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  1. @BlinkUnoDosTres You suggested awhile ago that the unknown sticker on the back of the guitar is a Guttermouth sticker. Can you send an image to confirm this?
  2. His name is Willy Salas. If you surf through his YouTube page (he filmed the Reel Big Fish show you linked), he has dozens of shows from Warped 1997. He was also good friends with Less Than Jake and filmed a lot of their shows from '97-'98.
  3. A higher quality shot of the 7 Seconds sticker on the back. (@Chesh this is from your rip of the San Bernadino show):
  4. Thanks for these. Never knew about that large alien sticker on the back of the backup (try saying that three times fast). The Strat was never seen after the Irvine show (on video at least, not sure if he still used it after). The photo from Tom's Instagram is the most recent image of it. The asterisk's and lines are literally engraved into the body, along with some first generation blink bunny stickers on the pickguard and by the bridge.
  5. Awesome. I use the attenuator as well because I live with five other people in a suburban home (haha bad pun). I can send you a pic of my settings if you would like.
  6. Yep. He's the reason I own one (also I needed an amp upgrade on a budget and it was my best option). Aside from the fact that Tom used them, they are seriously underrated amps because they never caught on because Marshall and Mesa/Boogie were competing (The Ampeg's were made from 1991-1995). I describe it as a JCM 800 on steroids because it surpasses the amount of gain an 800 has. @daveyjones Did Tom ever show any praise towards these amps when you asked him? I'm kind of intrigued to know what his opinion was.
  7. Updated mockup, complete with pickups and backside. This is still a work in progress as a few more stickers have yet to be found. There are two clovers because the question of if it is a black or green sticker has not been answered yet. This is the version I'll be making:
  8. This for the main amps only, not the entirety of each rig. He was still using the tan Triple Rec in the untitled era.
  9. Yeah, send us a video of what it sounds like.
  10. Nice. You should go through each pickup selection when you demo it (and classic blink songs, of course).
  11. I decided I needed a new wallpaper for my laptop, so I did this: @daveyjones I also made a mockup of the Sticker Strat in my freshman year of high school in my graphic arts class circa 2015/2016. Please excuse the quality of the mockup, this was long before the other stickers were identified (even before I signed up for the forum).
  12. Alright, then. Did the shop wire up all the pickups or just the DiMarzio X2N?
  13. Right, however there is a bridge model and neck model. Which one did you use.
  14. @daveyjones Awesome! Can't wait to hear it with the VL-1002! Did you use a bridge or neck JB Jr.?
  15. I've found that olympic white and arctic white are the same shade. When both are put with a white pickguard, I've seen that there is little bit more of a notable difference in the olympic white. I've also found that olympic white is more prone to discoloration overtime. In the case of Tom's guitar, that isn't necessarily the case because his was completely plastered in stickers.