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  1. Hold your horses, pal! Hahaha
  2. I've heard both youtube and official download versions and they sound as SHIT. The whole mix is a total disaster.
  3. I like them until The Sufferer and the Witness, at least until the first half of that record. The rest of their discography has come and gone so quick for me...
  4. Hahaha, nah, totally forgettable. I don't think he brought that much to the table. I think Chad had and has all the guitar writing responsability. Definitely I'm getting some Coming Home and Catalyst vibes here and there, but it lacks consistence. Coming Home was by far a much better record, IMO.
  5. Hm... now that you say it, it's possible.
  6. Still has it.
  7. And I totally forgot about the MySpace transmission performances. That was really good too. "Over and Out" rendition is so good, and "Emma", and "Love Love Kiss Kiss"... Oh, and just for the record, those were down tuned performances.
  8. TONS OF REVERB on this one
  9. Is out there. I like it but, also, feel a little meh about it all. I like the direction they are hitting here, but somehow, I feel like they're missing something.
  10. Yeah, I remember them pretty well. Skiba wearing a weird wine color jacket. I think they're still out there. I'll try to find them.
  11. Left Alone, I don't feel i'ts a superb song due to the lazyness of the verses, but that chorus is absolutely boombastic.
  12. Actually Ilan joned AvA in the end of 2011. He also participated on the Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal EP. Then, he and Tom wrote TDW (not sure if even Dave was around anymore). He basically was an AvA member in full force way before TDW was written. Not being a huge fan of the band, I consider that album fruit of that band, consisting in Tom and Ilan in that period. Not the same thing as Feldy affair, to be honest.
  13. Can't Get More Rubbish, would be a better title. Stupid, useless, forced, lame, uninspired, not funny... CRAP. But on the worse sense, not on the crappy golden punkrock sense of the old days. What the actual fuck, Blink?
  14. I've been searching for this video again for so long. Oh Matt... dear.