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  1. I don't think you're legally allowed to defend Tom in any capacity here. Except for maybe while bashing Jen for being a gold digger. The rules are confusing.
  2. I've always wondered what exactly happened with this, but it feels like it was some kind of precursor to TTS and all of his grand ideas. I guess it could still exist, but he's not plugging it every day and all the descriptions are from like 2012. Reminds me of all the new "companies" that start up these days without anything more than a decent website. http://www.reallylikeablepeople.com/about
  3. Amazing how someone could so easily have it all and yet manage to ruin everything they have. He could be a successful, respected musician with a little bit of business on the side (like these books and such) if he'd just chill out, prioritize, and stop being such a pompous weirdo.
  4. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    It should be mentioned that he tagged Feldmann in the studio post, so maybe they're just in a different location.
  5. Whales

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    I'd follow this up with the second half of the verse, which I like even more. But life has a way it showers with greatness Then takes it away, those pieces that made us Then teaches you things you'd never imagine We all get the same, the memories, the burdens The pictures we made, they still form a pattern They cautiously say "does it all matter?" Tom and Mark both write such great lyrics sometimes.
  6. Whales

    AVA General Discussion

    Have you listened to the demo versions? They suggest a much more girl centered story, so it seems like he kind of changed his mind later. Either way I agree, the end result of the lyrics is just a mess.
  7. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    I love This is Home. I wish Tom used the proper word cavalry instead of calvary though, looooool.
  8. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I'm happy to see criticism of No Future..I've been skipping that song ever since it came out. Something about the melody drives me insane.
  9. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    There's a number of bands I circle back around to and listen to regularly, Blink being one of them. California gets a decent amount of play and I really like it for the car (no aux cable). Summer of 2016 I was listening to California constantly.
  10. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    I kind of understand your argument here, but this is the kind of thing that makes everyone gets feisty and start hurling insults. There's plenty in Cali that sounds like Blink, such as Mark Hoppus, Travis' drumming, and the simple power chords that drive the music. Is it dulled down from the usual? In my opinion, yes. But the discussion would benefit better from less exaggerated talking points.
  11. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    *Adam's Song riff plays from 5 different songs somewhere off in the distance*
  12. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Experimental, dark music.
  13. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    I don't think it's really one or the other completely. I think the fanbase is split between people who loved Untitled and that direction vs everyone who just loves TOYPAJ style Blink and never wants them to change. I think Mark is in the latter group these days. If they pump out a California part 3, it'll be pretty clear they're not really trying to make anything more than what's palatable to the first group. I don't think it's all garbage and I don't think Feldmann is evil, but I do think he's is more interested in monetary success than doing something interesting/unique. EDIT: I'll add that I don't think they're failing, but lack of change will cement their legacy as a creatively static band when I think they could be so much more.
  14. Whales

    The Story So Far

    You betcha.
  15. Whales

    The Story So Far

    I like it the more I listen. I ordered it in the cd bundle, so I'll be listening to them a lot while I drive.