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  1. please dont post album download links here. Thanks.
  2. thanks for the retweets to the few people that did it ! keep em coming
  3. btw the only reason im asking for this is for it to potentially go viral and hopefully reach mark.
  4. im down to make it like I used to, but dont have permissions so someone else will have to do it.
  5. Hey guys, Hope everyone is well and enjoying the new record! I love it. Was wondering if I could ask a favor for all you folks on twitter. Trying to help my friend out who is trying to meet mark (its been like her life long dream), and her husband agreed to tattoo marks name on his ass if they get to meet mark at their show in august. keep in mind, her husband is as square as they come -- conservative and tat free haha. so basically, all I really need from you guys is a RT if you dont mind. Please and thank you!
  6. just wanted to pop in real quick since this is finally live. i had the opportunity through their management company to hear a couple more songs, and skiba def has more involvement vocally on other songs. this is one of the weaker tracks from the record tbh. I really like it regardless though. Cant wait to hear more and get a chance to hear the others I heard again at my leisure lol.
  7. are the other sections still being hidden to general public and guests? want to make sure that setting wasnt knocked out of place with the update and I dont think I have access to seeing that anymore.
  8. good on ya
  9. was gonna go to his signing tonight in LA, but a meeting for work came up in OC, so I couldnt make it. Hes doing one tomorrow in SD and im gonna be in SD in the morning/afternoon but then i gotta be back in OC for a panel screening of zoolander 2 and i cant miss that lol. then hes doing it again on friday in OC but ill be in texas. DAMNIT!!! either way i think signed copies are online, so gonna try and grab one of those if they arent sold out at this point.
  10. it was taste of chaos fest. he played right inbetween glassjaw and all american rejects lol
  11. i saw this topic had gone 3 pages and got excited thinking there would be blink studio news. nope. nothing.
  12. he has a track on the radio called "100" or something.
  13. if he did like a straight outta compton treatment for a movie and it was about the plane crash and blink demise, i might faint from excitment. either way, im excited to read this. travis has a very intriguing mind and ive always wanted the opportunity to "pick" at it.
  14. ive never experienced a mosh pit quite as crazy as a SOAD pit. for real. more recently the blink shows ive been to (including the roxy with matt), people kinda just stand around. dont get into it, or move at all. just keep their phones out.
  15. peace, bitch.