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  1. Pipe bomb explosion nyc attack 12/11/17

    color me shocked....
  2. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Stop trying to take the fun out of the board!!
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    As amazing as Untitled is....I think it was the worst thing to ever happen to Blink.
  4. The Donald Trump Thread

    It is a pretty funny coincidence. I wish it was the Ruskis calling up Don and telling him to pull out of the Olympics...... Sadly I think Sarah is a moron and didn't comprehend the question and just puked out an ambiguous non-answer.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    But wait, I thought you guys were saying "it barrrrrellllly made gold" "it was a flop" etc. Did Mark flop, or did he make millions? Pick one.
  6. The Donald Trump Thread

    I think the hesitation was because the location is 50 miles from the DMZ in S. Korea.
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    I'm so sick of the West being FORCED to care about Israel. Christians obsessing over protecting Israel in order to bring about the end times and see their make-believe Sky Daddy again should not fuck up global policy as much as it does.
  8. NBA

    I actually do agree....but man, down the stretch Melo won them that game against the Jazz last night. The Big Kiwi is my goddamn BOI tho.
  9. The Donald Trump Thread

    a truly horrifying thought.
  10. The Donald Trump Thread

    All I know is that Katherine would be FREAKED the fuck out by your posts Clarkey-boi.
  11. NBA

    Ankles made of glass.....
  12. Deleted Threads

    If someone CREATES a thread and then compromises themselves in any way in said thread, the onus is on the OP. Posters shouldn’t be punished for OP’s foolishness. Like @Ghent said this is extremely rare, because most people don’t incriminate themselves when creating a thread (lol). (Obviously posters should be allowed to edit and revise their posts until pigs fly, but deletion of threads should be a mod/admin job IMO).

    Hey! I actually bought this hat but it was wayyyyyy too small for my head so I have never worn it. I'll check if i can find it, would definitely sell it.