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  1. Pipe bomb explosion nyc attack 12/11/17

    As of now, only happened about 15 min ago. Surprised more people aren’t injured or killed. Guy failed terrorist class apparently
  2. Nyc hit again, this time a pipe bomb detonated in a subway passage tunnel at port authority bus terminal in manhattan near Times Square during am rush hour (busiest bus terminal in country). one person in custody, in his twenties from Brooklyn. Unconfirmed but reported he is from Bangladesh in the US for 7 years and did the attack in the name of ISIS, according to former nypd commissioner bill Bratton. Had second device that didn’t explode. Four people injured including the piece of shit when the first bomb exploded prematurely. this is significant because this would be first suicide bomber in the US to actually have a device detonate.
  3. http://vanswarpedtour.com/2017/finaltour/ i never been to warped tour but apparently the cross country tour will end in 2018. In 2019 they are planning something for the 25th anniversary. idk if this is correct thread to post this, feel free to move
  4. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown recommenced)

    What’s so special about this though? I mean she isn’t bad but it’s nothing special.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Is there a tentative date to expect anything from blink again? Album, tour, shows, anything? Originally theybwee to work on album end of this year... now there’s silence. Was suppose to see blink in nyc but I’m not mad it was canceled due to the sad events, but nothing was annnounced of a rescheduled blink show or anything. lately, seems like blink is dead again after the California cycle dried up
  6. The Donald Trump Thread

    Nj gonna bitch about their rising taxes with a democrat at the helm now , he even said he was gonna raise taxes. Also, we can continue to watch nyc downfall with the commie supporter winning as expected. At least NYS rejected the bullshit constitution convention and voted for reducing/ removing pensions of public officials who commit felonies while in service
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    I think that most Americans are sick of the left getting away with massive crimes esp the Clintons, Obama, holder, Lynch, the entire dnc. Instead of going after real criminals the media goes after president trump for inane shit and pushes it nonstop while silence on the left. We want to see equal justice on both sides. The blatant one sided bias attack against the right from liberal media is getting old.
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Guess money talks, dude looks like a fat derpy potato. He looks like someone most would be creeped out by and find disgusting. Nobody probably wanted him until he had money and basically threatened careers if they didn’t have sex with him
  9. Denver CO suburb Walmart shooting 11/1/17

    It can be removed, thought it was being treated as more national news but seems to be a regional story only.
  10. MLB/ Baseball Thread

    Didn’t see an active mlb thread so I figured I’d start one. So, the Houston Astros won their first World Series last night. Congrats to them and their city, hopefully winning helps bring more people together as the city still recovers from the hurricane floods. Being a Mets fan, I don’t see much hope for my team going forward in 2018, probably another meh year of nothing ahead. At least that garbage trainer is gone. Discuss anything you guys like to talk about associated with mlb or any level baseball (minors, independent, college, etc)
  11. 630pm mdt, shooting occurred at a Walmart supercenter in Thornton, CO; a suburb north of Denver. Police report 2 males dead, 1 female injured. It is not known if shooter was apprehended but there is no active shooter as of now. No known motive as of now either. Disgusting, esp after yesterdays terrorist attack. Denver is no stranger to mass shootings, that nutcase shot up a movie theatre in Aurora (sp?) CO, a Denver suburb, a few years ago killing and injuring dozens of people. Also, everyone knows of the 99 columbine high school shooting. update: the injured female has died, the two males were dead at the scene. The gunman apparently walked into the store and started shooting in a random attack and then fled by car. The police still saying no gunman is in custody and there is still no apparent motive.
  12. Finding a replacement will be difficult but I can’t fault them for continuing as LP. There are 5 other members of this band that LP is what they are, they created the music along with Chester. The band was started in high school by mike, rob, and brad. It’s understood that Chester came in right before hybrid theory which exploded them to fame but this band was started before him. These guys don’t seems to have selfish intentions at all, I could see them continuing performing the songs they all wrote and love for fans and in keeping Chester memory alive.
  13. Celebrate life in honour of Chester Bennington

    I was able to find blinks videos and a few other artists. Blink sounded like absolute garbage on what I’ve done. Both Mark and Matt’s vocals seemed so off and out of tune. Matt’s guitar was livable but not the best. Travis killed as usual. I don’t want to get on LP but they did not sound good at this show either but I’ll give them a pass since it must of been difficult to perform with the emotions and the obvious void. Other guest artists sounded like shit too. In particular, the girl who sang wait long for the end, my god pick a register and stick with it, the upper register sounded so bad. In the end, it was a heartfelt show for Chester so I can’t hate on it.
  14. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    It’s so sad. Living out on Long Island I’m about 40 miles east of nyc, I’m driving home in traffic like any other day listening to this on radio, it’s just surreal. Probably half of Long Island population works in Manhattan so it just feels close to home. I was only 9 years old when 9/11 happened but hundreds of long islanders (three from my town) died that day so any news of terrorists attacks in nyc always makes you fear the worst
  15. NYC terrorist attack 10/31/17

    Per eye witnesses, he was yelling it as soon as he jumped out of the truck.