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  1. NBA

    Can one of you guys explain exactly what's going on with Kerr? Barkley just hinted he should think about retiring.
  2. NBA

    I like when athletes speak up regarding social or political issues. Sports are basically a microcosm of society, and athletes are members of society, why not let them have a voice like the rest of us?
  3. NBA

    Not cliche at all, 110% true. I love the guy, I wish Durant didn't go there so I could root for him more. I miss him doing broadcasting, he gave so many details and insights that would just blow your mind and help you to see the game like a coach/player. Plus, he punched MJ, haha.
  4. Leave Pantera out of this boy.
  5. Dude LP had two GREAT albums. I'd be down for some MR. HAHNNNNNN
  6. I just am not a fan in general of bands taking pop/punk into that direction.
  7. NBA

    HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN! I love that he gets punished by calling Warriors games. Hope he's bitter as hell.
  8. NBA

    I enjoy the NBA guys except Reggie Miller. Dude is so biased to whatever team/athlete he chooses. He called some KU tournament games and I wanted to rip my ears out.
  10. 1. WDNTW 2. Half of I-Empire The rest aren't worth listening to.
  11. NBA

    There goes the season. If the rockets meet the warriors, I hope the warriors and Kevin Durant drop 150 a night on them.
  12. NBA

  13. Lol ooooook
  14. NBA

    James harden has just passed curry on my most hated list. Seriously fuck him and his phantom fouls.
  15. NBA

    He does it because when he's coming down at the defender full steam there is no way he can be guarded with that instant pull up shot.