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  1. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Totally worth it though in all seriousnes
  2. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    How much money did you invest in this project if you don't mind me asking? This could be something i would maybe do in the future
  3. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    Btw, what kind of bridge saddles are those? from the pictures, they look like they have little dots on them.
  4. tom delonge "sticker strat" project

    That is so cool Davey, are you going to send these pictures to Tom?
  5. Makes sense, i have a Fender Champion 100, still sounds quite nice tho
  6. Nice! sounds about the same like my one does but without the effect, not sure if you answered it somewhere above but what kind of amp are you using?
  7. Did you switch out the pots for 500k ones?
  8. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

  9. Shape of 182 - Ed Sheeran + Blink 182 MASHUP

    I'm pretty sure Tom used his Mesa triple rec on their self-titled album
  10. Aha, well I guess that explains the tone on that EP
  11. This question was probably answered somewhere before on this thread but I was wondering since Shortbus was released in 94, does that mean Tom used his white sticker strat on that album?
  12. That's a really "good" quality pic!
  13. Of course, i have no clue why he thought it was a fernandes, i mean you can clearly tell an American strat from a Fernandes