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  1. it's funny how this little piece sounds miles better than anything from Cali+Deluxe. What happened to Mark, ffs. watch at 0:48
  2. Nah
  3. i believe Tom never heard a MH song until the very last day. with Tom's input, like a better guitar hook, a better bridge and Tom shoulda been recorded this guitar part by himself (It's clearly Mark's playing) it could have been a decent song, cause the final version sounds like a demo. Musically, Left Alone is arguably better, but it' still boring. voted for MH anyway for a decent effort by Mark
  4. good times. tom sounds fine. so much energy. down at the end is just perfect. you can say whatever you want about Skiba but Toms sound is so iconic.
  5. can't stand Tom's verses in Kaleidescope, such a horrible melody, still better than KOTW.
  6. they have like 30 almost finished songs from the first batch without feldmann and probably the same amount of songs with him - why do they have to put a lame joke song on this bitch is nonsence. what a waste.
  7. Hearts All Gone easily. No Future just sucks.
  8. man, how in the fuck Sober is an instant classic. it's unbelievable how low you can drop a standard for blink. sure, without Tom there are no chances to keep that standard, but we are all know what Mark and Travis are capable of - a hundred times better than Sober. it sucks that they took a super generic direction with Feldmann, can't do nothing about.
  9. snake charmer is a boss. the bridge sounds awesome, a perfect example of how you shoud fit "ohhh ohhh's" in a song, it has a desperate feeling to it and sounds really natural, flawless, dark and overall great vibe - one of the best blink songs, all kinds of progressive material. what does sober has to offer? nananas and generic sound, drums are cool though.
  10. description sounds bad. like they wrote a lot of musc but can't figure out what to sing about, they squezee the fuck of their idea's. whole thing sounds like "we wrote a song about something we don't care about".
  11. the real problem with current blink - mark travis matt and feldmann all TOO polite to each other. they can't tell to each other that this song sucks donkey balls like all time low always do, they can't critic each other - cause they don't have too. matt is probably in the shadow and scared to bring it up, feldmann knows his formula and sticks to it no matter what - he thinks everything he does is pure gold. Mark deep down knows that california is a trash compared to what blink is used to be, but he's totaly fine with being generic now, travis doesn't give a shit. Blink's fucked with that kind of attitude, add to this lack of creativity, no riffs, bullshit nanana's and marks desire to stay famous no matter what. Their mind think like this: "i will drum to whatever they sing" (travis), i'll sing whatever feldmann ask me to sing, im in a paradise now, doesn't have to even try (mark), "i'm saving my best ideas for trio, i'll try to fit pop lyrics there and here/play the same guitar riff like tom did with stftk in the verses (skiba), "wohoo, two more albums with nanana's and whohoos and i'll buy me a new house with waterfall" (feldmann). sure with that behaviour we will get a piece of trash like california forever.
  12. can't stand btd. misery wins easily.
  13. it's good. better than the most of california. still think that guitars over "there is halo in the distance" are annoyng as fuck - they use this style in every goddamn song. thank fuck for a bridge - kinda fresh. not bad.
  14. 2:00 - 2:05 has that real good old blink vibe. not bad.