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  1. Damn... seems like everyone was into Olympic white strats, Dunlop .60 picks and playing good music back then 😏
  2. Andrew182

    First time Tom began recycling riffs?

    Yeah it doesn't bother me too much either, i just pointed it out, that someone had made a video about this topic
  3. Andrew182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    This thread is so fucking weird haha
  4. Andrew182

    First time Tom began recycling riffs?

  5. Feldmann wasn't involved in the making of +44s album, so he couldn't really ruin it
  6. I thought it was a 93, oh well could be wrong myself
  7. Andrew182

    Travis' New Band

    Travis must be a time optimist, play in a world-famous band that is currently recording a new album, then most likely going to go out on a tour to support that album, then he's going to start a new band, not even mentioning all the many projects he's worked on. I'm kinda worried for him, he has that blood-clot thing now (i think?) i really hope he doesn't overwork himself and have a mental breakdown
  8. @Q182 Well, good that he got it back... can you imagine Dude Ranch being recorded with a different guitar?
  9. Andrew182

    Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Yes, that's what i suggested, maybe it could be some kind of skate company?
  10. Or just make it yourself like Tom did, I'm guessing he just cut out milo from a cassette or something
  11. Andrew182


    There might be a thread for this (amazing) band, but i couldn't find one. I guess in this thread you can post stuff related to ALL or Descendents. Imo this band is really underrated, and a lost gem. I don't see this band any different from Descendents, only a different vocalist. Billy boy still being one of the greatest songwriters. It has really influenced Blink and even myself! If you haven't really listened to All i recommend it and urge you to listen.
  12. Hahaha it still has the Dimarzio designed pickups in the neck and middle, kinda sad really how someone is gonna think they got a ''good'' replica when all the owner did was change the pickguard, drop in the X2N and put on the (wrong) stickers.
  13. Saw that someone had posted this on Instagram and found something interesting. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't look like the Descendents sticker is on the headstock, I'm guessing early 95 or late 94?
  14. Andrew182

    finally restrung my old TD strat

    Must have been one hell of a birthday then