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  1. Its a shame it got overshadowed because it really is a great record. If he thinks an album's greatness is ranked by sales, that is really saying something.
  2. I'm saying if Tom's was a '94, then it would have the features I talked about yesterday. I'm not guaranteeing it was made in that year, it could very well be a '93 or even before that.
  3. Millencolin

    Da Strike is awesome. Entrance At Rudebrook is one of my favorites. Killercrush is in my playlist for practicing drums so there's enough said about that.
  4. As previously stated, Tom's original sticker strat based on the evidence presented in this thread was a 1994 American Standard Fender Strat. If this is the case, wouldn't it be that it is one of the 40th Anniversary Strats? https://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/showthread.php?146805-1994-40th-Anniversary-Fender-American-Standard-Stratocaster According to this link, all American Standard Strats made during this year included a neckplate with the phrase "40 years...and still rockin" and a badge on the headstock. So if Tom's was one of these anniversary guitars, it had the special neckplate and headstock badge.
  5. Millencolin

    Agreed. Any band where the accent is noticeable makes them unique.
  6. The Get Up Kids - new EP on its way

    Just picked up my vinyl today. The vinyl is pink which is rather fitting with the artwork.
  7. Millencolin

    Interesting comparing the vocalist to Bad Religion since Millencolin are Swedish. The accent is very noticeable I will add.
  8. Those songs are honestly hard to play on the drums. Not because of the speed, but the timing of fills and all that.
  9. Less Than Jake

    It’s a solid record, a few of their best selections are on that album.
  10. Japanese Punk Scene Superthread

    Hi-Standard? Probably the best known of all the bands mentioned here.
  11. Less Than Jake

    I'm honestly surprised no one started a thread for this band. I've seen them three times, it'll be a fourth time at Warped Tour this year, and they're in my top bands of all time. These are some of my favorites by them (even still I like all of their albums. Yes, that includes In With The Out Crowd):
  12. For those that want to make a replica of this guitar, here's another option to use guitar-wise: https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/stratocaster/player-stratocaster/0144503519.html Fender Player Series. Has the two pivot bridge, 22 fret neck, would just need to swap pickups, saddles, and sticker it up accordingly.
  13. Fender Player Series

    About a week ago or so, I read on Reverb in their news section and after doing some googling around that Fender discontinued their Mexican made Standard Series and replacing it with the new Player Series. Has anyone tried them out yet?
  14. Almost every picture in this thread is dead. I was going to go through it and replace the ones I can since overtime I saved a lot of the photos from here.