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  1. Looks awesome! You should send that pic to Tom
  2. Maybe not so important, but i believe that the combo amp was a Fender Princeton Chorus ( because of the red knobs and the little sign on the right side of the amp )
  3. Here is the video : the red strat appears 02.20 - 02.57
  4. Here are some screenshots I took from youtube. Looks like before he added most of the stickers (couldn't upload them here)
  5. Yes I know, with what tools did you cut the pickguard?
  6. Cool, im going to install the X2N in my strat that currently has all single coils
  7. I saw that on Toms instagram, what kind of pickup do you think that might be?
  8. Nice replica, how does the X2N sound with single coils? Im also going to put an angled x2n in the bridge
  9. Here is a pic i found somewhere of the side of the guitar
  10. I agree I was just saying they looked similar to vintage kluson tuners
  11. They sure look like vintage Kluson tuners
  12. I don't know if this might be useful or not, you might have mentioned this somewhere on this thread, I was re-watching a live concert from 96 on youtube and found out that Tom had vintage style tuners on his "sticker strat" Video - If you pause at 18.55 you can see for yourself.
  13. I have a Squier Standard strat and a Fender champion 100 amp
  14. Hi, im new here. I wanted to know I would put a Dimarzio X2N in my strat would I get the Cheshire cat tone?
  15. This is where Toms backup strat appears, from 22:45 until 29:28