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  1. Yeah but if you say this you're a Tom bot. I love AvA without any shame, second favorite band. I love Tom's voice, I love the lyrics he writes (most of the time, a lot in TDW and on makes no sense), and the long intros are one of my favorite parts. It's fine if you hate it, but I don't get calling it shite like it's a fact. We're talking music here, one of the most subjective mediums. Hell, a lot of early Blink is easy for anyone to call garbage and yet a lot of us love it. Just like what you like and do your thing.
  2. Whales

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    ITT: Everyone arguing that their opinion is definitively right, even though this was supposed to be an opinion based discussion thread. I don't really have an opinion here, but I feel like there need to be some set down standards for this or it's going to be continue being a pointless argument. I feel like DMB is similar to the Goo Goo Dolls in that a lot of people know them from their one most popular song, but does that make them truly influential or just popular on a large scale with large enough demographics? I love the Goo Goo Dolls (though they've gone up and down in quality many times), but their demographic seems to be mostly 45+ people, especially women. Ninety percent of people I know probably know Iris, but most people I know don't play guitar. So is that influential? There's got to be a proper middle ground in order to properly define this stuff. I'm younger than a lot of the board and don't listen to Nirvana, but that doesn't mean I should be making statements like "Nirvana is boring and I've never cared for them, so they never had any real influence"
  3. But why do you feel this way? Man I love those albums so much. I-Empire is one of my all time favorite albums.
  4. I changed my mind, I don't want to be negative anymore. Maybe I'll be disappointed later, but hell yeah bring on more AvA and Tom!
  5. Anything for hype, unfortunately. I've grown so cynical about Tom that I feel so little excitement whenever he posts this stuff haha. It'll be another 2 years before it's released.
  6. I actually thought the same thing. I guess it's probably hard to sleep when you believe you're a sekret government agent who knows too much about the aliens.
  7. I bet it's a new book lol
  8. He's being used/duped by people so hard haha
  9. Whales

    Up All Night a look back

    WHAT DO YOU FHEEL MY LUUUUUUUUHV YOR SOUL IT WILL FLOAT LIKE A DAAAOOHVE jokes aside i can't dislike his voice. even if he sings like a weirdo sometimes.
  10. Whales

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Same for me. I haven't written music in some time, but that songs feels like something I'd write in 5 minutes and hate myself for it later.
  11. Whales

    owl city - dementia (feat. mark hoppus)

    this seems to be a pretty popular opinion. a lot of people hate his guts and I think it's hilarious.
  12. Whales

    owl city - dementia (feat. mark hoppus)

    Love me some Owl City, Adam Young is great. Owl City has had its ups and downs but I listen to his range of projects pretty much all the time.
  13. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I feel like this is a pretty good indication of the fan split right here. I guess some of us just can't fathom how pretentious it was of them to try new things and experiment through a new process.