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  1. Say what you want but I fucking love Brand New and always will, this new album is just beautiful... They did it again. I can't believe this is really the end.
  2. Where do I listen to it? Link please guys
  3. To be fair the Lagwagon flyer from 11/19/1997 is from Biella, Italy but blink only played the UK dates of that tour with Lagwagon and Pulley. They were supposed to do an entire European tour with those two bands but something happened and they had to go home so it was only Pulley and Lagwagon in the mainland.
  4. I looked into it and I think it has to be 1994 because the only thing I found out about 1995 is that the roof of that venue collapsed so the theatre was shut down for a year and a half and reopened in late '96.
  5. february 14th 1997: blink played the H2O winter classic with Unwritten Law and Sack Lunch 03/03/1995= 04/12/1997: 1/6/1996: The band performs at Showcase Theatre in Corona, California. Flyer: 6/23/1995: The band performs at Patterson Hall, in Fresno, California. Flyer:
  6. these are all great updates! let me see if I can help with the missing dates: BLINK 182 + MCS EUROPEAN TOUR February 2004 06 London,Wembley Arena cap.10,800 07 Manchester,MEN Arena cap.14,000 08 Glasgow,Braehead Arena cap. 5,200 10 Nottingham,Arena cap. 7,500 11 London,Hammersmith Odeon cap. 4,800 13 Munich,Olympiahalle cap. 7,000+ 14 Zurich,Hallenstadion cap.12,000 15 Bologna,Sports Hall cap. 4,500 17 Dusseldorf,P.Halle cap. 7,500 18 Paris,Zenith cap. 6,000 (But I think you can find the entire tour they did in 2004 on wikipedia) I have this interview with Mark from november 2003: http://uk.askmen.com/celebs/interview_100/105_blink_182_interview.html Some other important dates in 2003: 9/06/2003: On September 6th in San Diego, CA, Blink-182 and Taking Back Sunday will play a benefit concert for Jason Bogle, a professional surfer who has been diagnosed with bone cancer, and has no insurance or funds. This was the flyer of that show: 10/24/2003 TRL Feeling This video premiere 11/21/2003: MTV album Launch with blink-182 11/24/2003: Mark Hoppus at Jimmy Kimmel Live 11/25/2003 blink-182 at MTV loveline 11/25/2003: Tom DeLonge at Jimmy Kimmel Live 11/26/2003: Travis Barker at Jimmy Kimmel Blink-182's DollaBill Tour dates, according to Geffen Records: 11/6 - Boston, MA @ Avalon 11/7 - Philadelphia, PA @ TLA 11/8 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club 11/9 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza 11/12 - Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews 11/13 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues 11/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest 11/17 - Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon 11/18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon11/21 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA Here are some older flyers that maybe are missing, this one is for the 8/12/1994: The band performs at SOMA in San Diego, California, at Unwritten Law's album release party
  7. I should be out of the house buying something for dinner but I was catching up on the last 15 pages of this thread. Literally a-15-pages of psychological horrors and unsolved mysteries. You guys are so great.
  8. That sucks it's a great memory. How much of the song did he play? If it was more than the riff, then you should be a very proud cheerio!
  9. Wow, Touchdown Boy!! I would have died on the other side of the camera! haha
  10. you shouldn't worry about that, if you love untitled or cheshire cat, 14 albums with Matt won't change what those songs mean to you
  11. That's true, it's a bad example but that doesn't change the fact that it's not that hard to put a different song or two on the setlist every once in a while. They played Apple Shampoo at the Untitled shows but that was it. It's a song too high for Mark now but I remember it sounded good. It should have stuck around.
  12. 21 Days came up on shuffle twice today. I love that song, so simple and different from what blink was making at the time, yet so brilliant. It's sad that most people will never know that blink could make songs like this.
  13. And band cruises is the worst idea anyone has ever come up with.
  14. There was that modlife video when a kid asked Tom to play Waggy and he played it right away. We have always assumed he was too lazy to relearn his own songs but apparently he didn't have problems with that, like that night when they improvised The Party Song but then Mark didn't remember the words. I don't think anymore that Tom was the one holding the band from playing a few deep cuts.
  15. Same here. I know they're CGI horses but it's still awful. Apparently animal violence is where I draw the line and lose my shit.