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  1. Annual - List Your Top 10 Blink songs!

    Hey didn't you give me shit about saying San Diego was possibly my favourite song some time ago? lol This is actually the closest to what I'd pick.
  2. Flatline Stereo!

    It was by sheer luck my brother ever found out about it, someone added him into a post on Facebook from Call it Off, with a comment just saying "Does this sound familiar?" within minutes they blocked my brother and his wife from the facebook page. He released the song in 2011, and he has the proof that the lead singer bought it off bandcamp. I can't believe they actually tried to deny it at first. Just glad that it's finally out there now. Crazy.
  3. Flatline Stereo!

    Hey, thanks for reading, I managed to get Frank Turner to comment on it on Twitter! I believe they will get a rebate of money from the sales, and will get the royalties for the song from now on. They also sold the rights to the song to two Dutch movie production companies. A dutch magazine picked up on it and put the two tracks on a Spotify playlist to listen too! Check it out below: https://dutchscene.nl/2017/09/26/call-it-off-beschuldigd-plagiaat/70267 https://open.spotify.com/user/dutchscene/playlist/7LqfbNh1yVrnTfiOVqf7SD
  4. Flatline Stereo!

    I guess no one will even read this, but my brother just won a plagiarism case against a Dutch band called Call it Off. They're signed to Sony and stole one of my brothers songs. You can read about it here if you are interested. www.flatline-stereo.tumblr.com Would love to know your thoughts on this.
  5. Flatline Stereo!

    Hi all, just thought I would share my brothers band on here.
  6. WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

    Love 'The Adventure', but I have always felt indifferent to this album. Would have liked 'The War' on this EP, think it would transpose to acoustic nicely.
  7. Blink 182 European Tour 2017

    Was at the show last night. My honest opinion was that I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't the best I've seen them. I was lucky enough to see Blink pre-hiatus. The tour for untitled/self-titled remains the best I've ever been too. I've seen them on every tour since the hiatus too and the best show since then was when Mark and Tom did the acoustic songs mid show. The show tonight just wasn't at that level. I love Skiba, I really do and thought the Enema/TOYPAJ/Cali songs sounded great with his guitar tone, probably the best I've heard enema songs live. However, that same guitar tone takes a dump on everything on Untitled/Self-titled, it's too in your face and loud for songs like I Miss You, Down and Violence. Also agree with everyone else saying the set was way too short. Should be 90 mins at the minimum. The curfew for all of these venues is 11pm the UK. They were on at 9pm and off for 10 past 10. Only 20 minutes longer than Frank Turner - who was incredible. He was a great support act, who actually interacted more with the crowd. I don't want to sound too negative as I did enjoy myself and I'm looking forward to the show in Manchester next week. Hope they play m+m's there.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    13 Miles is a beautiful love song.
  9. California Deluxe Album

    I agree with the general consensus on here though. Parking Lot should not have made the cut.
  10. California Deluxe Album

    I liked California a lot. But this. This blows it out of the water.
  11. California Deluxe Album

    shady. Do I just click the link on Kingdom Leaks?
  12. California Deluxe Album

    how can I listen?
  13. California Deluxe Album

    Just leak it already...
  14. California Deluxe Album

    I'll let you know.
  15. California Deluxe Album

    Well I guess it all depends