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  2. So Tom’s jacked and one of his Freemason symbols are gone. He looks badass.
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  4. He says he loves it because the 80s new wave vibes. Which it exactly has. He says in another interview he doesn't think it'll be the fan favorite but he loves the 80s stuff the most. I guess we'll wait and see. Chasing Shadows and Rebel Girl have me pretty interested
  5. @NotNow yeah I guess I took the punk rock roots thing in reference with the next release, but I guess he means it more broadly.
  6. Also, Bane is the reason Batman is so broken.
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  8. not so much that. just that lesser beings (like youtube click-rackers) will always frustrate us. the villain always takes the easier path. it's why batman is so broken.
  9. yeah. i get it. i acknowledge this fact in the OG post. it's great wikipedia is creative commons licensed. and i get that what i put together was a compilation of sources, organized neatly (i.e., i'm taking from OTHERS first and foremost). it just pisses me off that he takes so much from it, word for word. i know the response now is "tough shit", yes -- so whatever
  10. I know. I was gonna go hard last night but had to wait for account to be made up. then this morning i was at work and didn't have the time to type everything out. Blown chance, oh well. Still snuck in a shot at Speedo lol.
  11. you could have at least trolled harder on the sell-out angle. that i'm used to.
  12. 1.) that's wikipedia. anyone is free to reip / mix your contributed content without attribution, compensation, or kind feels. 2.) that's why i don't spend a lot of time writing or editing wiki content in the fields i study... first of all, your shit can get changed and undone over and over again, and second, there's no love in it. 3.) the header logo is pretty bullshit, but granted aria based it on the art in the dude ranch insert. still, not cool to just rip the graphic and not even attribute the boards. the other thing is, you could have done this boxy. instead of pouring time into wiki because of your love of the band, you could have monetized your interest, and made a bunch of shitty youtube videos about blink, rackin' up views and clicks. you didn't, because you're probably a better person that than. but someone will always be willing to take the low road and slimeball it. TLDR; no good deed goes unpunished.
  13. And it was so much better than California! Kudos to them!
  14. You don’t know that because you know nothing about them. They likely contributed very very little. There names weren’t on the contract for the second album. Those demos mark posted had him playing guitar. Live Craig’s microphone was turned down so low you could barely hear him and Shane’s wasn’t even on. Everything you shit on Skiba about they are just as guilty of or you don’t know enough about them to say they aren’t.
  15. man. anyone else had this pop up in their YT notifications? decided to take a look at it and the dude just rips off word for word my wikipedia articles on the band... i get that the wikipedia articles were more or less collage art, a shitty research paper combining sources upon sources. but i poured a lot into those when i first got into blink, and have continued to year after year. i've seen plenty of sites repeat word for word my articles -- even the band more or less uses the wiki lead for press releases now -- but something strikes me as particularly ill about this one. all these youtubers are just mining the algorithm to rack up views as fast as possible. if my sob story didn't convince you, please notice he also steals the board's new header at 4:25 @Ari
  16. They haven't dated any rapists. A perfect amount considering that album is a near masterpiece. Uh no, but they both are bandmates who made music with Mark. Shit response though!
  17. What can you tell me about Shane and Craig’s love life? How much did they actually help with WYHSB? Everything you said was just an attack on skiba rather than things you know about Craig or Shane. It was a shit post.
  18. If Rebel Girl is the best song, I weep for their future. Especially when he pulls out the standard buzz he uses when his music is shit. "Soaring Goosebumps"....etc
  19. We don't really know. Tom blamed the pills, but was it really the pills? Tom had back surgery in late 2001/early 2002 but did he get hooked then? Was he pain free for awhile and then the pain started up again? Was he a pill head in 2002? 2003? 2004? All we really know is, he blamed his "The next coming of Jesus christ" statements on pills. If I had to guess, I'd say Tom was indeed addicted to pills during a certain time between 2002-2006. I personally do not believe that contributed overall to what seemed to be a breakdown in late 2004/ early 2005 but might have been a contributing factor?
  20. No pretty sure he said the second single brings back classic AVA which people have been asking him for a while. I remember him using the word soaring
  21. Hopefully it kicks into something harder, I thought Tom said awhile back the second single would blow people away with more punk rock roots... that intro/outro or whatever clip isn’t gonna cut it.
  22. I thought it was pretty funny but I guess nobody else did lol
  23. The song is called Kiss and Tell, and it’s the clip from the tour video.
  24. You're on your own with this one, the pedo creeps me out.
  25. Why must everything reference something childish for you
  26. It's fine, I was just hoping you'd be more creative with your sock account.
  27. I know! He was probably just using it as a topping for his ice cream JK not only is it bad, but it can't be good for his already damaged vocal chords and weak singing
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