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  1. I'm sure Travis just sent some people over there for the interview, he's not there with Tom. It could be something about Travis so he reached out to the people who were part of his past. I can't imagine anything else other than that.
  2. 20 years from now

    Yes, Steve was the primary lyricist and I know it's weird how they completely left him out of the video and are acting like he never existed but considering what happened what were they supposed to do? Same here.
  3. Deleted Threads

    I'm catching up on the other 27 pages but, Clarke, what did that poster said to you to make you feel threatened when you wrote about your university? What happened? I'm genuinely curious because it sounds weird.
  4. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    I know from Chris Flippin that blink played with them in Germany, Netherlands, England and France then they had to cancel and never went to Spain or Italy but Lagwagon and Pulley went on with the tour. This isn't really a funny anecdote but when we talked about that tour he also told me that for the Halloween show Mark and him wanted to celebrate and dress up but Tom and the other Lagwagon guys didn't want to, so they both got so pissed off and didn't talk to anyone for a couple of days. During these days of mutiny Mark and Flip used to perform wearing a t-shirt that said 'Halloween only comes once a year, right?' but that's about it. As I said, I wish there was more to this anecdote, but that's literally all I've got haha
  5. Pinegrove

    I'm a big fan but the whole post seems blown out of proportion without any context? I'm already seeing people saying they don't want to support the band anymore. They don't even know what's going on but they all jumped to conclusions. It seems to me that he is just evaluating some of his behaviours in order to better himself, given all the things that have happened recently. Not many people would have the courage to admit they're eyeing up their fans, and the fact he can come to terms with that and try to seek help is really admirable. But I don't think his post was necessary. There are real victims and real abusers out there who deserve to be taken care of more than him.
  6. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    I know, right? It was craaaazy but he sounds better than the recording live and his band was on point, I still stand by the fact it was worth it in every way! haha
  7. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    I saw Mac Demarco the other night and it was great. I'm still processing what happened. Like, the first half of the show was goofy but real nice, he played his songs and it was so good but soon as the booze kicked in it was pure depravity. I knew Mac shows are always weird to a degree and I've seen the videos but christ i still didn't expect half of the shit that went on. The show was supposed to end at 10.45, he legit said fuck ending the show and started covering songs and doing crazy stuffs to end it 45 minutes later. He kept smashing the microphone at the amp, and climbed on the amp, top off, setting fire to his pubes, pissing on the stage and walking on it without his shoes on, refusing to leave. The venue will definitely gage him, the security in front of me was so pissed he was still carrying on haha But the one thing I loved is how Mac's live attitude is more punk than 99% of modern punk bands. Most of those guys stand on stage like statues. Meanwhile Mac is wasted, all over the place, but him and the band are still playing the music perfectly. Blows my mind. I know, this gig sounds like it was a total mess but it was great and fun. Quality night. I'm glad I went.
  8. Brand New's Brand New Record

    A lot of people are going to have to stop listening to music altogether if this proves to be enough of a reason to quit listening to the songs. Ignorance is bliss I guess.
  9. Brand New's Brand New Record

    Now I know what it's like to feel biased and I was waiting to comment on this fact because it really messed me up. Don't judge me but I'd like to think people were only shitty for a period of time then they grew up eventually and realised how awful they were and made great attempts to change as everyone should do. As I would do and as I think Jesse did in the past 7/8 years when it looks like he has changed for the better. This mindset helps me feel okay even if it's incredibly naive. At the same time I feel terribile for the victims and I hope they'll find a way to get better and I hope he pays for his actions because I'm sure there's more to it than just what came out. I don't know what a simple apology and acknowledgement would do to them but it's better than nothing. Or even the fact that he has worked on his problem in private before everything came out. I also feel bad for Jesse's daughter cause when she grows up she will read comments from the people who compare her father to a paedophile or a rapist when he's not. It's a shitty situation but I hope the parents will do their best to protect the child from the horrible things we've been reading online. My only wish is that with all this coming together and people becoming aware, more and more people learn from this and strive to be better than their idols and to be good people. Still naive but that's what I think. This one hits very hard but it wasn't a real surprise and it won't change a thing about I feel about the songs. As far as I can remember, I haven't seen a single brand new interview or spent time reading about the members' lives. Brand New has always been about the music and my relationship with it, how I understand the songs and what they mean to me and it won't change. Call me hypocrite but I just can't stop listening to this band. Even though it will never be the same. So sad that they're going out this way.
  10. The Sex Pest Club

    That's disgusting. Corey Feldman has been talking about the abuse he and Corey Haim suffered as child actors for years, Corey Haim even took his own life but Feldman was never taken seriously. What a shame. Over the years very few child actors have survived childhood and transitioned successfully into adulthood, most had tragic deaths or dysfunctional lives.. it's so sad if you think about it.
  11. No meltdown related but I just found this article (that doesn't have anything to do with blink or Tom) but it was written by Brendan Kelly and the way it starts really makes me laugh. He's so right about Tom. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/6vgpn9/pearl-jam-vs-nirvana-as-the-most-influential-90s-band?utm_campaign=global
  12. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    I'm so glad I decided to go see Nick Cave last night. It was an uplifting experience and a reminder that you can't make art about someone else's art, it has to be your own blood on the canvas. He gave his all on stage and I'm still in shock at how sweet and humble he is and how amazing he sounds. He's a special treasure, everyone should see him at least once.
  13. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Yeah, I never thought about that but it makes sense and that makes mind reading even more impossible to achieve.
  14. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I've always assumed telepaths would understand because they would probably be seeing language in a visual way and they would be collecting info through memories and mental pictures. Even talking about these stuffs is surreal though and it's not worth our time because Tom is just scamming everyone. It could be drugs or some mental health problems but he sounds like those people who get their head fucked up by a cult like scientology or freemasonry.
  15. Stranger Things

    I was worried about Will in the new season of Stranger Things since he was barely in the first but the kid is amazing, the best kid actor, even better than Eleven. I loved Steve this year and the way he has been transformed, he and Dustin together are my favourite thing of this season. Nancy doesn't deserve him.