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  1. Yes i was, as i said it's not really a picture were you see the whole case so i was doubting about posting it
  2. I remember one picture in Annes book where Toms guitar case can be seen, but you can't see the whole case, only the side and a small piece of the Airwalk sticker. I can upload it if it helps in anyway, but i doubt it will because you can barley see it
  3. I know Dammit wasn't played live that day, i just thought the radio station had done something to the audio of the pre-recorded track + their live performance
  4. Dammit and their live performance sounded different. The radio station probably added some kind of autotune maybe
  5. Imo i think the "sticker strat" was the coolest guitar Tom ever used, of course his signature one comes right after.
  6. Would anyone know where Tom got all these stickers? Did he buy them or did he make them himself?
  7. @daveyjones Your are like the coolest person i know, that looks really cool. When will we hear it?
  8. The strat must have been quite the big purchase for him i guess, being 19 and all. @daveyjones Did Tom ever talk about his strat? like how much he liked it or no?
  9. obviously being in the army and getting deployed is A LOT harder than touring.
  10. Lol were not even talking about the military, (that is not a easy job), neither is being on tour
  11. 15 months? bullshit. You may think its easy work but why don't you try doing it?
  12. Sure, go on tour for atleast 15 years
  13. There is a big difference between having a normal job and working as a musician, a normal person would come home every day, when you are on tour in different countries for a long period of time you get tired of it, hell try doing it yourself for years and then come back here and say bs that, it is disrespectal to leave the band 3 times. Let the man do what he wants
  14. So you don't think he maybe wants to spend time with his family? ffs he is 40, he can't go touring all his life and miss seeing his kids grow up
  15. She's a beauty, why ruin it, you can always remove the sticker if you want