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  1. I love the vintage cycling jacket Matt sported at that show. The guy is weird as fuck, gotta love him. I expect him one day coming out on stage wearing some lycra cycling pants too.
  2. Pretty much. I always thought that Tom changed way more things, minds and people without trying, compared to the time in which he really tryed it (AVA). Also, about the genious thing... what's exactly a 'proper geious'? I don't think there's a proper one. In fact, that's the big mistery of all geniouses: it's a gift you can't explain (each own on its own level). Some may be more spectacular that others, but it's something anyone can explain.
  3. After 2 mails, I got an answer from their management. It seems like "they" have been really busy, but my interview is still in queue. So it might be nswered and sent back to me soon. Right on!
  4. Well, is not like I wrote personally to him. It's all conducted as what it is: a press promo thing. That's why they sent us the album and why they offered the interview. If he ends up not doing it, I expect some kind of polite rejection from the management agency. Also, there was not harsh questions, so, well... It would be disappointing if it all fades to black without explanation. Is not the first time that this happens. Interviews get rejected sometimes, even if they are scheduled in person at the venue before a show, but you usually get a message before it's cancelles. I mean, even To The Stars told us that Tom DeLonge decided to not to answer more interviews a while after The Dream Walker was released. They said (hah) he was getting really busy.
  5. Oh, about the people criticizing Feldmann on that Reddit, that's perfectly OK -no need to be harsh, though- He has to take criticism too, and I'm pretty sure he knows that. But hey, he does what he does, and everyone who hires him, knows what he's reaching for. Maybe media has been praising the work (as the media is part of the business nd the industry, ya know), but when this kind of artists and producers hit the real ground, they just find that fans are not as ass-kissing as tons of the media and journalists out there. Fans are not the industry, and they're not praising anything because the sake of it. This proves that fans, in general, just don't swallow everything, and it proves that we, blink fans (in general), are more aware of music than they probably are aware of. We do care. The most positive thing -so to say-, about this, is to compare how they 'sold' the album as one of their best ones, and one of their best ones in terms of sounds, and the comeback to the 'old' vibes, and how lots of fans are saying: HECK NO, GUYS, no way this is a throwback sounding record, and no way this is your best effort. No matter how many times you repeat a marketing sentece. IF that's not true, it's gonna explode in your face somehow. If blink still has some intelligence, they should take notes on this. Of course they're not gonna change the approach that much. In the end, California has its ups and downs, good and bad things, but they should take a noticeable different approach next time, at least if they want to keep some creative integrity.
  6. Amazing the guy is having Q&A and all, and I'm still waiting for 'my' interview to be answered -which was sent like 20 days ago-.
  7. i have to agree here, mate. Specialy the bold. But as some other here have pointed out, mentall illness, anxiety and depression is way more complicated than it seems. I also have to agree with the one who said that medecines are good if they are used properly -an example is Brian Wilson, he was treated badly, and he was a total mess, but since he has the properly treatment, he has been able to become functionally again-, but also I feel like that has to be a transitional phase in the way to become sane again (except for the heaviest cases). I've struggled with anxiety in the past, like 8 years ago or so, due to some shit at work. The hardest part was, probably, to 'came out' and say it to the closest ones, accepting that something was not ok at that moment and that i needed help to figure it out. You know you're gonna be judged somehow, and that's not cooI on the first moments. I don't think I was depressed, but I felt very wrong, like I was on the verge of something really dark I didn't experienced before. Fortunately, all that shit is now behind, I never fell into depression, and, sure, exercise and contact with nature has helped TONS to me in terms of controlling anxiety and stuff. I feel 100% good as I feel connected to myself and nature. Sometimes, our reality and the world we live in tend to make us less and less aware of ourselves. I don't know, I think everyone experiences it on a very personal way. i don't think two depressed people have to be treated equally. In the case of famous people, the shit has to be really hard to manage.
  8. This. I feel like, sometimes, people who is struggling just loses hope because we still have massive troubles when talking and treating depression and mental illness. That's why I said people have to seek for help, and for people who listen to them without judging. The treatment? I don't have a clue, I'm not a doctor.
  9. When I saw it, I couldn't believe it. This is really devastating. Same feeling as when Chris Cornell passed away. I wasn't into their latest stuff, but man, that doesn't really matter... the guy had an amazing voice, and finally he was clean since a few years ago. People should seek for help. No matter what, if you feel bad, if you're struggling, just seek for help. Mental illness and mental problems should be treated properly, we should talk about it openly.
  10. Sorry for the delay, guys. I just sent a reminder to the management people for Goldfinger. Still waiting for the answers. Can't wait. I hope this doesn't end as the interview I was going to have with DeLonge a few years ago when AvA released The Dream Walker...
  11. Aside from my main job, I've been a music journalist since 2003. Also, I've been linked to the music industry (here in Spain) in other areas.
  12. As soon as I get it back to me. Still waiting for the answers.
  13. When you set your mind properly, you can find 'solid' bounces on the album. Look at the dedicated post I opened on the other bands board.
  14. 'Power chords riffs' -if that exists-, to me, are pretty much chord progressions.
  15. THANK YOU MATT. Finally, someone on blink's camp admitting the evidence. Funny though, has to be the new guy the one being honest about it, while the other two are the ones that threw the "sounds like Enema and Untitled meeting up" shit, knowing that was a blatant lie.