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  1. #teammilk Ghent doesn't like milk because it taste bad when it becomes old 🤦‍♂️
  2. I might have to refollow Mark again now with all this back and forth, it's entertaining
  3. Since88

    Eurovision 2019

    It's so evident the countries "buy" the show to have it in their countries the same way as hockey olympics and word championships etc. Madonna were a complete mess, what a complete and utter murder of Like a prayer omg. Sounded just as bad as Mark and Tom. Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Russia were my favorites in the competition, Israel's song was too powerful. Sweden had the best song overall imo.
  4. What I heard of Lil Wayne in that WMAA video is that he sounds like a moron. And what the hell is Mark thinking dragging the "on me" part at the start of every chorus? Sounds awful. The whole thing sound awful. If we're talking hip hop the only american rappers I listen to are Eminem and Kanye.
  5. Haven't you heard? I'm the resident skinhead boss
  6. Yeah man, I like Eminem but can't stand rappers like Lil Wayne
  7. You're getting pathetic with these kind of statements..
  8. This wasn't my cup of tea at all, I think Fat Mike lost it after Wolves in wolves clothing.. Hasn't been the same since that, his vocals sound way worse nowadays too.. Did Travis drum on this album as Mike said he would?
  9. I've always thought Mark looks super weird with his bass so up high. Doesn't work with how he moves on stage. There, I said it
  10. No, I haven't, gonna have to check them out, thanks!
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