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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Didn't look like they hated each other there tbh..
  2. Millencolin

    I love the last album, I enjoy Machine 15 too, it's so different but still have the Millencolin fingerprint all over it. Sounds like a great evening; Bad Religion and Millencolin on the same bill
  3. Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / Half Heart

    Nice to hear some distorted guitars again though!
  4. Millencolin

    Somethings cooking..
  5. Music Club Wk1 - Charly Bliss - Guppy

    Although the mixing was a little too rough around the edges for my taste it fits with the overall sound that the band clearly is aiming for. The voice of the vocalist is original. The song that did stand out for me was Ruby, that made me think of Weezer. A great song that got a add to my playlist, I don't think I will be listening to the rest of the album that much again though..
  6. Who the hell is Bass and why should he be amplified?

  7. What Realistic Blink 182 Lineup Would You Prefer?

    Yeah I want to see what they can cook up together writing everything by themselves together. If not, I want to see Feldmann stepping in as a full official member with Matt going back to the Trio..
  8. Feldmann

    This is a stupid discussion. When it's a trio, you can't use the words "rhythm guitarist" or "lead guitarist" as it's only one guitarist.. Duh
  9. Feldmann

    A great album then?
  10. Yellowcard Reunion!

    I love the EP. Loving that kind of music!
  11. Me drumming Adam's song

    It would actually be pretty fun and interesting
  12. Me drumming Adam's song

    Good job @Olidamus!
  13. Alkaline Trio

    Maybe it actually was a recording session they did! Anyways, super stoked that they’re not dead just yet.. Opens up chances for a new album
  14. Alkaline Trio

    So it went from "Me and Dan and Derek have been writing new Alkaline Trio songs" in December, to "Alkaline Trio is on pause" in March..
  15. Feldmann

    From what I hear from the singles it sounds more tame than the album I listened to, and less energy..