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  1. When's the last time the BLM constructed death camps and exterminated an entire population? I think this is one of the most disgusting straw men I've ever heard. Time to retract this spin Oliver.
  2. So I must have been too stupid to hear this... but Trump today compared statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to the statues of loser confederate generals. What trash. Tear down all those damn things. Edit: yes I know they owned slaves. Don't care.
  3. Dude, stop acting like the Trump press conference this afternoon never happened. He failed to condemn nazis. Then he did. Then he walked back any responsible statement he made yesterday with today's embarrassment. You're deflecting because you keep ignoring this. I'm outraged over today's mess, not that he waited 48 hours originally. I know you're not stupid, you know what tactics you use.
  4. Trying to compare BLM with Nazis is frightening and a bit unnerving TBH.
  5. I've said on this board numerous times that BLM as an organization is trash and they ruin their entire message by their actions and tactics. This has honestly nothing to do with Obama though, as Trump is still the guy trying to be homies with Kekistan and Richard Spencer. Deflection and misdirection is your favorite tactic!!
  6. Yes. lol.
  7. No Oliver, this is Spin Zone. He said "what about the alt-left who attacked" He didn't mention BLM. He said "alt-left" numerous times, mentioned how they didn't have a "permit" and said there were "fine people on both sides." O'Reilly would be ashamed of your spin.
  8. I was watching a Periscope live vid with Rick Wilson (former staffer for H.W. Bush) and he was saying the Right was going to come out tonight saying the exact same nonsense Oliver is trying to pass off. "wahhh the liberal media sucks, wahhhhhh Trump took them down, wahhhhhh Trump stood up to the corrupt media" Total garbage.
  9. Won't condemn Nazis Hears public backlash; condemns Nazis 1 day later: Ahhhhhh fuck it, blame the non-Nazis!!!
  10. Like I said, I understand the historic implications and thought experiment. And yes, I'm so fucking sick of the extreme left, it makes my life as a moderate difficult. That being said, I'll take annoying SJWs that I get to make fun of over idiots waving Nazi flags any day.
  11. Lol yeah, I bought the Dark Terror and a 2x12 and I thought "oh nice I won't have to lug around my full size half stack to shows anymore!" Nope, sounded like muddy balls. But yes, ANYTHING but Line6, unless we're talking about the digital effects processors, those are excellent.
  12. @Clarke this isn't really the thread for it, but I wouldn't bother with an Orange, if you were still considering that an option. I have one, and it honestly was just an over-hyped brand that got trendy. I think I'm going to sell it. The Marshall I've had for 10+ years sounds better in almost every single way.
  13. Moral Speedo strikes again!!! Yes Speedo, you've used your family over and over again to justify certain opinions when it's convenient for you to make a point. Supporting the statue DOES NOT make you a white nationalist (I know Oliver is not, and I know Clarke is not, I also never suggested that). I understand the thought experiment behind arguing whether or not we should keep the stupid thing standing, I get it. But Lee was a traitor, he lost the war. We don't have statues of the Japanese generals we defeated around our state capitals. What I AM saying, is that the statue, and all of the baggage that comes with it, encourages and emboldens the morons who like to carry around flags with the swastika on it (because they are too stupid to realize National Socialists and the Confederacy were two seperate entities), which then increases the chance of innocent people being hurt. Yes, my initial comment was admittedly a bait comment, but isn't that what we always do here? I guess if I could go back and re-post my comment, I could think of a thoughtful way to say that the historic relevancy of Robert E. Lee having a statue dedicated to him still standing in the South in 2017 isn't worth the risk that comes along with it, but I didn't feel like writing a thesis, (like I apparently am now). The white knight armor doesn't suit you very well.
  14. White Nationalist rally supporting the Lee statue------------> Violence--------->White Nationalist running over innocent people on the street. I forgot you were Clarke's shield now.
  15. So those of you (Oliver, Clarke) arguing awhile ago about keeping the statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia, was it worth it?