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  1. I don't know what else The La's ever did, I don't care, this is enough
  2. Bro I’m with you there. That bass at the beginning, drums kicking in, Caper’s lyrics. Lagwagon are a force
  3. I know we have a Lagwagon thread, but that’s preaching to the converted. Quarantine’s drums got me thinking of this. Self-aware Skate punk KINGS. I’m a broken record
  4. Finally got round to listening to it.I like the semi political stance of some of Mark’s lyrics, at least he’s sort of saying something. Could’ve done with Matt’s involvement tho. I can see it being quite forgettable for me but not bad by any means. It makes me want to listen to Bubble by Lagwagon, which is a song that I can listen to 1000’s of times and will do so time immemorial
  5. Just when you think you can’t love a guy anymore - oh my god , of course he did
  6. Wait - how come we can't link the song in the thread? If not, could someone send me a link via PM please? I found the full lyrics online and was actually pleasantly surprised
  7. I never knew this was a thing. That broke my brain, a mashup that I didn't know I needed
  8. Yeah tbf - All That's Left can be applied to a lot of situations. Any time the world is facing hardship/needs to emphasise community, so I guess it fits for any time really. This one is more on the nose yeah, I guess it'll be a call time capsule of this time when looking back. I like songs that allude more. Like Elevator in Boxcar Racer. The residue of 9/11 was all over that album, but in lines and imagery, rather than an entire song called '9/11'. Oh fairplay, 21Pilots isn't my thing so I have no idea. You would think there would be more tho! I'm the same, Skiba and Mark are two ama
  9. Oh my God, Jim doesn't age at all - stud
  10. The Music itself is sick, lyrics seem about as corny as All That's Left is Love or whatever the AVA song was. I'd kill for some +44 level Hoppus lyrics, he's a smart guy, I know he has it in him. Just don't think that he knows that
  11. Hygiene 😂 God I hope so
  12. She said our love was on lockdown. Just then, my face made a hearty frown. Cried to my homies on the zoom call, maybe I never knew love at all. (WoaaaaHoo) Grabbed my face mask, went to the BODEGA. Guy at the counter kinda looked like John Boyega. When will I be free, of this quarantine dream? (Dreaaaaaaam) Someone release me from this quarantine dream (Woaaahoo)
  13. God I was so excited for Rabbit Hole, song had the staying power of an ice cube
  14. So did I . Glad to bring it back to ya
  15. This song has been barreling around my subconscious today, now into the conscious
  16. It's akin to someone saying they have cancer and you respond by saying 'B-but...you're rich and successful? How could you have cancer?? Why??'. Okay, now you've crossed the line. Once I take my lip ring out, you're getting a slap
  17. 2 out of 3 of those marriages ended in divorce, who knows what problems they were facing at the time. Depression can hit anyone, sucess doesn't even equate - see Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hoppus - the list unfortunately kind of goes on, well, forever... Untitled is Blink singing about what they've always sung about, relationships, breakdown of said relationships, isolation, longing etc. I don't see it as disingneuous. Tom's haircut maybe, but fuck me if he didn't do that shtick better than anyone else anyway
  18. This is the crux of everything. Blink is Mark and Tom, it really is as simple as that. Their chemistry, shared history, how they complement each others strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, their vision over what blink was became more disparate over time. Ultimately - Tom was selfish, disingenuous, petulant and childish. He forced Mark and Travis's hand by being so disrespectful and dysfunctional. Of course they want to continue doing what they love and have toiled for. However, that relationship is integral to what Blink is, in fact, it's the essence of blink. Of course Blink are do
  19. Yeah it really does have a hell of a lot going on. It does feel genuinely 'spacey' and I can't even define what that is. Yeah I'm not entirely sure why they dropped it, because Critter was still around for I-Empire wasn't he?
  20. If we're getting this going again - Finally got some decent headphones after bearing with some shitty earphones that came with my Iphone. I didn't realise how much I've been shutting off a world of sound, I'm hearing so many more layers now. AVA can be incredible with headphones. Overload is a banger, Kiss & Tell still addictive, love Rubano's backing vocals on that track. Not sure if I've said before- but on reflection, the first two minutes of The Adventure is the only time AVA really achieved what Tom said it would when it first began. The chord progression is fucking mesmerising
  21. That video is classic Hoppus - What a beautiful man
  22. Yeeee - that would’ve been an MTV documentary called The Road Home , can still find it all on YouTube. It’s Tom’s garage alright. Just on a small cul-de-sac in the suburbs. Lucky for sure. Was a crazy experience. I felt sorry for my Iranian taxi driver, had no idea why I was running out to take a pic of a lamppost and a house😂
  23. Happy blink day by the way motherfuckers. 28 years ago today, Mark and Tom met at Tom’s garage. So the legend goes - they spouted dick jokes and wrote the beginnings of what would become carousel, and the world was forever changed. When I went to the U.S. - I had to make a little pilgrimage...
  24. I’m the same, weren’t too bovved about Lightning Bolt either, few tunes here and there. Backspacer they were in form. The Fixer - Fucking banger that
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