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  1. i'm already expecting lots of whoa whoa, nanana, cringe guitar rip off action, + i bet feldmann will bring guests vocals, remixes, ska elements. can't wait to hear that they've recorded 30 songs after one week of studio work and it's better then Untitled x20 times.
  2. no worries. well, to be honest, never understood the praise this song gets. Tom's chorus has the most annoying melody ever. Song feels undercooked, terrible bridge, the outro fades to nowhere. The only good part is piano and drums. The second half of a song is garbage. LIT is awful too, at least it has a decent bridge, guitar riff, musically it is fine, where Kaleidoscope is both ways just a trash. Whats so good about it?
  3. went with All of This. it's not bad, but i find myself barely listen to it.
  4. it's like he did a happier version of the adventure. can't wait till it comes out in 2040. sounds very good though.
  5. pretty good, sucks it's not an hour long lol. good warm video.
  6. with Feldmann on drums.
  7. here you go, sir.
  8. "but that's just me". yeah mark, you are so predictable and formulaic now.
  9. nothing special but super easy going song. liking this piece. travis kicks ass here. Save yourself, we're always saying We're not the same, we're two in a million
  10. it's so strange but when the last chorus hits and skiba screams yeah yeah yeah or whatever the hell he's yelling about - the best part of the whole cali + deluxe. fuck knows why but it sounds TOO good. has that +44 vibe certainly, very similar wyhsb+cliff diving groove, it works here.
  11. where that bitch at. can't wait.
  12. ahh, good old excuses for blink: they need time to found their sound, time to mix their styles, time to figure out the setlists, suuuuuure the second, third and fourth fifth album would sound close to each other cause they didn't have enough time to figure it out. fuck this. they have time, plenty of it. their choose to write these cheesy, generic, using the same formula piece of shit songs and they are happy with it, even though they know it's shit. they don't give a fuck. the final product doesn't sound remotely good because they choose to work with feldmann and his formula. feldmann doesn't know how to blend them well so he just record these cheap parody pop-punk songs. no way in hell the next record is gonna sound differently. i bet my balls the next album will have all kinds of nana, ohohoh, woaahh, bland & generic sound action, full of cringe lyrics, the same stupid guitar sound all processed and shit, the same annoying bullshit. it's stupid to cover up their bullshit with nonsense like "next record are going to be different". it wont.