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  1. Can we talk about Travis trolling Tom? Well, I mean, maybe he's not trolling him, but there's a chance he's being 'polite' in order to keep him shut down, so to say. Like saying "yeah, yeah, mate, whatever".
  2. Mate, you're burning my day! hahaha By the way, I voted LA.
  3. Yeah, wannabes just want to be.
  4. That's good to know, Kay. Thanks!
  5. Wasn't this a blink promo shot? I mean, he just cropped the photo, right?
  6. I'm lovnig that first picture so much.
  7. Love is Dangerous. Because is a shitty AVA B-Side.
  8. Same here. I feel like I'm gonna try to make my own Cali EP or mini LP out off all the 27 songs. I think there's a decent mini álbum there. I'm having the same feeling I had with Uno, Dos, Tré by Green Day. They both are way too different, but out off of that trilogy you can make out a really good album, scrapping the rest on a kind of 'b-sides' companion.
  9. Thank you. Forgetting how Mark destroys Cynical intro, and how flat/out of breath he sounds sometimes, what impresses me the most is how they are only playing 7 California songs (2 of them being 'joke songs') on a 22 song setlist. Well, it's 1/3 of the set, to be honest, but I don't know... I get the point on them playing the classics, but I think they should make the shows larger and include more Cali songs. Edit: And Matt still playing wrong the muted power chords on the Always verses (B-Bb-G#) and simplifying the chorus' ones to the B-F#-G#-E. I mean... is not able to see he's playing them wrong? Is not able to figure the right ones? On the chorus' there's no problem, it match, so to say, but that Bb he's playing on the verses...
  10. Yeah, when you read things once you cool down, everything seems possible and, even, rational. But one thing is sure, if blink keeps on pushing this factory-rythm producing albums and touing, well... the whole thing is not gonna get better for AK3. So, we'll see. In between, I can se Dan and Derek doing some things together, maybe with other people too. An, well... I still have faith for them calling Dave Hause to fill for Skiba in AK3. lol
  11. I don't remember if this was posted before. This came out as a bonus DVD with This Addiction. I really like the show, althoug it has a weird EQ. Not the best setlist, but is pretty decent. Gonna miss this guys.
  12. I don't think it's exactly the same. Here, Antonoff is trying to get that kind of lo-fi sound/vibe, and it's plenty of details coming from the 60s baroque-pop. I can see tons of details and cadences that are coming, directly, from The Beatles and Brian Wilson's production on Smile. Also, I'm just surprised how he succesfully mixes that kind of influences with synth pop, 80s music and, even R&B. It's amazing. The only negative thing, for me, is that this songs, and also the first record, is something I can't listen very much. And that's due to the themes. I find a kind of depressive vibe behind it all, and it uses to get me down.
  13. That's a very wrong perception of AK3's career, in my opinion. No offense, I don't know if that's your case, but I find really funny how some blink fans make or made statements like that when they only heard a few AK3 songs to see what the hell was doing the new guy in blink. I can understand you if they're not your cup of tea, and there's no need to have a big digging process in AK3 discography to get a view of it, but saying AK3 didn't go anywhere in its career is just a wrong statement, specially because, my impression is that you're basing that on the 'fame and money' argument. I don't kow how well they are doing speaking about money, but brtistically they, definitely, developed some interesting shit over the years, with ups and downs, of course, and not reaching massive audiences, but that doesn't mean they didn't go anywhere. Now, in general, not addresed to you, @ryan1125, my point here is the same. AK3 is (or has been, I don't know) more than a 'normal' band, as I said. They created their own thing, their own relationship with fans, and a kind of personality that, seems, Matt now decides to flush it out just for the money. If that's the case, is just disappointing. I think AK3 fans are not criticizing Matt's choice itself, but what that decission implies for what he has done and said in the past (yeah, little DeLonge-ish, tbh). Quick example: is good to have the chance to earn lots of money? Sure. Under any circumstance? Well... I'm really tyred of the 'what would you have done for the money?' thing too. In this case, if so, it sounds like a massive selling out act. It looks like a guy who has a tremendous personality has decided to reduce himself to a punk pop gimmick just for the money. Also, the funniest part on that interview comes when he talks about how Mark and him 'translated' some literary references to the lyrics. That's just a joke. He has done that several times before and with much better results. I mean... I love this guy. I've been following his work for years. I always liked the way he did the things, even if he just fucked up some shit. But I won't be swallowing everything he does. So if, finally, AK3 gets disbanded due to this, that would be a turning point of my perception of Skiba. For sure.