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  1. NBA

    I love what OKC is doing. It might just be for one year but they go all in and made some nice moves. How awesome it would be if they beat Golden State in the Western Conference Finals.
  2. NBA

    KD never fails to entertain. What a joke...
  3. California (1 year later)

    It's mostly still bullshit. Sad to say that about a Blink album but it is what it is.
  4. Blink-lite

    I know that you were joking man. That's why I added the smile. Yeah I agree, basing quality of music on sales number is bullshit And nope to the other post. Feldy Blink was pretty successful nur not as much as Blink in their prime.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    If I remember correctly it was a friend from a member of this board. I like pop punk music and the two songs I have heard so far from the band arn't bad. Much better than the old stuff they did. Btw.: Lol to people hating that song for the lyrics. It's a break up song and deals with stuff you go through after a girl cheated on you Has been done a lot in the past. People and their "political correctness" can fuck themselves BTW.: The problem I have with Feldy Blink is that I know that they are capable of so much more but settle for mediocre repetitive shit. This band is ok but Blink could play in a different league
  6. Blink-lite

    The success of the band tells a different story.
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    That explains a lot.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Even Mark's collaborations and joke songs outside of Blink are lame these days. This song is BORING! Until the stars fall out of the sky is awesome.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Wtf is wrong with you guys?
  10. Blink-lite

    I mean in all honesty, it doesn't matter who you support and how much you dislike Tom but Blink in their prime make new Blink look like shit. There shouldn't even exist different opinions about that.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    I think he and your whole team will be fine throughout the season. Too much potential and a good coach.
  12. The Official Football Topic

    Lol. I just wanted to know how he is seen among West Ham fans after some poor games he had. We played an ok qualifier when you actually watch the games, the results are horrendous and that's what counts.
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Opinion on Arnautovic so far...?
  14. I mean that stuff is lame and nobody asked for more AVA tank tops but making fun of his shop over and over again is just stupid Tom bashing...It looks like a pretty cool shop to be honest.
  15. The Official Football Topic

    Champions League group stage looks brutal...can't wait.