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  2. i'm spinning the OG toypaj for the first time. it's miles ahead of the tri-color HT copy i had, which isn't a surprise. it's not on par with the OG cheshire or dude ranch. some songs are a little noisy but i honestly think that's just how this album sounded as a 2001-produced record. i guess i'm kinda curious about the SRC LP + 7"s but this one is for sure sourced the tapes and i'm satisfied with it being my lone copy.
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  4. @Scrubber89 welcome to the boards! I’m with you on all of those except the very last part, I do like Hey I’m Sorry. Would put that in my “good” category. Misery and 6/8 are def at the top of Skiba era blink songs for me, love those (and DLX).
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  6. I hate Los Angeles tbf and I'm a supporter of california. As far as DLX is concerned... Parking Lot, Misery, Last Train Home, 6/8 and Bottom of the Ocean are excellent songs. Good Old Days, Wildfire and Long Lost Feeling are good songs. Dont Mean Anything is ok and Hey I'm Sorry is shit (Japan could have kept that one) I stand by this album.
  7. I’d like to know this too! Join it with my question about a new theHELL release.
  8. @Ry-Bread, I don't want to take away from anyone else's question since they are more on topic. I have only one question for Atom, if it gets worked in then great, if not it's cool: Can he give any update on the new AM! album in the works?
  9. Thanks! And I wouldn’t doubt if they release a DLX down the road. Didn’t Mark say in an interview if I “remember” correctly that they had like 30+ songs recorded for Nine but chose 15 songs for the album? I feel like I remember watching an interview for that.
  10. A very cool Scott email interview at the end https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/this-exists/blink155/e/66318932
  11. Shame that this is personalized (and not by any member of the band IMO, and since it goes over Mark's sig you couldn't try and wipe it off), this is a great 99' piece with an early Trav sig:
  12. Son is out for the season, no luck at spurs, i bet if they get into the top 4 Mourinho will say that is the biggest achievement since i got man United 2nd lol..
  13. Damn. That was fucking brutal.
  14. Can't vote out Cacophony yet. It's better than Romeo + Rebecca.
  15. I love that butter pancake guy! I also love the guy at the beginning of Ben Wah Balls talking like a 1920s person or something and then yelling oi-oi or whatever lol
  16. I've been meaning to say this for a while. You have a great voice for podcasts, and a bad voice is a total deal breaker for me. I can't listen to radio shows or podcasts with guests or hosts with annoying way of talking. That's why I can't listen to blink-155 for example, they are too typical radio hacky. I like your pace since uppity fast loud talkers hurt my ears.
  17. i think that was the intention, yes.
  18. TOYPAJ cover set @Ry-Bread Your favorite album covered 😃
  19. For Chris Siglin: I would just like to know more about how he transitioned from merch guy to merch designer and what were the first merch ideas he had back in the day that he was proud of. (I couldn't phrase it worse than that so maybe @Ry-Bread just change it to normal english lol) For Atom: this is not a question and I'm not even sure you should ask him, but I remember Atom saying, at the time he was in that project with Matt Skiba (theHELL), that he had a big talk with Skiba one night about a "revaluation" of his career and priorities, setting standards for himself etc. etc. and that talk played a big part on his choice to leave Angels and Airwaves to join Against Me. I think it's funny that it happened because of Matt Skiba, who eventually joined blink to take over for Tom and I would like to hear how he feels about this in hindsight.
  20. Lol, yeah but i figure theres a good chance they knew each other in the drummer community. Probably even as far back as Aquabats days
  21. STOKED for this wow. I'm very surprised and very excited.
  22. Just because the NFL is trying to prevent permanent brain injuries and a few players have protested racial injustices does not mean that sports have become political or softened. But yeah, NASCAR drivers are badasses. Imagine wrecking normally at 200 MPH..I can't even imagine going 200 MPH.
  23. I'd love to, provided it doesn't distract from what you're doing. I'll pm you a few and you can make that decision when the time comes.
  24. also a lot of dedication, especially if you're not from wealth or huge financial means. I'm not sure if it's still a rich kids sport but I'd imagine so as I haven't kept up with it since the 2000s. my favorite driver was Dale Jr as my father loved "the Intimidator".
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