
  26. This song is so odd to me. I really don't like it much, it's quite boring and doesn't go anywhere and the lyrics are quite shitty, but I totally love the bridge and I don't know why? its odd.
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