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  1. Guys I watched all the 4 parts of Twin Peaks and I loved it. The first episode (1+2) was like a panic attack but one of my friends that went over here to watch it spent the whole time complaining because "this isn't the twin peaks I love11!!1!!", jesus christ. Then the first 15 minutes of episode 3 were Eraserhead level, great episode, and the 4th was my favourite, so many fantastic moments. I love Twin Peaks
  2. Can't believe I'm actually about to press play on a new season of Twin Peaks! See you later!
  3. It's a cool interview but he still does make it seem like "blink is fine doing what they're doing and I'm into all my stuffs now but I will be back whenever I want to" and we all know that it's not really like that for Mark.
  4. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7801091/tom-delonge-interview-box-car-racer-travis-barker-blink-182
  5. I'm seeing the Descendents in a couple of weeks. The last (and only) time that I saw them they played 35 songs in 58 minutes. It was awesome. Milo had a great hypercaffeinated energy, but I don't think they have ever been lighter than blink.
  6. If you were so against the meat industry and the way animals are treated, I assume you'd be equally so grossed out by the taste of meat and you wouldn't want to eat something that looks/tries to taste like it. But it's just a thought.
  7. We posted at the same time and you just answered my question. It makes sense. One day I'll try vegan chicken!
  8. Absolutely, but if you follow Travis or Toby Morse on Instagram, you'll see that at that Crossroads restaurant they make sure your vegan burger tastes like a real burger and your vegan chicken tastes like real chicken. Why does vegan food need to taste like meat? I've never ordered chicken and said "make it taste like spinach."
  9. I think it's vegan chicken.. but what do they use to make vegan chicken?
  10. Over the years, after the reunion, it became cool to listen to blink for a little bit, now we're back to the awkward glances when I say I'm going to see blink this summer and I still like them. But it's always been like that since the day I got into them, so who cares. To me they're no different from bands like NOFX, Face to Face, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Millencolin, Descendents & co. I know, they're the lighter band but I grew up listening to all these bands together.
  11. I never had waffles but I love pancakes!
  12. Great and funny band. I used to listen to A Man's not a Camel and Meet The Family a lot in high school. They released another album in 2013/2014 if I remember correctly, it was so good. Davey, you might like it.
  13. This band couldn't even agree on breakfast.
  14. It took me a few days to have a full picture of the situation. One thing for sure is that I will always enjoy blink’s songs, even when they’re nothing special. They will always have that catchiness and, even if they don’t blow me away, they do enough to make me listen again though. Overall I’m enjoying Cali deluxe more than the original one, I won’t waste my breath talking about what I don’t like about the production or the lyrics because it’s something that it has already been turned inside out. Yes, it was a good thing to put these songs in a deluxe edition of the album because there is continuity with California but I’m pretty sure that these songs aren’t timeless. I will listen to them for the rest of the month, or even more, but, once the of novelty is gone, I don’t know if I’ll keep coming back to them the way I do with the rest of their discography. But I don’t wanna think about how I’m going to feel next month, I just wanna enjoy the songs as much as I can now. I like the somber tones and the partial experimentation; I still think that they should have kept Parking Lot and the joke song out of this album because they don't fit at all with the other songs, but some things are just unexcusable: I know, they are our favourite band but how come all the songs start with that same little riff? And why did they think it was right to make the intro to Don’t Mean Anything sound like Adam’s song? Couldn't they come up with anything different? Having said that, I really love the acoustic version of BTD, Good Old days, Don’t Mean Anything, Long Lost Feeling and Misery’s bridge (even though 3 out of these 5 songs start in the same way and one is adam’s song). The other songs are just enjoyable for now. We should take blink as they come right now because they’re way past their prime and I’m okay with that, but, on the other hand, it’s distressing because I know they can do better than that. I don’t really know what I’m expecting from blink but at least stronger choruses (because these ones are so predictable), more guitar work, I want Travis to lead the songs once again with his drums, i don’t want him to be left out. As for mark, cali has got his best bass lines since untitled, so I can’t complain, but i’d like more honesty in his lyrics. And I’d like to have the real Matt Skiba on board, not that creepy awkward puppet that stands in the corner now. I still can’t wait to see them this summer with him though, to see how he manages to pull it off. The deluxe, with all its flaws, was a good step in the right direction (at least it's better than california even if it doesn't have bombs like BTD, Cynical and san Diego).. I just wish they took a year off before going back to the feldy factory, they would come back with better ideas, but who knows what's gonna happen next.
  15. The thought of a Senators-Nashville final is both boring and a little depressing.