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  1. How could anyone tell that you had a better sound and better vocals when all we could hear was “SSSHCCCCHRRRRCHCCHCHCHSHSHEHR” with something resembling music way in the background? You can obviously play, but why are you so damn insecure you have to have your ego stroked by saying you’re a better musician and performer than those making a living of it? As I said at the start of all of this, you will need a stage and a band. That posting a video of you in your bedroom doesn’t prove shit, and I was right.
  2. Judging by those pics from the video shoot I really hope Tom is switching from VOX to Orange
  3. Yeah I listened to it the first time a couple of weeks ago, totally missed it was released as well. It's a really good album though, i would recommend it!
  4. Have anyone listened to it?
  5. @Donald Trump's Bulge It took guts doing what you did, no one can ever take that away from you. Some constructive criticism is that your -singingintoamicrophone- technique needs work, when you went for a look down at the guitar during some chord changes you either went too far away from the microphone or turned away your face all the way towards the point that you couldn't be heard at all. But what the fuck do you care, you don't play shows do you? Either way, great job!
  6. Does anyone really think these kind of articles are funny?
  7. Dammit, I’ll miss the livestream, this will be available afterwards as well right?
  8. It’s pretty active on Facebook nowadays
  9. It’s pretty active on Facebook nowadays
  10. @thongrider Haha, “makes Big Brother look like it’s children’s tv”. Love it! Also, the song made my foot tap to it, well done!
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