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  1. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Isn’t what Tom doing a Ponzi scheme? I’m no financial expert so I’m confused. Trying to wrap my head around that video, it just screams to me he’s gonna crash and burn my understanding is a Ponzi scheme is having people invest in an entity with hopes of return on investment that will never come, essentially what toms academy is doing..
  2. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Can he end up in jail over this? Just watched that YouTube video and holy fuck, if it’s true Tom is a fucking asshole scamming whoever left sniffing his ass to get his failed ventures out of debt. I see all this crashing around him. Should have just dealt with the boredom of playing blink songs and continued the shit piss jokes and singing about high school, he’d certainly be better off than he is now. guy couldn’t commit to blink or any music venture cuz he’s scatterbrained trying to come up with the next scam to cover his ass and get out of debt. He’s seriously gonna end up in jail or declaring bankruptcy on all his ventures and gonna lose everything. I’d be concerned about his mental health and overall well being. People in these situations go nuts and off themselves/ others. In that video though, it seems all this shit with Tom started in 2004... coincidence with the massive rise of self-titled album and subsequent fall of blink? if I’m Mark and Travis, I stay far away. i hope it doesn’t end up like Craig carton of the boomer and carton show here in NY sports radio. Guy had uncontrollable gambling issue ended up millions in debt and got arrested by fbi for ticket Ponzi scheme to cover his debts, guy had a cake job, wife and kids and lost it all.. sad.
  3. MUSE

    Their song “madness” is the only song I can think of by them, really like it
  4. The Donald Trump Thread

    President Trump will be on long island, ny today, specifically Brentwood , to discuss the massive ms-13/ illegal criminal problem here in Suffolk county. Protestors of course rather live along side the gang and it's disgusting violence than listen to the president and accept that his administration has done more for the area as far as ms-13 arrests and deportations than Obama did in his 8 years.
  5. LP canceled their upcoming tour rightfully so. No word on if blink/ Wu tang/ MGK still doing NYC/ PA shows still.
  6. New Linkin Park

    Holy shit, rip:( bummed that blinkin park is without doubt canceled but understandable in this sad situation. Another good one gone too soon
  7. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    I really enjoy this release, way more than actual California and liked that one too. The songs just sound fun and pleasing on the ears and catchy. I hope these come through on the setlist at blinkin park show!
  8. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    Haven't listened yet my album is out fir mail delivery today so after work I'll listen, but is there any differences to part 1 songs I literally the exact same?
  9. Blink 182 USA Tour 2017

    Got my Tix to citifield, can't wait! Hoping Linkin Park is good too, first time seeing them (hope setlist is older songs, new album is not good)
  10. Blink 182 USA Tour 2017

    I need to go to this show, i already preordered the album so how do i get in in tbis presale for tix? Im not wven looking fir good seats, preferably cheapest possible lol
  11. 6/8 thread (*now's a good time to check it)

    Song is good, not liking Matt's yelling or the talking verse...Both sound so stupid and out of place in an otherwise good song
  12. Matt Skiba - Ultimate Guitar interview

    Maybe he's bored of ak3 and that genre or has no inspiration to continue ak3 music..
  13. What would you prefer?

    Circle pit shit show and my first punk song are both unlistenable garbage
  14. What would you prefer?

    I voted curent situation.. although i miss tom. Skiba is doing great and the songs arent bad, some very catchy including cynical and parking lot. The tom post reunion years fucking sucked... no production, no news, no care from tom. If tom got his head out if his ass, id say id want a 4 peice with tom and skiba
  15. Parking Lot - California Deluxe Single (March 17th)

    Call my ears broken but i dont really have a problem with the na's on this one and my favorite part is the gang vocals with the guitar riff behind it then transitions into marks breakdown with that smooth drum beat before the final chorus. Idk why there's so much hate, good tune imo