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  1. darkarrow

    Up All Night a look back

    I love Up All Night, the video sucks though.
  2. darkarrow

    Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    You're acting more sexist then anyone by stating this. The main complaint isn't that she was a woman, it was stupid for her to not let Poe of all people in on the dumb plan. He was willing to completely sacrifice himself for them over and over and over again but can't let him in on the great big secret plan of nothing? It was dumb.
  3. darkarrow

    Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    To me she did. She stood around and cried, without doing much of anything.
  4. darkarrow

    Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    But isn't that just Rey's character? I just can't understand this feeling at all. It took me completely out of the movie. Leia looked weak through both sequel movies and then suddenly has the ability to do that? Feels too much like a deus ex machina ass pull then anything thought out.
  5. darkarrow

    Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / Half Heart

    I havent been able to get into anything they've done since Clarity, not sure why, but I really like Love Never.
  6. darkarrow

    First time Tom began recycling riffs?

    Someone really needs to update this to include all the rehashes on California & DLX
  7. darkarrow

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I did find it interesting that the lyrical content of Tom's thing was super similiar to how California turned out. Imo at least.
  8. That's hilarious! I had the same feeling about Greatest Generation that you do about the next one. Passing Through is amazing, one of my other favorites from that is Teenage Parents. I really connected to that one too.
  9. You've got yo be talking about the Greatest Generation right? Definitely the best thing the Wonder Years have ever put out.
  10. "Let's" Both of them really. I mean they rose to popularity for their outlandish humor and off the wall shit, being drunk was definitely a key to being that free with everything. They both must have a weird relationship with alcohol because in a way it helped along the way at first....
  11. This is pretty much how I feel. I did notice a little while ago that I was stuck in a loop of some of the same genres, which leads to the same bands over a couple month period most years, but I tend to find a band or two that fit in with whichever genre I'm into at the time to mix things up. New bands I add in can be new or old, they're just always new to me. Been finding a bunch of old 70s and 80s stuff recently that I wrote off completely when I was younger just because I hated old music out of spite. So you do still look around, just not as much as when you're in your teens/early 20s.
  12. darkarrow

    New Feldmann Topic

    This was the second best album to come out of the 2000s pop punk scene after Untitled imo.
  13. darkarrow

    What Realistic Blink 182 Lineup Would You Prefer?

    Robert Smith, Yelawolf, and Brooks Wackerman?
  14. darkarrow

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Lol Oasis, what a shit band. (I kid, I kid) Never could get into grunge at all, can't stand Nirvana or Pearl Jam or any of them.
  15. Also sometimes phone cameras flip photos around so your right hand will look like your left, etc.