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  2. Toms voice is hilarious now. Honestly anything he puts out is a straight fucking no from me because I just can’t get past that voice of his. Worst voice in the music Industry by an absolute mile
  3. Instead of copying U2, he's copying The 1975 on that one! I will make note that on July 10, 2020 Tom claimed the new Ava album is in its final stretch. Remember this a year from now when the album still isn't released.
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  5. Thug is great. I recently bought a ps2 and have been dabbling in that occasionally.
  6. PL is god awful all the way through. Biomy is pretty good, but the choruses ruins it.
  7. @Thibaut182 where there are lesbians, there are Buffy fans.
  8. Wasn't expecting some Buffy love here wow! Also don't know if anyone knew here but that musical episode was released on vinyl! Favorite song of that episode is this one ❤️
  9. Yes! That's my favourite too.
  10. Honestly not a favourite at all but I can see why you'd choose it as an introduction point. My favourite is the Under Your Spell / Standing reprise. It's beautiful. Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Bensons voices are gorgeous together.
  11. This was a good watch, got me very nostalgic. I wouldn't say THUG is the best installment, I always liked 1 and 4 the best. Getting off the board was really the best aspect of THUG though. Agree the storyline got too wacky and over the top in THUG 2 but I still had fun.
  12. Agreed. I couldn't find a link to the whole thing, so I picked the song that I think stands the best on its own.
  13. The entirety of the buffy musical episode is peak TV musical in my eyes. However this thread title got me excited thinking we were gonna discuss actual Musicals and we aren't and that makes me sad. Family Guy and American Dad have some fucking great ones, as do South Park.
  14. I was on a real Against Me! kick back in February/March, but I haven't listened to them a whole lot since, so like a lot of people in this thread, I'm going to have an AM! weekend.
  15. There's that part from 2:10-2:16 that I like in Parking Lot where everything cuts out except the bass and Mark, so voting that. It's also shorter so the misery is done faster.
  16. They have a sonically and thematically diverse discography, but I wouldn't recommend you Searching and New wave. Their first two albums are all energy and righteous anger, you might like them, but you also have to check Transgender Dysphoria Blues because it's quintessential. It's completely different from Reinventing Axl Rose and Eternal Cowboy, but it's just as punk as they are because it's very raw lyrically and musically. Laura really puts all her emotions out there in a very beautiful way.
  17. That last one sounds great, just hope the song is better than Kiss With a Spell.
  18. Blame It On My Youth, I actually like that song.
  19. My favorite clip so far, sounds interesting
  20. Parking Lot. BIOMY is just the worst.
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