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  1. Lmao the "integrity of the section" I bet you're a bundle of joy at parties!
  2. On an album I love from my favorite band i have to go with the most un-blink song ever and pick Los Angeles. Song is like @daveyjones said, shinedown b-side. The outro is awesome but the first 2/3 are cringe.
  3. We've got a lot of body hair apparently. Probably all really poor too.
  4. Cmon Clarke,
  5. Aren't you EXTREMELY guilty of this? hates PC culture and loves swastikas;hates Mark hoppus herpes jokes. Hates long posts; at the same time he's the king of rambling long posts sucking off his own ego. What a walking contradiction.
  6. Clarke is on an internet-wide search for PC and SJW's; exterminating them and destroying them intellectually one by one! He also may be a Nazi sympathizer.........
  7. @Clarke dis u?
  8. I always loved TIH because of how far they went on the 80's vibe. The chorus reminds me of like...Billy Idol or something. Verse lyrics are a bit cringe, but I think it is the only good use of prominent keyboards/synth Tom ever contributed to the band.
  9. You're not wrong about Stalin, but trying to bring up other shitty dictators to try to lessen the shittiness of the Nazis is pretty.......shitty.
  10. NBA

    I know what you mean and I would have to admit it would be awesome. Russ wouldn't fit with Lebron, but say a core of Russ-PG-Anthony Davis or something. We will find out July 1........*drinking my anxiety away, STAY HOME RUSS*
  11. Kaleidoscope is one of the few great songs on the album. Shame.
  12. ORLLLLYYYYY?!?! Maybe I'd like to play the game without victory meaning planting a Nazi flag in the ground? Are you gonna develop a KKK-RPG for the app store?
  13. Because it sucks to role-play as a Nazi?
  14. so play the campaign.