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  1. Ghost

    The Story So Far

    Mate, don't you have a computer?
  2. Ghost

    New Feldmann Topic

    That's a good question. THE QUESTION, I'd say. If you're in a studio and you're asking yourself that question, maybe you'e on the right direction. That's where you put money and integrity each in every side of a bascule, to see which plate goes deeper. So, two short answers: If you are a total sellout and don't care about your artistic integrity, you'll go for the money, letting the producer (so, the industry) do whatever he wants. (Skiba in Blink). If you have some integrity and honesty, you'll try to find a point in common with the producer, using him as an artistic advisor and guide or, in an extreme situation, cutting that producer off and giving him a nice fuck off. (Skiba in AK3)
  3. Ghost

    The Story So Far

    I've never truly connected with ths band. Their last effort was decent, but well... never really got me into them either. This record, at least, has some intention to evolve the sound, so well... kind of welcome.
  4. Ghost

    New Feldmann Topic

    Yes, he does. This is disgusting. Let's make some little correction. When he says 'it would’ve never connected the way it did', he's really saying 'it would've never appeal to the pop-oriented mainstream side of the industry'. But also, when he says 'The record needed to have the melodies and the vocals the way that they were, in order for people to really understand how great the songs were', he's saying 'The record needed to be adapted for the mainstream in order for general hit-eater people to really be able to digest a metal-hardcore band'. So Feldy tryed to turn metal into pop, and then we have all those bands which sound the same. Same autotuned harmonies, sampled batteries and shit. If any music lover doesn't get how wrong this shit is... well. I mean... That's why a year or so ago I said that Feldy knows exactly what he's doing. He's an industry guy. He works for the industry, to make radio friendly music, quick hits and, in the end, tons of money. So the way he puts this to words is nauseous. Music dosesn't matter, it's only the way to find the big money. And there's still people who don't want to see how bad this shit is for real music.
  5. Ghost

    Pale Waves

    Holy moly, good luck at that.
  6. Ghost

    The Story So Far

    Got it then? @Scott. are you still grinding to hear it? hahaha
  7. Ghost

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I liked the first one, but I've only listened to the second one once, and skipped the third. Gonna listen to the whole thing whn it comes out and see how it runs on its entirely. I'm not holding my hopes with this album though... we'll see.
  8. Ghost

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Yeah @Scott.. I listenet to it years ago. I think is from an old EP. They had a few songs which sounded pretty Jimmy Eat World-esque, so to say. And nothing bad, to be fair. I love how they look normal, yep. And I like this version too. But I'm too used to the final one, which I love too. Now that we're talking: Medicine is, probably, one of their best tracks. So simple, but so effective.
  9. Ghost

    Pale Waves

    Twist plot. Fuck this shit. Heard ther first album. Boring, generic and unoriginal as fuck. Can I call this the new 'emo'? Holy crap.
  10. Ghost

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Until Feldy stepped in
  11. Ghost

    The Story So Far

    Are you able to download and listen in a computer/phone, mate? If so, I can help. Crap, just read your earlier post. Sorry.
  12. Ghost

    The Story So Far

    I'll check this album, althouogh TSSF haven't been anything special for me, to be honest.
  13. Ghost

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    I agree with you all. Still doesn't really feel like Matt is a 100% full member of the band, specially because his signature songwritting is not there. But that's my perception. Anyways, I'm fine with the situation. From my AK3 fan side point of view, and listeining to the AK3 new album, I'm ok with Matt making money in his side-project blink, while investing and keepin' in really good shape for his main band, AK3.
  14. Ghost

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    I still think that if they work together with a proper producer, and letting Mat tcome full in on the songwriting process, blink wouldn't sound as AK3.
  15. At this point, he's the final breaking point.