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    It’s funny that Tom is working on all these weird books on weird ideas, and all he has to do is write one about his life and it would outsell all the others combined...
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    Ha haaaa, if only I had a girlfriend :’)
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    nah but you could've had much more enjoyment if it was just one person with you.
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    Just watch regular porn Nasa it's much less confusing
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    Nymphomaniac. What the fuck? i don’t even have a grade to give.
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    Yeah those parents were stupid as fuck. Like 10/10. Hey, that pedo kidnaped our daugter. Lets send her to him for 3 weeks!
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    Truth. And Black Panther getting the oscar nom? Wtfffff. A mediocre movie at best.
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    + being one of the biggest band in the world. If a decent crew would make a doc it would be awesome. Whats up with Travis’ doc?
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    I stopped watching the marvel stuff because I'm sick to death of them, haven't seen anything from civil war onwards except spiderman homecoming. The only DC one's I've sat through are Man Of Steel and Wonderwoman and they both sucked ass. I love comic books but I can't wait for the era of superhero movies to be fucking done.
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    I really really wish they would leak the blinkumentary already, seems like something we should have seen some sort of version of by now.
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    Aquaman was all about the cheese and the over-the-top action sequences. It's not a movie that takes itself seriously at all. When they kept referring to the "ocean master" I laughed my ass off in the theatre based on how dumb it sounded. I still enjoyed it for what it was though; a mindless blockbuster action movie with terrible dialogue.
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    The time marker you linked to is talking about Tom not Alabama, was this a mistake?
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    having dyslexia was better than Ready Player One
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    Rogan used to be cool. Last couple years he’s turned into a right cunt
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    People that are obsessed by categorising music into genres are virgins that have baths with their mum.
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    The Stand just got announced as a new mini series with 10 episodes on CBS. @Margie Whipple's Rage @Kay I just bought the book Tranny. You read it a while back, right? How was it?
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