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  1. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Yes, that's what i suggested, maybe it could be some kind of skate company?
  2. Or just make it yourself like Tom did, I'm guessing he just cut out milo from a cassette or something
  3. ALL!

    There might be a thread for this (amazing) band, but i couldn't find one. I guess in this thread you can post stuff related to ALL or Descendents. Imo this band is really underrated, and a lost gem. I don't see this band any different from Descendents, only a different vocalist. Billy boy still being one of the greatest songwriters. It has really influenced Blink and even myself! If you haven't really listened to All i recommend it and urge you to listen.
  4. Hahaha it still has the Dimarzio designed pickups in the neck and middle, kinda sad really how someone is gonna think they got a ''good'' replica when all the owner did was change the pickguard, drop in the X2N and put on the (wrong) stickers.
  5. Saw that someone had posted this on Instagram and found something interesting. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't look like the Descendents sticker is on the headstock, I'm guessing early 95 or late 94?
  6. finally restrung my old TD strat

    Must have been one hell of a birthday then
  7. finally restrung my old TD strat

    Yeah! That's one sexy beast I think people are always in the market for a Delonge strat, you could probably get maybe like 500-700 usd easy how much did you pay for it?
  8. Tom Delonge 97/98 Black LP Replica

    Dunno lol always loved the look of those cases so I'm kinda in the market for them because I'll be flying with my guitar on a long ass flight but I always run into the same fear of some worker at the airport that opens it up and messes around with it or something. Guitar paranoia I guess haha
  9. Tom Delonge 97/98 Black LP Replica

    @iamjon Do the butterfly latches lock on that Anvil case that came with Tom's LP? I imagine he used it for flights for shows n stuff
  10. So i have been getting around to listening to Tom's ''Demo's, odds and ends'' album which is apparently some random shit Tom wrote and had lying around, a bit late to the game considering it came out in 2015. I turned on Golden Shower in the Golden State and sort of felt like i had heard the riff before. I thought to myself, hmm this sounds very ''Descendents like'', but i couldn't figure out what it sounded like until i finally got it some hours later... the riff is basically the same one used in All's song ''Million Bucks'' Not gonna rip on Tom too much but i mean cmon he basically stole the riff, what are you guys thoughts on this? Compare this with this
  11. @Thibaut182 Look closely at the black strat that John is playing, it's the same Screeching Weasel sticker that Tom had!
  12. @Thibaut182 Saame
  13. Hmm very interesting, for curiosity reasons I looked on Fenders ''archived price lists'' and found the 1993 American standard strat. What I found interesting is that they wrote in colors available, Arctic white instead of Olympic white. https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000746086-Archived-Fender-Price-Lists-1968-2010- Here's the link so you can check it out if Y'all want, just thought it was a cool little thing I found.
  14. Tom DeLonge Amp History (1992-Present)

    So umm I've been wondering this for a while now... I know Blink got some road cases later in their career but, how did they fly their equipment all the way to Australia on the Good Times Tour when Tom had his Ampeg and whatever cab he used, did he go out and get cases for those too or did Pennywise give them free stuff? I imagine that going on a tour like this especially for Blink (who had been playing shows for 2 or 3 years) would not be very cheap. Maybe a stupid question but whatevs
  15. Yeah Warmoth can get quite pricey