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  1. wat, how did i only just find out about this. i got a feeling though this wont bring a return to form though.
  2. .kyle.

    Song a day

    diggin this new album
  3. .kyle.

    The Pacific

    if its anything like band of brothers, its gonna be goood
  4. sucks but at least the album wont be rushed. thats the last thing you want, a rushed album which only result in it being shit
  5. interseting. wonder what the new stuff will be like.
  6. id definatley prefer if they played their own show.
  7. a radio station in australia (triple j) is having the hottest 100 countdown of all time. basically everyones has chosen their favourite 10 songs in a nation wide poll. their up to 60 so far and dammit was at #68. pretty cool. you can hear it/read it here; http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100_alltime/countdown/cd_61-70.htm
  8. these guys are amazing, there gonna be big
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