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  1. I'm away over the weekend but I'll come back to that when I'm back home next week.
  2. LOL. What kind of sources do you want me to post. Champion League Titles for example? Number of registered fans --> United isn't Nr. 1 their either.
  3. That's what I think as well...and that's why I can't understand how you can come to the conclusion that United is the biggest club.
  4. How do you evaluate what the biggest football club is? You make it seem like as if it is scientifically proven that ManU is Nr. 1 and everybody agrees on that.
  5. Discussing Manchester United is useless here. Fanboys are not willing to have a real discussion.
  6. NBA

    Yeah, makes the Cousins trade look quite good for the Kings.
  7. NBA

    The Bulls - Wolves trade is a disaster for Chicago. They should have gotten more back, at least quality picks.
  8. It sounds like Tom did something pretty bad to you, like fucking your girlfriend or killing your dog. If he releases something I don´t care about and think it´s shit --> I don´t care about. But I can still enjoy and appreciate the stuff he did in the past while being a major part of my most favorite band.
  9. So you mean Tom posts shit and makes promises he can't keep...no one argues with you about that and no one is defending him for that.
  10. You should chill a bit. There is clearly an unhealthy obsession with Tom. Maybe you should get that checked.
  11. NBA

    No pain, just laughs. Can't take that guy seriously. Competition level below zero. Can't respect him as a player anymore.
  12. Yeah, he makes Hitler seem like n innocent guy. Tom DeLonge is really a monster.
  13. Very true. I was always a huge Tom fan but after he went crazy I still can enjoy some of the things he does (e.g. Neighborhoods and parts of AVA) but besides that I don't care and won't follow every move he makes and bitch about the same shit over and over again. We all get it: He's crazy, obsessed with Aliens, was an ass to the Blink fan base, is burning money, is involved in a lot of stupid projects...but why do you follow everything he does and then brag about getting banned from his social media!? Seems like an unhealthy behavior to me.
  14. NBA

    Yeah seems like. Phil got his feelings hurt.
  15. NBA

    It is more than unlikely but with LeBron and the Warriors, who knows. Done crying? KD will sign his extension soon so you're good to go for round two.