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  2. This seems to be contagious?
  4. That was surprisingly well fit to my bafflings. Im a normal sane person seeing future forever changed. But if its the "toms way" were more fucked than ever. I say it again. Those who rule the earth, will play alien-card with full power when pizzagate-shit truly hits the fan. Getting closer by day.
  5. This is my last conspiracy-related thing for now, but this guy sums up my own feelings and point of view, about the subject, pretty well.
  6. I smell Tom might get suicided.
  7. Edit: heavily delonge-related
  8. Ahh, i love this. You, Oliver are the perfect type for scraching the surface's of pizzagate. If i remember right, you dont care much about 9/11, chemtrails snf basic conspiracy-stuff? I feel like you are atheists-kindof guy who only likes things you can prove, science and stuff? I was the same, and this one really got me. I know when you smell that something is off, you cant just drop it before you know how it is.
  9. When it includes top people not only from enterntainment, but msm, global politics and vatican.. thats the point we are getting, by numbers. Whole world just might be operated by occultistic ancient club. Everyday less like a conspiracy, more like a current state.
  10. I never gave a thought about conspiracies, nor i look pizzagate as a such thing. Pizzagate rose from facts, from wikileaks. Back is breaking, over an year of independent researching around the planet is starting to show. More "suicides" in the horizon, more shitz & nizzles to distract us all by msm. But did Russia did it? Fuck that.
  12. I dont post here often, but i think ive opened some eyes with some posts. I just found a deepest rabbit hole available over a year ago, and along the way so many unrelated things are clicked that it cant be coincidence. Seen dozens of things just vanish from the internet within minutes, and been witnessing the total blackout in msm anything related to subject. Its so big, that for a long time i was not personally concerned because i thought its mostly shit ik the states and 3rd world countries.. but the fact is its affecting everywhere and all of us. We are slaves for f(j?)ews.
  13. You didnt google it. I fuck you more. Bennington was Podesta's son. And no, stricking resemblance in looks is not the only clue.
  14. Wake up people. Pizzagate is real. Or what ever you want to call centuries old bloodlines massacring innocent lives for hundreds of years. Reason for powerty, wars and everything miserable in this planet. Population doesnt know shit, and things will change when everythings out. Peter thiel / young blood, google it. George Soros / Madeleine McCann, Podesta Bros, google that. When you have unlimited wealth, you want to live forever. Id say internet is closest as a collective human mind we get. Lets hope it fucks all the kiddiefuckers up.
  15. Bennington and Cornell dead, both heavily connected to this shit. Come on, singer of linkin park, father of 6 just happens to hang himself, and was found by police minute after posting last video online?