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  1. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I was asking what Blink song that was, not what's on your mind.
  2. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Which Blink song is this
  3. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Feldy's hot tub. You think it's that nice temperature where you can be comfy for a while or does he crank the heat just a little too much to make sure you get a little lightheaded?
  4. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Dude, that's so punk!
  5. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    A discussion on what punk rock really is and how much the members of Blink live up to that standard is definitely what we need more of.
  6. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    The thing that pisses me off about this is how if Tom doesn't want to tour AvA and yet have an outlet for that music, he could easily do both that and Blink with some compromises. Instead we get half-assed Angels EPs and Blink without Tom. As much as I like Chasing Shadows, it feels like a demo EP to me. Spend 3 months off a year to work on AvA and his dumb hobbies, then work with Blink the rest. Everybody wins.
  7. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I can see Michael Scott saying this with a satisfied smirk on his face.
  8. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Ghent anxiously waiting for Cali criticism:
  9. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    My theory is that Mark wants to do things similarly to the pre-Untitled days. He wants to be in the somewhat mainstream industry working with well-known writers/producers/etc at the top of the pop punk food chain. So many bands in that genre have started doing the same and, as I've said before, Mark wants to be in that world. Check out our bubblegum pop punk, we're Blink-182!! It's pop punk music but it's being made in a way that keeps them relevant, maybe some radio play, and gets them fan girls on twitter. Tom wanted to push boundaries and be more (whether he's good at that or not is a different debate), whereas Mark likes the safety of doing what works. Whether you like it or not, it probably will keep working and gain them new fans even if they lose old ones.
  10. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    All Time Low plays in the background
  11. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I have that AKAI, neato.
  12. Whales

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    I don't really mind him retroactively explaining it because I wasn't there and I don't know what he was thinking. Looking back and thinking, "Wow, it really was like I subconsciously had this in mind," isn't the worst thing in the world. Plus it comes with his ego and personality, good or bad haha
  13. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    It's just a bummer. It's bad enough when a band/artist recycles their own ideas (Blink/Tom has done this many times, Cali being the most egregious example), but this one is just sad. Hearing that song was the moment I realized how much I don't like Feldmann's involvement.
  14. Whales

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Mine is Gold by State Champs. Intro sounds like BTD, chorus is No Future. However, it's actually a better song than No Future hahaha
  15. Whales

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    Well, he'd be right.