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  1. what's up with that effect / reverb? also sounds super compressed... must be the amp.
  2. i guess. i can't see it in this pic. your eyes are better than mine!
  3. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    this has always been my contention
  4. both at max, since i'm playing through the attenuator. here's my full current full settings... channel 1 (i use this for classic rock, some 90s alternative, some 90s emo) PREAMP: 12 - LOW: 6 - MID: 10 - HIGH: 12 channel 2 (skate punk, metal, hardcore, etc) PREAMP: max - GAIN: max - LOW: 0 - MID: 6 - FREQ: 5 - HIGH: 0 REVERB for both: off MASTER VOLUME ONE: 2 - MASTER VOLUME TWO: 12 POWER ATTENUATOR LEVEL: 2 - PRESENCE: 0
  5. yea i love, love the sound of my X2N through my ampeg VL-1002. pretty much works with playing along to all my early skate punk. the duncans are interesting... when i turn all the guitar tone knobs down to zero and play through them, i get a warm, dripping sound that is great for 90s era emo and alternative rock. very siamese dream-era smashing pumpkins / jimmy eat world clarity.
  6. he's been real cool; i do send him client work, so it's nice that he fits in these smaller things from me when he can. he's the same guy that did the ampeg graphic plates.
  7. my vendor had some issues replicating the translucency in mint. and there were a couple file issues in the rasterizing. i think he has them all output and just needs to apply the backing film. it's a personal job and he's busy with client work, so i told him to fit me in whenever he could.
  8. yes, that is exactly what he did. they are 98 stickers (retail and tour).
  9. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    nice to meet you, brewster
  10. Tom DeLonge Amp History (1992-Present)

    interesting bit from fletcher of pennywise on this: I have a Dual Rectifier and a VHT Pitbull. That’s in my rack, and when I’m travelling with my rack I do a left and right split on stage and in the PA, so it’s true stereo. A lot of guitar players never get that. I always tell them, first piece of advice, get two heads and a splitter. And I’ve even used a delay between the two in the past, and it really opens up the whole of the middle for the vocals and the kick and snare and bass. If you sit out front and listen to a true stereo guitar with two stereo heads, it’s huge. It’s way bigger than one mic. But a lot of the times when I’m on the road I’ll just use two Dual Rectifiers split, two full stacks. And it’s a lot of work to lug that stuff around, but either way, the Dual Rectifier, I would say, is my signature sound. I’ve been playing Boogies since our first recording on Epitaph, and that’s just the old school Dual Rectifier, one of the best amps I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s a very versatile amp, and durable. Y’know, it’s funny. I saved up and thought “I want to sound like Metallica,” so I went out and got a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 preamp and the Strategy 400 watt all tube stereo power amp, which was just insane. It cost me a lot of money. It cost $3500 bucks or something. I saved up all summer. And not to say that I’m that guy, but I’m pretty sure I turned the whole punk scene onto those Boogies. NOFX used it on their album, Bad Religion used it on their album, Down By Law used it on their album. After I recorded with it, Brett [Gurewitz, Bad Religion guitarist & Epitaph founder] was like, “Can I borrow it?” Then Eric Melvin from NOFX came down and he was really into it and he would up buying a Mark III. In the meantime I was trying to get sponsored by Boogie. I was like, “Hey look, you’ve got to hook up some punk bands.” And they were like, “Punk bands can’t afford our stuff. It’s too high end.” And I was like, “No, I’ve already got three bands that have bought it from you. Why don’t you give us some free stuff?” And they don’t give anybody free stuff. Maybe Metallica, I don’t know. But they’re one of those amp companies that really keeps it tight. And it’s hilarious because I look back on it and there was an article in a magazine entitled Boogie Man, and I just want to call them up and tell the old guy, “You know how many punk guys are using Rectifiers now? You owe me steak dinners for life!” http://iheartguitarblog.com/2012/05/interview-pennywises-fletcher-dragge.html#sthash.OpvUGvKq.dpbs
  11. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    best comment so far. A+
  12. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    yea i flubbed the date because it wasn't clear on my original JPG. this one here is bit bigger and the date is evident.
  13. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    i first met jen when they were starting dating. they were super young but they've stayed together so long... i can't imagine them splitting up. just my take.