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  1. darkarrow

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    It does show that Mark and Tom would have been on the same mindset going into the album. "Suburban Kings" "Kings of the Weekend" etc.
  2. darkarrow

    Video Games Thread

    Soul Calibur 6 is pretty sweet! Feels a lot more fluid then 5 was.
  3. darkarrow

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Skiba is useless.
  4. darkarrow

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Yeah it's basically what Stevo from jackass was doing hardcore before he got clean. If you havent seen the documentary of him getting clean it's up on youtube somewhere and definitely worth a watch.
  5. darkarrow

    Blink-182 music video filming locations (Google Maps)

    Ever found anything for Down?
  6. darkarrow

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Except that not even bothering to learn lyrics to the blink songs still is a huge issue imo. The banter is hit or miss usually with Mark and Tom anyways.
  7. darkarrow

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Jeez how old were you at the time? It was not a very obscure theory lol I didn't find this place for a long ass time, but I remember talking about that theory with my IRL friends
  8. darkarrow

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Wow he's starting to look super old. Not exactly a bad thing, just odd to see.
  9. darkarrow

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

  10. darkarrow

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Not exactly Blink, but some lines from Chapter XIII, hell the whole song really, but these especially: "And we'll both take our revenge But we still won't feel any better" So simple yet so honest.
  11. darkarrow

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    "Sometimes I sit at home and Wonder if she's sitting at home Thinking of me and wondering if I'm Sitting at home, thinking about her Or am I just wasting my time" "And it's happened once again I'll turn to a friend Someone that understands Sees through the master plan But everybody's gone And I've been here for too long To face this on my own Well I guess this is growing up" "I'm sick of always hearing All the sad songs on the radio All day it is there to remind an over sensitive guy That he's lost and alone, yeah" "Please stay until I'm gone I'm here hold on to me I'm right here Waiting and take My one last breath, and don't forget That I will be right here Waiting" I could keep going, but this post is long enough as it is.
  12. darkarrow

    What is your favourite Box Car Racer Song?

    Cat Like Thief as well. Elevator is a close second!
  13. darkarrow

    Best decade for music?

    Only thing I will say about mumble rap is it's sorta going full circle into scat singing like old jazz in a way. I doubt any of the mumble rappers themselves have ever taken the time to listen to any old jazz like that, but hey.
  14. darkarrow

    How often do you listen to blink?

    About the same for me. I usually binge other bands for long periods of time as well, blink doesn't come around in the rotation that often anymore.
  15. darkarrow

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Fighting the Gravity was one of my first favorites off of that album. I hated Snake Charmer at first, but that's grown on me a lot.