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  1. Couldn't agree more. Jordan Burns is one of my favorite drummers.
  2. Part of an interview where Rob from Strung Out namedropped Tom and his guitar: "...I have a lot of video footage from the tours we did and we had a great time together so sometimes it’s frustrating but there are so many bands where that happened. Like Tom Delonge from Blink 182 used to have Strung Out stickers on his guitar and we’ve never been asked to go on tour." https://liveforthismusic.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/strung-out-interview/
  3. I’d rather sit back and watch him get sued.
  4. Even still, my train of thought is that this would be more a gear-related question than an early days/blink question, but that's just me.
  5. Definitely, and like @Ry-Bread said, its worth a shot at least and at that it would bring a smile to his face to see that people still remember the original Strat.
  6. Thanks. I'll add it to the list. As of late, we pretty much nailed down all the stickers, except for the ones that @BlinkUnoDosTres pointed out from the M+M's video (the landscape bumper sticker style ones).
  7. @BlinkUnoDosTres suggested to me that this is another band called "Indecision", an NYHC band like Gorilla Biscuits Here is the reference photo we have: Here is the cover for their EP "Believe", which came out in 1995: The i and n on the guitar seem to match. This is a mere suggestion, nothing has been confirmed with this one.
  8. Done. Also should I add Sack Lunch to the list as well since we got that one too a few months back?
  9. I’d agree. So it’s confirmed it’s a Cargo sticker?
  10. I remember when I first saw that sticker was text and a word ended in the letter o. I thought it had said ‘no _____’ or something like that but I would agree it’s a Cargo Records sticker. When it’s confirmed I’ll add it to the list.
  11. Interesting. I’ll keep looking for older pics to see if this can be confirmed. Good lead!
  12. Here is another reference on airwalk #5 (from the M+M’s video): As another note, I’d like to figure out what those other two stickers are next to the blue blink and airwalk #5.
  13. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Interesting. It could also allow for different variations depending on the reference photos used.
  14. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Interesting choice with the clover. Did you find that the green looked better with the other stickers as opposed to black?
  15. Minus the effect, you nailed the tone. Both the clean and distorted sounds.