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  1. California artwork is total shit imo
  2. No new music = nobody gives a shit, tom
  3. Damn no nyc/ long island / nj/ ct shows, balls. Prob cuz it its still cold as fuck march/ april up here, also toured exstensiy on last summer tour up here
  4. I recently bought half hour of power and fuck i think i found one of my favorite songs by this band! "Second chance for max headroom" is just epic
  5. I haven't been following blink closely in past few weeks, is there any word if a release date and how many songs? Also makes no sense to me that this is being released as a California deluxe for other than pad album sales when we all buy to get new songs and skip all the Cali songs we all have already..
  6. Angels and airwaves is dead
  7. Why did they wait so long? Hype is dead
  8. Really loving this album and im not a huge green day fan. Favorite tracks are outlaws (the bridge/ breakdown/ solo is my favorite part) and still breathing
  9. I almost bought tickets to this show but I didn't see a point when I was at Jones beach Saturday and spent enough haha, they didn't ay San Diego at Jones so you got that treat. Kotw was well received at my show, interesting it was a dud at yours. Also the location thing wasn't new, he did that at Jones beach saying the people in Holmdel, NJ suck ( they were the next night) and git the crowd going lol. I think it's in rock 101 to tell crowd how awesome their location is and bashing others esp those nearby that may be a rival such as long island vs nj
  10. Local sports radio show boomer and carton (NYC wfan) had a nice shootout to blink in Brooklyn last night. Apparently boomer esiason son loves blink and went last night and just kept saying how good the show was and the guys absolutely killed it. You d it interesting to hear the props for them on sports radio lol
  11. I wanna say 915 or so ended by 1045
  12. Yeah, matt definitely was shouting instead of singing some songs in particular the chorus of not now, he didnt sing it at all. I felt like he was trying to be heard over everything else that was set at ridiculous volumes
  13. Jones Beach was good last night, I missed ATL completely, wasn't a fan of ADTR at all except that one acoustic song. Blink was really good but i felt they rushed through their set. They barely had any talking g/ banter compared to past shoes but was glad to see Matt step up and take control of his 1/3 of blink. My only other grief the sound quality seemed way off as if the volume for everything was set at 10, it became noise after awhile hard to distinguish vocals and guitar. I was pleasantly surprised how well the new songs were accepted and crowd dang every word. The largest reactions were for new songs and enema and earlier so maybe an indication they should start phasing in older songs and more new California songs. Overall good show and glad I went, can't wait to see them again
  14. Going to Jones Beach tonight, great venue hope the heat/ humidity goes down a little. Excited to see blink, not so much the other bands
  15. What a tard, id be pissed having this dumbass near me ruining the show