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  1. NBA

    Crazy to think how easily something can go wrong with any surgery. I'm pretty sure Kerr is able to get the best doctors and experts and still they make mistakes. Scary to think about that.
  2. Alright? 90% of the bands are pure garbage. At least from the ones I know.
  3. That lineup! Awful.
  4. Can we all slow down for a minute and appreciate what great of a song "Waggy" is. Haven't listened to Dude Ranch in a while and that song came on while I was going for a run listening to Blink's discography on shuffle. Killer song.
  5. Voted MH finally but not a big fan of either song
  6. That's pretty close. So far I voted for Neighborhoods in every round. I have to think about that one.
  7. They sing about California and the sound is not that different from the Cali record...;)
  8. El Clasico was an awesome match with the wrong ending.
  9. NBA

    Stupid decisions in the end. They should have won that.
  10. NBA

    Tonight I'm rooting for OKC so hard! Even the series!
  11. NBA

    Just watched the highlights of the Spurs - Griz game. Wow! Conley and Leonard! And Gasol! Incredible stuff.
  12. NBA

    There is truth in it of course and San Antonio gets favored by the refs in this series but just the fact that there is a disparity in free throws doesn't automatically mean that the refs favored a certain team. San Antonio is simply a top defensive team and they often defend smart instead of committing a foul.
  13. The signed one was 50 bucks.
  14. I bought one. Always wanted a signed vinyl or poster of that record. I thought about buying two or three to resale to fans for a fair price but didn't do it. Mhm.
  15. NBA

    Blake out for the playoffs...Clippers are cursed for sure.