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  1. As much as I would love to hear that fantastic acoustic version of Darkside live, I already have plans tonight to go to my local pub and drink beer.
  2. I assume were talking about the vastly superior US reboot of the Inbetweeners?
  3. Fraiser is good, not a fan of Seinfeld though overly.
  4. I can't believe Black Rain lasted longer than Pin the Grenade... BLACK FUCKING RAIN
  5. Never knew that, very well styled out.
  6. Even if you think she is shit, you can't possibly find Phoebe funnier?
  7. She'd be as annoying as fuck if you lived with her but as a character in a sitcom she brings a lot more to the table than quite a few of them.
  8. Monica is miles ahead of Phoebe, she is also better than Joey and Rachel.
  10. Phoebe?! FUCKING PHOEBE? Literally raging here, on the brink of smashing my work PC to bits and punching the person next to me.
  11. It's a bit of a Catch 22 for me with the Nine stuff being played live. I mean they should really be playing quite a bit off it because it's their latest release but because the album is so heavily produced/overproduced at points it makes it pretty difficult for those songs to have the same real impact live, even with a backing track doing some of the legwork at points. I think The First Time and Pin the Grenade could work quite well but they seem to have no interest in playing them so far.
  12. Correct, they also clearly didn't even bother to properly rehearse it and it sounds like turd.
  13. That's one of the problems, there are plenty more though.
  14. Are we certain Matt knows how to play real chords? actually a serious question coming from someone who isn't overly familiar with all of Alkaline Trios work. As people have said, it's such a lazy performance, do we really need acoustic bass for this? I personally see no point for acoustic bass in songs really unless there are some drums as well, surely two guitars with some real chords and a few cool lead licks thrown in would of sounded much better.
  15. Nah, it's airing on FX in the States at the moment, imagine it'll be on there at some point though with the other 8 series but I'm currently Showboxing it.
  16. American Horror Story: 1984 is pretty good so far, a must watch if you're into your old school cliche slasher flicks.
  17. That was so so so bad, like laughablly shit.
  18. Charlotte Church is an absolute babe, always had a thing for her.
  19. There ain't nothing like the first time
  20. I'm sure she'd be devastated to read that... Don't think she really is tbh, just follow her on Instagram for the occasional perv but it's now mostly her living day to day live with her kids. She hit peak fame when Giggsy was railing her behind his wifes back along with his brothers missus.
  21. I love Imogen Thomas accent and looked her up and she's from Llanelli...
  22. Bulgaria are a fucking awful team and the Czechs played out of their skin on Tuesday, slight difference in quality as their positions in the group prove. A lot the other players in our team came in and did better as well, Chilwell is far better than Rose, Barkley offered a lot more than Mount did and Rashford was a lot better than Sancho, I get that this is a troll attempt from you but to isolate just Rice and Keane from that performance on Friday is a bit odd, the whole team had an off day. You will see Rice value when we play better teams and you need someone to the dirty work in midfield and break up play/simple passes. That's why Southgate plays him though, to get him familiar with this role as we're going to need him at the World Cup if we advance and start playing teams that actually want to take the game to us rather than just soak up pressure and counter. Rice is 20 and Winks is 23, give Rice 3 more years and he will be much more advanced than Winks is now, he's the future whether you like it or not. Also Rashford was his old self because he's playing for a manager and team that know what they're doing.
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