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  1. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    oh for sure. i saw mark signing both "hoppus" and "182" in the spring of '96. my perspective on all this stuff is based on my first-hand memories of that era, so when i saw the "'96" and the "tom blink-182" my hair stood up because that SO does not comport with all of my memories of the time. the pen use also struck me as weird, as if not signed by the same pen at the same time. mark is middleweight, tom is super thin, scott back to being thicker. i don't devote a ton of time looking at this stuff, and i certainly have no dog in the fight (not desiring to either prove or disprove this particular 7" signing as authentic). but my instinct was very much in the negative column. nice of you to track down the comparative shots for this thread; i hope it helps other collectors make their own determinations.
  2. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    in your initial post, you said "and just when I think that is as nice and OG as it gets, I find this." where did you find the image, and who owns the 7"? it would be great to see some larger photographs of the whole thing.
  3. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    that's ok. your points are interesting, but i remain unconvinced.
  4. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    given my own examples from that time, and others i have examined, my impression is that it's forged; absolutely. 1.) "may the force" is clearly not mark's handwriting. you can even compare it to a cargo cheshire cat poster where he wrote the same thing. 2.) the signatures are not consistent with other examples from the period; all three are equally bad attempts to copy each band member's style. 3.) tom began signing "tom blink" and mark began signing "mark 182" in the first half of 1996. neither of them ever signed first name + "blink-182." the entire point of the joke is that tom was "blink" and mark was "182." that's the most telling indicator of forgery on this uranus sleeve.
  5. daveyjones

    Does anyone have Christmas Vacation in lossless?

  6. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    i would have to say fake on this one.
  7. daveyjones

    I remastered their early demos

    same daveyjones. i'm actually the source of the first mp3s of all three tapes to appear on the internet at all. back in 2003 in 192k on a BT tracker called demonoid (again, rest in peace).
  8. daveyjones

    I remastered their early demos

    i'm not trying be all braggy braggy. this person is new and i'm offering. and yes, i did rip them myself. the FLACs used to live on what.cd (rest in peace).
  9. daveyjones

    I remastered their early demos

    the reason i ask, @bradsonemanband , is i have lossless rips from flyswatter / demo #2 / buddha from my original cassettes.
  10. daveyjones

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    i was at that show!
  11. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    both these things. i mean, i'd have to risk that 7" in the pit, just to hope to catch tom at the merch table. and i just didn't think about it. i was just going to shows and hanging out. mark and scott signed it sort of as a joke; we were just having a conversation in between band sets at their merch table. it was very impromptu.
  12. daveyjones

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    mark and scott signed my short bus at the SOMA new years eve show '95. tom was in the bathroom.
  13. daveyjones

    I remastered their early demos

    was your source lossless?
  14. big brother is Impact. mint is linotype's cut of bauhaus (**NOT** bauhaus 93, the microsoft cut). i can't remember what i used for Short Lived but it's a pretty generic body serif. any sort of garamond / baskerville / times roman should be fine.
  15. daveyjones

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    rhythm collision's set from that show is on youtube. you can see the singer wearing a blink wheelchair sticker: