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  1. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Holy molly. HOLLY FUCKING MOLLY!!! Guys and gals. This is sad. Really sad. I think everything has been said about this all. His presentations was all but anything possible related to what a good presentation has to be. To be effective, you have to be eloquent and concrete, a little bit wizard to explain things and make it cool. Look at Apple keynotes and the likes of. Tom has done the opposite. Weird impersonation, weak specch in terms of not explaining anything. I mean, he just stays in the same place "big things to come" in terms of his own narration. One of the things that has impressed me the most is how he describes himself as "Tom of Blink-182": Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge from the band Blink-182. But moreover, and most important... Jesus Christ, what about that amazing receiding line? I mean, wouldn't be safer for him to invest his money in a proper hair treatment?
  2. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I'm so in love with this song, that I just can go and marry 'her'.
  3. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    What the hell am I watching???? Is that even Tom? Jesus fucking Christ.
  4. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    What the actual fuck??????????????
  5. MUSE

    Is "Origin Of Simmetry" their best album? Hell yes. Pretty close followed by "Absolution". Then, it all goes downhill from there.
  6. Brand New's Brand New Record

    Crazy as fuck
  7. Well, well, well... At least, that sounds like if it coule be something interesting to hear... uhm... if it happens anytime.
  8. I can see him selling condoms anytime soon. To The Stars Condoms.
  9. The Donald Trump Thread

    Thank you, guys and lady. Well, to be quick: things are getting uglier. I don't know how the international press is exactly handling this, or if the 'social media' (mainly videos filmed by citizens) stuff is getting there, but definitely this is dangerous. This evening, at 21:00, the king of Spain will be appearing on TV. Too late, and probably, totally useless. But other than that, police and paramilitar police are still in Catalonia. Today, citizens are on a general strike on this region, so barelly everything is hung by now. Rumours (because, for now, there's no official statemen coming from the catalan government), say that an unilateral declaration of independence will be done this same week, as the recount of the referendum said that the 90% of the voters (42% of the population in Catalonia: 2,2 million of votes) said YES. Spanish government, I'm sure, has plans to keep the police in there to deploy it again if the catalan government doesn't take back anything. the two options now are: Catalonia going independent, or the Spanish goverment stopping it applying the 155 article of the spanish Constitution. And to do that, would be a total nightmare due to the revolts, I'm sure. So, and this is my speculation which I expect it to be not real by any means, I wouldn't be surprised if, finally, the spanish government send the army to Catalonia in order to stop it all. Meanwhile, spanish politicians are being totally stupid as the international press keeps on pushing against them. They (politicians) keep saying there was not a referendum (and it existed, of course), nor that the police deployment was too much. They keep saying that the force used was proportional and, if you see the videos floating around, you'll see that is anything but proportional. And remember: this is all because THEY WANT TO VOTE, even those who don't want to be independent want to vote. They just want to decide using democracy, and the spanish government can't deal with that. Why? It's a total mistery to me.
  10. The Donald Trump Thread

    I was going to write some words about Catalonia again as things keep getting uglier, but now I have my doubts. It's appropiate to do it here in this thread? Serious question. I didnt know this was the original Trump thread.
  11. Tom Petty has died.

    You'll never be too late to discover him, mate. If you decide to dive into his legacy, just enjoy.
  12. Tom Petty has died.

    What a sad loss.
  13. Tom Petty has died.

    Another musical huge loss. Rest in peace.
  14. The Donald Trump Thread

    Ladies, sorry to take the thread back to the Catalonia thing. Fist of all, thans for your concern. Elisa, yeah. That's why I said that this is not a left/ight thing. I think it's not even about independence now. It's the proof that modern states as the likes of Spain are still anchored on old practices. Totally out of focus and exagerated deployment of force to try to avoid people vote. I mean, if the referendum was called illegal and, supposedly (as it calls it the spanish government), does not matter at all in terms of the outcome, why in the hell they send that amount of police and paramilitar police to the region? I mean, we're taking here about the fact that spanish government sent three huge transatlantic ships full of police a week before the event. Police started to get recruited for this literally weeks before it happened. The assault and the way it was done was 100% scheduled, no matter how citizens' behaviour could have been. Kay, agree. Pretty much what you said and my response is the same I said to Elisa. This is reallly deep in terms of cutting up free speech. You just can't use brutality to 'fight' a pacific demonstration like this. I mean, even in Madrid, where in the evening there were some demonstrations in support of free speech, the police charged against people. It all went bananas. I would really want to be surprised by the UE not saying a word, but I'm not. I don't believe in it, it's a failed project, pretty much. It only worked while the things went right. Once the economic problems started, it all went down. If something fails when the things turn bad, then that just don't work. And also, what about Felipe VI? What the hell is wrong with him? What in the hell is his role as main chief of Spanish State if he says nothing when something like this happens? Bullshit. Monarchy is bullshit.
  15. The Donald Trump Thread

    Hahaha, problem is that those points are not simple. Impossible to make it simple. Spain history is complex too. Franco was a dictator who ruled 40 years of hard repressive dictatorship here in Spain. Back in the 30s he contucted an armed revolt against the Republic. Then, when the vicil war was over, he just decided to kill the oppositors until, basically, the 70s. That was not a colateral thing of the war. That was criminal. Thousands of people are still buried in the middle of nowhere, being unidentified. He's the spanish Hitler or Mussolini, so to say. A total monster. To be quick: this independence thing has nothing to do with Basque thing, although there are independentists out there too and although there are lots of similarities. But, for now, both are separate things.