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  1. Ghost

    Blink-182 Vinyl Thread

    Yeah, pretty much this. I agree. A crappy digital recording, with crappy EQ and mastering, ain't gonna sound better in vinyl. This is the big scam that the industry made back when CD was pushed, but 'in reverse'. People was getting the same masters in different format, so it was going to sound the same, excet if you had a crappy vinyl player. So to put an album on vinyl makes more much sense when the whole recording process has been made in a certain way, and that's not only to be recorded using analog equipment -which, of course, is an added value if you want to make a really good sounding record, just because the way music is 'stored' originally on a tape through analog equipment, versus how the sound is converted and stored on digital format-. Yet, you can use digital equipment and get a really good sounding album, being correct in terms of dynamics and sound treatment. Then, vinyl makes sense too. For the +44 reissue, the album is going to be remastered (or has been), so we can expect an improvement if it's made in those audiophile terms they are claiming. You can expect deeper, fuller sound, more dynamic and detailled. Less compression and less problems on the top ends. Not brickwalled and peaked all over. I would love to have those remastered records in FLAC/WAV via HDTRACKS, but they are not doing it, which is a shame, IMO.
  2. By the way... Blue Cover / LP: Limited blue available at retailers & SRCVinyl. (Available April 12, pre order live now: https://www.srcvinyl.com/44-when-your-heart-stops-beating-blue-lp.html) Pink Cover / LP: Limited pink exclusively available at SRCVinyl (Available April 12, pre order live now: https://www.srcvinyl.com/44-when-your-heart-stops-beating-pink-lp.html) Green Cover / LP: to be released Friday November 29th (Available on Nov 29th, Black Friday https://www.srcvinyl.com/44-when-your-heart-stops-beating-green-lp.html
  3. PR says: Blue and Pink Variants Now Available For Pr-Order (Ships April 12) Green Available In November srcvinyl will be expanding their Mark, Tom and Travis (Blink-182) catalog with the reissue of +44's 'When Your Heart Stops Beating' on limited, audiophile vinyl. The album is mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio. It has been plated and pressed at RTI. The album will be pressed on three variants - Blue, Pink & Green with cover art matching the color pressing. Interesting.
  4. Ghost

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm not sure Mark doing this is just because his lack of whatever. What if he just wants the actual situation? I mean, from the economical point of view is the best scenario if you don't care about anything else. Go and make records which can satisfy the industry, then push them on the stream and surround you with 'cool' people who is now popular.
  5. Ghost

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    He did a Tom DeLonge, hahaha.
  6. Ghost

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    There is some interesting shit going on her work, putting aside the monumental money tat has been and it's being invested in promo and all. Where are you from (if you don't mind me to ask)?
  7. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Still not proving me wrong, mate. I'm generous. You have until 2050 to do it. If so, I'll take back what you prove. Yeah, you're right, and I admit that. And I talked to him via DM to apologize. Again, although I was harsh using that word, he reacted with much more elegance and class than anyone else, or those who were not adressed by my post but got offended as hell. And again: I appreciate his effort, but I still have the same opinion, which, to be fair, is just that, a personal and irrelevant opinion, as the thousands of opinions that we write in this boards. That's something some people here doesn't understand yet.
  8. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Go ahead Ghent. You only talk to me to mock the things I say without prove anything wrong. So, yeah, I'm generous and Im bringing you the chance to prove me wrong. Remeember: pick any case or thing I've said in the past about sound treatment, even this thread, but use actual and real facts to do it. I've spoken about boosting middle ranges and accentuating hiss -cutting bass to, if you like-, and how, to me, that sounds bad or, well, let's put it this way: "not that good". Now is your turn. You have my support. Go and take advantage of this chance, champion!!!!
  9. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    I have a better plan: prove me wrong about anything I've said about sound or sound treatment all this years. Anything you can find. I let you choose. Then, we'll talk. It's not my business that you live in constant denial. It's not my business that not only me have tod you this kind of things and you keep on mocking it all. As I said, go to learn, and then talk with property about what some of us talk when speaking about production, music industry and recording music.
  10. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    No worries, man. I can do it bettter too. There's no problem at all.
  11. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Says the stalking pedophile.
  12. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Gotcha. Thank you.
  13. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Learn to read, learn to lsiten, understand what we're talkingabout, then talk to me. Go ahead, champ.
  14. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    Oh well... yeah. Sure. What are we now? Little kids who can't stand anything but nice words? Come on. You understood perfectly well what I said. Appreciate the effort, but don't like the results. If that blows your minds, then well... have a look at that. In fact, @bradsonemanband has shown more class accepting my opinion than you both. And he's the author of this thread. So well... whatever.
  15. Ghost

    I remastered their early demos

    This sounds like you were talking alone. Anyway, because of that, because those recordings are what they are, unless you have the master recordings, any effort at 'remaster' a shitty lossy file will be a void effort. Sound treatment 101 here. You're welcome. But you're not even aware of that, that's your level, champion. Exactly. Boosting middle ranges, or trying to thin the lower tranges on this kind of recordings (remember, this comes from a shitty rip of an old cassette which, probably, was a reencoding from an original lossless rip-source) is as far as a remastering process as it gets. You know pretty well what I'm talking about, aren't you? Anyways, I know he made it just for fun, and I'm not talking about his effort. I'm expressing I don't like it and why. If that's wrong with you, then fuck off.