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  1. Wow, never saw that. This was totally unnecessary, what a prick Homme is. Yeah, sometimes, people at the audience is stupid as fuck, but hey, you have security personnel, just take the idiots out of the venue and that's it, in case they are just annoying you or throwing shit to you. But that? Having a teenager in the front, guarded by security people and doing this? Oh, yes, Josh, what a brave person you are. Honestly? In the end, I can expect that. Homme is a total cockehead, so, wel...
  2. Holy crap, mate. John Paul Fucking Jones. Take your hat and make a reverence to the man. And yep. TCV are great. I'm still waiting for a second release. Grohl said hey had plans for a second record.
  3. Pretty much. And moreover, I guess you don't have to be a specialist in body language to see that he turns kind of messy when he has to dig a little bit deeper in order to explain himself or what he's doing. I observed that a year ago or so, in an interview in Comicon?, he just tries to go loud in terms of body expression, using 'funny' words or whatever, but he's unable to be concrete. My conclussion, and I have no idea of what he's really doing, is that he has no clue on what really wants to do and how to do it. Only that can explain how volatile some of his shit has been thrugh the years. Yeah, he may say he wants this and that, and that he's gonna do this and that, but in the end... he only gets milked from authors and the likes of. And in the end, well... it all unveils with no clear direction. Even his idea of that 'transmedia franchise' he was going to create with Poet Anderson is now diluted. Is anybody remembering that? The way he explained the thing was if like he was to release the next Star Wars franchise (movies, books, comics, the whole 'transmedia' shit that he NEVER explained and never happened...). It all ended up being a couple of books and a short movie? Wow. Same here. I don't think he knows anything special, and I don't think he's gonna do nothing. I do think he has been told some not relevant shit, and he just don't have proof or facts to throw it all and being believed.
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Well... it all points to the direction exposed in that mini documentary. If that hipothesis is correct, I mean... I don't know how and where in the hell Tom is going to end up at the end of it all. I have no clue of how the entire thing will develop in the mid future, but the fact that they are, pretty much, warning their 'investors' that the shit could turn out pretty different to what they are saying now, it's just insane. I mean, that's something that happens in other environments, but come on... If they wanted, they could took the money and run, just saying "hey folks, we were wrong and we're not able to build that thing because we missed X thing". And that's it. You were warned of it when you invested your money. And the other side: if that happens, and Tom doesn't see any cent, and he realizes he's been USED... dude, the guy would crawl as fuck. That's another interesting thing to try to guess: how Tom will end up mentally/socially,monetery speaking after all this shit crashes. And it will.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Or Enema Part 3...
  6. Yeah, that whole thing really smells bad.
  7. Finally! The day he's announcing there's another delay is coming!!!! Can't f'ing wait.
  8. $10,000 for a website?
  9. ^ Exactly. I mean, I can't believe we're already discussing something like that. 10 years full of bullshit and no proof, and there is still a group of people who believes he's into something really important ang game changing. Really? I mean, if he was in that position... believe me, he wouldn't be so open about it and woudn't be saying "I know but you nope" again and again.People who really knows shit, also knows that it's really sensible stuff. So, if you break the rules, you can consider yourself done.
  10. Let me have a litle off topic here to explai how I see Tom nowadays. I'm sorry you don't understand spanish, but I don't know english spoken examples. Tom, now, is just doing exacty the same as this guy, overall speaking. That guy is able to do a video about Mars or whatever, taking conclussions as "NASA is editing the pictures to make it look more red" or "what you see in the astroonaut's helmet reflection is not another astronaut" just using his non existent photography knowledge as evidences. This man talks about RAW images and dyniamic range when editing JPEGs. I mean, anyone who has some knowledge in photography or desing knows how limited JPEG is in terms of resolution and dynamic range compared to a RAW file. But hey, he doesn't care. His balls are bigger than all that shit, righ? Also, he usually speaks about manipulated images (supposedly by NASA) by manipulating those JPEG that NASA releases and color them back to their 'original colours' (???). I mean, on a JPEG, just ignoring the original white balance, not having a neutral grey on the scene, and applying 'automatic' processes in Photoshop... It's crazy. On the video I linked, you can see him saying that the reflection on the astronaut's helmet is not another astronaut, just because when he takes another different picture of an astronaut, desaturate it, and lowering its resolution, it doesn't look identical, just ignoring that the glass on the helmet, due to it's onvexity, is just distorting the image reflected on it. Maybe. Absolutely bananas. Well, Tom is pretty much like that. Not doing the exact same things, but you get the point. He's able to pick a random internet picture as an evidente of extraterrestrial life, and then pretend to be taken seriously when he says anything and answers you saying "I know a lot more than you but I can't tell you". Brilliant.
  11. I agree. Tom has nothing except his imagination and hability to lie year after year and take monetary profit about it. Best scenario will be another film/book/doco that, in form of fiction, will touch any crazy subject you can imagine. Then Tom will say that, even if it's ficion, is based on real shit. Yeah, real BULLshit.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    You know what? I agree, when I listened to it I though, "ok, maybe they recorded it on the Untitled sessions, but was not THAT produced". Is more direct.
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Surprise! Makes sense. Never thought about it and always thought they recorded it during Untitled sessions. In fact, my conspiranoic side always thought they recorded that cover and a studio version of A Letter To Elise during Untitled sessions, but the last one just went unreleased.
  14. I don't think either, except if they 'wanted' to make us think that all that shit is ridiculous. I mean, the way Tom impersonates a guy who, well... has some information is hilarious. Thinking about him you can't think about it all on a serious way. Enough for people to think: nah, this is all bullshit. On the other side, I don't think either that Tom has any kind of 'sensible' information, if it exists in any way or form.
  15. Goldfinger new album, "The Knife"

    Feldy can't reach the higher parts. But hey, he jumps as fuck. Tons of energy.