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  1. It's disturbing how many it is that don't believe this is true, or think that there is a workaround somehow. There really isn't. Also, if the musicians aren't that good it doesn't matter how good of equipment you have to work with. Shit in...
  2. Since88

    Alkaline Trio

    Derek is a great drummer, he knows when he should add stuff and when he should hold back. In this genre there's very much all or nothing from many of the drummers imo, either the songs get overplayed, or either they don't do anything at all which is boring as well..
  3. Sirens is one of the best songs Tom has written.
  4. I-Empire is probably Tom's peak as a vocalist imo.. Would love to hear The Disease with that voice
  5. For the sake of AVA he never should have gone back to blink. And about the quality of the albums, thats subjective, can't really say that much about it more than; I don't agree..
  6. I'm not, I'm blaming Tom for going back to blink.
  7. Yeah he recorded with them, but let's count live shows. He spent 90% of his time with blink. Before the blink reunion AVA was a full functioning touring band. That gradually stopped during the first years of the blink reunion. It's even the reason why Atom left.
  8. This is true, when Tom went back to blink AVA died, and that's when they lost Atom, and then Matt and David..
  9. No, Tom did say that both David and Matt is back for this album. That is a fact. How is it surprising that he is in the studio then?
  10. Uh no? Tom's been very clear that they weren't supposed to be on that stuff (they got sacked). But he also said they were back for this album.. As been stated some posts before, David is almost like a producer for Tom, he isn't afraid to tell him when something doesn't work and Tom has said that he wants this album to go back to the real AVA, therefore not that weird that David is in the studio, even if he's in a cast for the time being.
  11. We'll just have to agree to disagree here..
  12. Well, they are in the studio. Maybe it's Toms parts? David is in the band so it's not that weird him being in the studio, with a cast or no cast..
  13. Since88

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Great song from a great album
  14. Since88

    Enema Of The State Skateboard

    Enema of the Skate?