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  1. LOL. I know what you mean but you're really looking for excuses arn't you...
  2. You trolling gets boring man.
  3. Everyone agrees that Blink nowadays is boring as shit live. Only Ghent still defends everything they do. Makes me cringe tbh.
  4. Have to listen to this in the next few days when I find time. The reviews here doesn't sound too promising. I remember when Blink played one of their last concerts with Tom at Reading & Leeds. I was excited all day to see the stream and tried everything to make it work to watch it live. They didn't sound great but the atmosphere was full of energy and that's what Blink was all about...and they had fun on stage. Now I didn't even care to go on YouTube to watch the show...crazy what this band has become...
  5. A committed Tom would be the best thing that could happen to Blink imo.
  6. NBA

    That was when he came into the league. I think he is capable of much more nowadays.
  7. NBA

    I think he ends up with the Knicks. Actually I would love the Knicks to give it a shot with Irving, Melo and Porzingis now that Phil is gone. I'm also a fan of Irving and it will be cool to see what he is capable without LeBron.
  8. NBA

    It would be cool if OliverTrump could pull his head out of KD's ass and we can talk about sth else...
  9. NBA

    Even the other Warriors fans realize that you are a lame.
  10. NBA

    Sure he is and he is a great player as well. But you are missing the point and lack critical thinking and objectivity. Typical fanboy behavior.
  11. NBA

    It's just lame that you lack any objectivity.
  12. NBA

    @OliverTrump is the biggest KD and Warriors fan boy. Pretty funny to read.
  13. NBA

    Stuff for a Hollywood Blockbuster...
  14. NBA

    That's the only argument you have and it's not even dealing with the topic we are talking about. Lol.
  15. NBA

    I never liked Durant, not even when everybody was so high on him when the Thunder went to the finals. There was always something about him that I didn't like. Remember when he played ISO-ball under his coach in the All Star Game to make sure that he wins the MVP trophy. That shit was so lame.