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  1. Thanks, that's awesome!!! Now you only need to put the "i don't wanna group up" sticker between the first two pickups, and it's almost done. Again, great job!
  2. I don't know why but I can't see it
  3. I always thought it was a megaphone until I saw that clearer picture haha
  4. Never mind, I just found out that it comes with the Rhythm Collision sticker. Another reason why I love that guitar is that it got me into so many sick bands I probably wouldn't have discovered any other way when I was 13-14.
  5. Do we know where that blue kid with the megaphone under Rhythm Collision comes from?
  6. This thread is so interesting. Still my favourite guitar to this day. If you wonder what's written under the Ten Foot Pole sticker, it says everything falls apart and more. Let us know how the stickers replica is going though. I would love to print some of them myself just to have them. This is the pink Queers sticker you're looking for:
  7. It airs with Italian subtitles, simultaneously with America, on Sky TV, but it's very late, I can't watch it at 3 am. Then it airs again on Monday nights at 9 pm and people can choose between the episode with Italian subtitles or the one dubbed into Italian.
  8. Well, well, well. I had to choose between California, Rabbit Hole and The Only Thing That Matters. I guess I'm saving Rabbit Hole because it's a fast song and TOTTM for the bass so it's California. Haven't listened to that song since the album came out last year.
  9. I'm sure it was awesome
  10. I was going to go to a conference with David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan about Twin Peaks tonight here in Tuscany (it's only a 20 minute car drive from my place). This thing came out of the blue the other day, and they sponsored the event saying: "the theatre has a capacity of 600, so you better get there very early". I left work an hour ago and stood in line with my friends waiting for the box office to open but what they didn't advert was that only 80 people would be let in. What a scam. I wouldn't have bother if they had said that in the first place. Now we're going to take walk around and have a few beers but here's also this guy that came with us only because I was going to be there, he always makes up stuffs to get my attention, so it's gonna be so weird.. I can't wait to get home lol sorry if it's the wrong section of the boards, but I was so hyped about this Twin Peaks thing 💔
  11. Turnover just released a new song <3
  12. Double post but there's this guy from virgin radio italy that had an interview with Mark last friday and asked him about a tour as headliners in europe (because right now they're only playing festivals) and he just said that Mark's answer was "probably autumn/winter". The interview isn't out yet, I just heard it on the radio, I'll keep you up to date though. Even if "autumn/winter" doesn't sound right to me, they never came to Europe in autumn or winter because it's best for Travis to travel in the summer.
  13. "It's crazy that what I am writing at this moment for Strange Times is even more riff-based and faster paced than this" sure.
  14. We all know history, and they didn't remove swastikas in order to rewrite it. The Nazi flag is offensive (we say better prevent than cure over here) and if you're outraged by the lack of historical accuracy, well, it's just the multiplayer mode on a game (not even the whole game) and it doesn't have to teach you history. Imagine being the PR guy trying to defend the fight for more swastikas in 2017. It would be a total disaster.
  15. I can't see it either, what did he comment?