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  1. Sounds great, looking forward to the album! Especially after all the praise
  2. Didn't he claim to come back with photo proof or something? Edit: Hahaha, read it too fast, carry on.
  3. Yeah there's not really a bad song on there
  4. Chorus sounded better here, but the song is totally forgettable for me
  5. Wow this definitely look interesting, I will wait for the official release though since I don’t want to break the law..
  6. Well, if I would have said that he killed it, the slang sense would be a good thing as well. Actually not sure on how I should have said it tbh
  7. He won’t even bother to learn the riff 👀
  8. He sure destroyed it. I mean, he’s destroyed all of Toms songs by now so why not this too 🤷‍♂️
  9. Actually, it was a staple in their set from 2012 up to the farewell of Tom. Also. Here’s a video of Matt absolutely destroying the song.
  10. Where can I find this version?
  11. The main reason most reject current blink is because they're lame and lazy. Fuck, 5 Seconds of Summer got more balls than current blink.
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