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  1. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Awesome! It looks really good! Really wish I had the money and resources to make a replica of the sticker strat, I have said this before in another thread - I still think that this strat sounded and was waaay cooler than his signature strat (not saying his signature strat wasn't cool but I mean if I could choose between those two I would choose this one! ) Anyways, looks awesome!
  2. Haha this is like so fucking weird, so I'm watching this documentary that has some funny Blink bts footage and all of the sudden (possibly) the same lp that Tom had, that got sold, the one that @Ry-Bread shared with us pops up on this documentary It can be seen in various places like: 03:41, 07:05, 07.49 and more (and i know this thread is about Toms sticker strat but this is just a weird coincidence that i had to share, i promise if i keep posting about his les pauls i will start a separate thread )
  3. I wonder why he removed all the knobs except the 1 volume, looks like he tried to make it like his signature strat. Maybe he was toying around with this design right before he signed a contract with Fender
  4. So yesterday I was thinking about why Tom removed all the stickers from his strat, and why he switched over to les pauls for a while and came up with a theory. Could it be that since Blink was gaining more fame in late 97, and they were scheduled to play on live tv in Australia (even though that was like early 98) Tom removed the stickers because like 95% of the stickers were of other ''bigger'' bands so that there would no copyright infringement? (I know there was one time where they played Dammit on MTV or something) I don't know if this is true haha sometimes I come up with crazy theories when I'm bored
  5. I mean the ''Sticker strat'' is almost like Tom's version of ''Blue'', I guess so is mine , my strat is like a mixed version of both of them, i mean it has an angled humbucker (Dimarzio X2N), maple neck+fretboard and stickers that commemorate both guitars.
  6. Im pretty sure Billie Joe Armstrong also used or still uses Graphtech saddles, It feels alot like Billie's famous ''Blue strat'' inspired Tom's sticker strat in many ways
  7. Here's a video where you can see the sticker strat in the background to the left of Tom I wonder if he still plays it sometimes, just for fun.
  8. Looking closely at 04:28 it looks like Tom dropped his strat.
  9. Tom's Sticker Strat pickups..

    Looks great! Can't wait to see the progress
  10. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Totally worth it though in all seriousnes
  11. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    How much money did you invest in this project if you don't mind me asking? This could be something i would maybe do in the future
  12. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Btw, what kind of bridge saddles are those? from the pictures, they look like they have little dots on them.
  13. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    That is so cool Davey, are you going to send these pictures to Tom?
  14. Makes sense, i have a Fender Champion 100, still sounds quite nice tho
  15. Nice! sounds about the same like my one does but without the effect, not sure if you answered it somewhere above but what kind of amp are you using?