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  1. @daveyjones This photo brings up another point. Look at the RC sticker. It shows green, which proves that the original RC sticker was a green background one like I was using in my mockups and that the green faded overtime.
  2. Sounds great! Can't wait to hear how the X2N sounds!
  3. How much preamp and gain do you use? I just barely turn them up to the halfway point.
  4. A real beaut you got there @Chesh! What kind of amp do you have?
  5. That's awesome. Do you still have any of those plates left? I'm still interested in one.
  6. Cool. I'm in the same boat you're in regarding when they'll be done. As I've said before I never expected this thing to get as far as it did because like you I have my own priorities as well.
  7. Figured as much. How are the stickers coming along?
  8. Here is another reference on the third generation bunny stickers: I am more than aware that this is the Billabong Les Paul. This is the closest shot of the sticker I could find. This is where the stickers were on the Strat; they're between the pickups and behind the bridge: I'm guessing that Tom sliced up four of these '97'-'98 era stickers:
  9. Vegas shooting

    Every shooting of my any kind is going to bring up the debate of gun laws/control.
  10. North Korea

    China pulled all their support from NK and want a more diplomatic approach like the rest of the world does.
  11. Vegas shooting

    They'll find every last little loophole in his statements. I agree though, he kept it short and I have nothing to shout about.
  12. My first time thread

    I first got into blink around 2014 just listening to the songs I knew the best (Dammit, All The Small Things, etc.). By the following year, I had been a pretty avid listener, having most of their post Enema material under my belt. In 2015, I started to get heavily into the pre-Enema material, getting familar with the rest of Dude Ranch, all of Cheshire Cat, Buddha, and eventually searching for Flyswatter and Demo #2. As time went by, I had always stayed with them when California came out last year. I almost got to see them on a one off in New Jersey during the tour, but the show got cancelled because of the impending hurricane (which never showed up and the show never got rescheduled). My favorite album is Dude Ranch and my favorite song of all time is A New Hope.
  13. The person that makes the "replica" set of the stickers is walking a (read: VERY) fine line because he's bootlegging band and company logos. Making money off of this was never a part of the plan.
  14. No. As Davey mentioned previously, the white sticker strat was bought with the Cargo advance money for Cheshire Cat. Tom was still using the red strat at the time of Shortbus.
  15. Look at the cat on the album cover (on the left), now look at Mark's bass.