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  1. Q182

    Pulley, the band

    Basically the punk rock supergroup of the 90's. Original lineup was Scott Radinsky on vocals (formerly of Ten Foot Pole), Jim Cherry on guitar (original bassist for Strung Out, R.I.P.), Matt Riddle on bass (formerly of Face To Face, later of No Use For A Name), Mike Harder on guitar, and the legendary (to me) Jordan Burns (now formerly of Strung Out ☹️) on drums.
  2. Q182

    REM vs Dave Matthews Band

    Davey just nailed it on the head with that one. The only reason I like them is really Carter's fucking amazing. That's it. They only have not even a handful of decent songs.
  3. Just posted a cover of Josie using my purple Strat and my Ampeg VL-1002, complete with Rhythm Collision shirt!
  4. @Thibaut182 Is there any possible way you could fix the images in your last post because they aren’t showing up. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. This was brought up to me by another user and its what prompted me to do this thread. I've heavily been into Green Day since I was 13, and given the gearhead that I am I was immediately drawn to the guitars. This thread is to basically document all of the strats that Billie Joe played through the years, starting here: 1. Fernandes Strat RST-50 (Blue) - Given to Billie by his mom for his 10th birthday, who saved up all of her waitressing tips to buy it for him. It was purchased from Armstrong's guitar teacher, George Cole in the early 80's. Sometime before or during the formation Green Day (then called Sweet Children), the bridge pickup was replaced with a Bill Lawrence L-500 Lead humbucker set an angle. This is what sparks the trend of the angled humbucker feature. This lasted until August of 1994, until it was replaced and unknown brand of a white humbucker (believed to be a Seymour Duncan) and was seen at Woodstock '94. This was then replaced again with another Bill Lawrence pickup (which can be seen in Jaded In Chicago), and lasts until the beginning of 1995 when it was replaced again with a black Seymour Duncan JB. Although the most notable thing about the guitar and what would mark the influence for countless bands and musicians was the constant plastering of stickers throughout the years. Featured on: Every record up until 'nimrod.' Tours: Every Green Day tour Photos: 1991 1993 1994 1996 1997-2000 2002 2005-2009 2010 2013-2014 2015-present These are the several backup strats for Blue, in order by appearance: 1. Black Fender Stratocaster (1992-1993) - First known backup for Blue, acquired in late 1992. It was an early 90's Fender American Standard Strat with a black pickguard, rosewood fretboard, HSS configuration, and a Bill Lawrence pickup. There were a few stickers placed on this guitar. It was only seen during 1993. Featured on: No albums. This guitar was only seen live. Tours: 1993 Kerplunk! tour, 'Recipe For Hate' tour opening for Bad Religion 2. Blue Fender Stratocaster (1997-98) - This particular instrument was nicknamed 'Frankenstein' since the parts for this guitar were acquired from various locations. Also note left handed bridge. Featured on: No albums. Touring guitar only Tours: 1997-98 nimrod tour 3. Blue backup #2 & Pink Strats (1997-98) - Also most likely parts guitars Featured on: No albums. Touring only Tours: nimrod (1997-98) Blue backup #2 (top right corner) Pink strat
  6. Its a shame it got overshadowed because it really is a great record. If he thinks an album's greatness is ranked by sales, that is really saying something.
  7. Coincidence? I think not.
  8. I'm saying if Tom's was a '94, then it would have the features I talked about yesterday. I'm not guaranteeing it was made in that year, it could very well be a '93 or even before that.
  9. Q182


    Da Strike is awesome. Entrance At Rudebrook is one of my favorites. Killercrush is in my playlist for practicing drums so there's enough said about that.
  10. As previously stated, Tom's original sticker strat based on the evidence presented in this thread was a 1994 American Standard Fender Strat. If this is the case, wouldn't it be that it is one of the 40th Anniversary Strats? https://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/showthread.php?146805-1994-40th-Anniversary-Fender-American-Standard-Stratocaster According to this link, all American Standard Strats made during this year included a neckplate with the phrase "40 years...and still rockin" and a badge on the headstock. So if Tom's was one of these anniversary guitars, it had the special neckplate and headstock badge.
  11. Q182


    Agreed. Any band where the accent is noticeable makes them unique.
  12. Q182

    The Get Up Kids - new EP on its way

    Just picked up my vinyl today. The vinyl is pink which is rather fitting with the artwork.
  13. Q182


    Interesting comparing the vocalist to Bad Religion since Millencolin are Swedish. The accent is very noticeable I will add.
  14. Those songs are honestly hard to play on the drums. Not because of the speed, but the timing of fills and all that.