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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Has anyone done a poll for Anthem vs. Anthem Part 2? Just curious about that since things are kinda quiet on the blink-front these days
  2. California Deluxe Album

    I'm interested in hearing Distraction because I think it was on Start the Machine DVD where they talked about how Tom's voice changed and that was one of the first tracks they did. I was hoping blink would've done an acoustic release like this or an "unplugged" album like when they did those live acoustic performances of Waggy, Give Me One Good Reason and so on... and no tombot love but I'm stoked to hear this Strange Times EP when it comes out in 6 years...
  3. Feldmann

    I agree. It actually sounds like a Goldfinger song!
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I still wonder about Mark's solo album he was writing right around the time of Travis' plane crash and right before blink got back together. I was really digging the vibe from those old YouTube videos of him in the studio
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Maybe John Feldman should ask himself "what does ska music sound like in 2017? What does GOLDFINGER sound like in 2017?" I remember hearing Story of the Year's first album, Page Avenue, and thought "wow these riffs are so rad, these drums sound so crisp" and hey it's produced by John Feldman, that's the guy from Goldfinger! ... then there's the last song on the album, "Falling Down" and it features good old Feldy on vocals, and it's a pretty sweet track but thee moment I hear him singing over "emo" or "post hardcore" or whatever the fuck the next guy calls it, and it's not ska or "punk enough", I just skip it. I'm not into it anymore. So maybe Feldy is a lot more like Tom than we know. But instead of midi's on delay pedals and overdosing on synths, Feldy wants to go more aggressive, heavier guitars, faster drums, and gang vocals for choruses. As long as there's passion behind it, I can't rip on it too much...
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yeah that sounds more like cali than anything goldfinger that I have in my collection... was kinda hoping to hear Travis playing drums to some ska songs again but hey it's only one song
  7. California Deluxe Album

  8. California Deluxe Album

    If anyone has transcribed any of the lyrics to the new songs, can you please post them in the individual song threads? Please and a thousand thank you's...
  9. Good Old Days Discussion Thread

    First impressions and all... this is probably my fav DLX track. The right balance of synth and those drums in the chorus just make me go from head-bobbing to dancing
  10. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    I really understand the whole Killers comparison that Mark mentioned about Good Old Days. The synths & dancey hihats, sounds like it could be on Hot Fuss, which is awesome x2 in my book. Not finished listening to the others but definitely gives me the feels
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Thank you! It's always been a favorite of mine but I never knew the history behind that track. I almost assumed that it was a song for blink that Tom added to BCR and maybe that's what caused the rift but I'm glad to know that Tom wasn't thaaat much of a prick
  12. The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round one, Cheshire Cat)

    "I would do anything and that's what scares me so bad..."
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Can anyone answer this for me, if Box Car Racer caused such a rift between Tom & Mark, then why did Mark do vocals on "Elevator"?
  14. California Deluxe Album

    Idk if there should be a "Feldy Appreciation Thread" because we pick apart a lot of his techniques, but I would just like to say that I love how he gets the best out of Mark as a bassist. I can't recall a memorable bass line (though I do like the simplicity of what he does in Pretty Little Girl) from Neighborhoods or DED but California and the DLX have a ton. It makes me want to pick up a bass again and jet over to ultimate-guitar lol
  15. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    I hope the next album isn't just one producer. Please get Tom lord alge on the line or somebody. Maybe Feldman should watch the MTV album launch of blink-182 and take some serious notes