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  1. I listen to this podcast on the regular and I noticed they just dropped a Mark Hoppus episode ! Probably one of the most interesting musician podcasts out there so excited to dive in on this one.
  2. That’s really not how Co-writing works at all.
  3. 11, most of it is really good. Theres a few im gonna have to give a few listens. The one with Halsey RIPS tho. I love it.
  4. The whole MGK album leaked, i just listened to it, its pretty fire.
  5. Just looked in the discord and appearntly mark did a Voice Call with people using it tonight, Appearntly one of them recorded it and might post. Would be interesting to hear.
  6. We got that instrumental and vocal isolation tracks from Rock Band 4 cause it was released there via DLC. Wish we could get the rest of these tracks
  7. Incase anyones wondering but I'm sure most of you know, the drummer in this is Gil Sharone
  8. Finished it a couple weeks ago, I loved it, I'm really happy they took the risks they did with the plot
  9. Im about 6 hours in now and absolutely loving it, I feel like most of the people hating is just because its praised so highly but there really isnt anything like it and deserves all the praise its getting.
  10. Not having Tom Lord-Alge on the later albums is a major difference, dude is one of the best mix engineers in the world
  11. Anyone else on here excited for this to come out next week ? Im currently playing through the first again since it came out 7 years ago and its barley aged at all. It's incredible, my favourite game of all time. Please don't post any spoilers as I know some have leaked and Im lucky enough not to stumble upon any yet.
  12. Brian Lee is a sick producer so Im excited to hear this one for sure
  13. This has been doing pretty good on reddit so i thought id share it here with you guys ! Let me know what you think !
  14. I turned this on for 15 min and got Little Death Acoustic, MH acoustic. And a question about Tom's voice changing so much and if he liked airwaves songs Answers: I dunno Answers: Yes This stream RULES
  15. Ive rarley heard Rick speak so this is super interesting, Do we know of anywhere else Rick has opened up like this ?
  16. Hey guys ! We’re actually going on tour in the US in March and I’d love to meet some board members on our journey ! If anyone is around any of these cities hit me up and I’ll put you on the guest list and I’d love to hang and have a drink !
  17. This band fucking RULES, The whole album is fucking awesome Go listen
  18. Fuuuuuckkkk Im in Toronto for work and grabbed some tickets last minute off Stubhub. definitely won’t be able to make the rescheduled date. This sucks. was going to be the first time seeing them too.
  19. I mean it somewhat makes sense Even on my taxes my income generated from songwriting is classified as investment income.
  20. Labels own master rights, Not song writing rights. Master being the recording of the song and writing royalties being the idea of the song. Two separate revenue streams usually dealt by two different companies. (A Label for master rights and publisher for song rights.)
  21. Everyone thinking that this is just burning assets has no proper grasp on how the music industry works. This is money to be made and it is still a partnership even if they have 100% rights to his songs. There's also a probably a clause on how much money they can make before they have to renegotiate. (Example: The company earns 2 Million of the songs at 100% return rate for them and Tom recieves 1 Million in advance , a new set of money will need to be negotiated after they break 2 million.) I'm only speaking from experience here as the band I play in has it's own publishing deal.
  22. My guess is they only bought the hit albums. Dude Ranch -> Neighborhoods ? or less then that. They could’ve written out whatever they felt wouldn’t generate any income.
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