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    Harden exposing himself once again in the playoffs with absolutely horrendous games. As is Lowry, as is Westbrook a bit.
  3. I'm rooting for Palace so hard. If they beat Arsenal you still have something to play for.
  4. Yup lol. Thought he was just okay.
  5. Today
  6. Chapelles specials on netflix are brilliant
  7. @Roux hold me pal. Where do we go from here? Please cheer me up
  8. I like it too. It was right around the time Trav was doing the “Pyscho White” thing with him which I was into, so it was neat to see him pop up on what I considered just a X-mas gift EP. I wouldn’t know Uzi if he was right next to me, so no clue on that. I’d probably prefer no features on a full blown album, but I’m open minded, especially if they consider it one of the best “10-12 songs” from 50+ total. (Btw Yelawolf’s last album that just came out is full of absolute bangers!)
  9. I enjoy John Mulaney's Netflix specials, but they promote the hell out of him, so you've probably already seen at least one and didn't like it.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Eh I'm ok with the PLG verse. I like how it juxtapositions with what Tom is singing about.
  11. To this point I believe I'm the only blink fan that likes yela verse on plg. Probably since I already listened to the dude before he was featured in blink and always enjoyed his music. i don't see how Uzi would work with blink though. Plus in todays music industry he's probably too big to collab with blink.
  12. Jim Jeffries before he turned into a Hollywood puppet. Ricky Gervais i like Bill Burr but only when he’s slagging off women.
  13. Trying to find some good ones, particularly on Netflix, so far all pretty big misses on there. I thought Theo Von's was pretty hilarious, Ken Jeong and Joe Rogan's were pretty disappointing. Don't get me started on Kevin Hart, the new Dane Cook.
  14. I like to think that occasionally Mark meanders on over to this forum to see what the talk is, finds a thread like this, and wonders what the hell is wrong with everyone.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Exactly one year ago we had the first “New Blink songs Day 1” post!
  17. Travis crossing out the airplane is hilarious
  18. Lol I thought that line was cheesy as well. I think the gaps they need to fill in without having the books as references/a guide result in this crappy dialogue.
  19. “What do dragons eat?” looks at camera “Whatever they want...” 😒
  20. I don't consider it bottling though. If we win all the remaining games we'll have lost the league with 97 points if city win it. Before pep we'd already be having the parade right now, we just have the misfortune of sharing the league with a monster oil money team that is city. I see no shame in that. I'm hoping for the poetic Justice and getting the league gifted by United.
  21. Liverpool fans would rather win the premier league than champions league, hands down, the amount of abuse if they bottle it again would be too much to take
  22. I really hope they flesh out his character over the next few episodes, or explain the Children of the Forest's motives behind creating him. Otherwise I'd agree, he's a stupidly one dimensional villain at this point.
  23. I don't think it's fan service, since Martin is still involved and his blue prints are still being followed. It's just too condensed. These last two seasons should have been 3-4 seasons to have more dialogue and slow the pace a bit. They've unnecessarily condensed the last two seasons for some inexplicable reason. Everything has been dumbed down and sped up. The earlier seasons that were more faithful to the books had more focus on dialogue and minor characters.
  24. If i was Liverpool I'd pick the champions league anyway! I know you guys love your premier league but ucl is what made Liverpool the huge club they are.
  25. First attempt at mixing and mastering from scratch. SoundCloud
  26. See that's why I avoid buying these things...those look as fake as the ones I showed you lol. Thoughts?
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