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  1. NBA

    The Jazz are a brutal matchup for what the Thunder want to do. Gobert/Favors are impossible for Russ to attack, and Steven Adams has been completely neutralized. I also think last night was one of the first times Russ stopped trying to keep PG "happy" and just went off. He's been playing tentative and weird all season. Also, when Melo isn't hitting 3's he's pretty much useless. I would assume angry Russ is here to stay, I just hope he can bring it back to OKC for game 7.
  2. Jurassic World

    Loved Jurassic World, can't wait for this one. The Indominus Rex is sick and can't wait to see this scary ass Indo-Raptor. Also love me some BLUE.
  3. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Dude calm down. They're demoing. I doubt they actually record until fall/winter anyways.
  4. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    This is one of the first reasonable "I don't really love California or Feldmann" posts I've ever seen on this board. Refreshing actually. This is honestly kind of how I feel about Untitled...it changed the band and changed what fans wanted from the band; which is why I personally loved the shift back on Cali, so I totally understand where you're coming from.
  5. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Lmao the Hard Times is great.
  6. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    C'mon man...it's like...stadium rock...the next U2!!
  7. Feldmann

    Would have been super into this like 10 years ago. Dudes voice is annoying as fuck but the chorus is 10/10 catchy good.
  8. NBA

    I thought he was an American lol, I never would have known.
  9. NBA

    Raptors in 5 (although I think WAS is trash and wouldn't surprise me if they got swept) Celtics in 6 76ers in 6 Cavs in 7 Rockets in 5 Warriors in 4 Pelicans in 7 (I know Portland has been great, but they've been one of my favorite bad-good teams to watch over the years, and I just don't think they're that good, the roster is super weird to me) THUNDER in 5
  10. NBA

    HAHAHAHAH ok boss.
  11. actually laughed out loud at this, hahah.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I didn't know Dallas and OKC were considered Midwest.
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I have a hard time believing this. California songs were a hit in the OKC, KC, Dallas, and St. Louis shows I went to during their last touring cycle. The second Up All Night came on half the crowd either went to sleep or went to go buy another beer/piss.
  14. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I don't want a falsetto-singing whacko in Blink....sorry.
  15. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The Neighborhoods explanation always seemed like a copout to me. "hey what's a good way we can explain the disjointed recording process and AVA yodeling?"